Scroll of Identify

Fading scrolls

Infobox sewers

Scroll label is randomized each game
Type Inventory
Function Identifies an item
Duration forever
Damage none
Affects applied item only
In shop 1
Reuseable no
Stackable yes
Breakable yes (burnable)
Identified buy 150 gold
Unidentified buy 75 gold
Identified sell 30 gold
Unidentified sell 15 gold

The Scroll of Identify is an inventory scroll.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​scrolls.​SrcollOfIdentify".


Scroll of Identify
Permanently reveals all of the secrets of a single item.


The Scroll of Identify can be found randomly at normal depths (not in boss floors) and in shops, or as a random drop from Gnoll shaman. There is at least 1 Scroll of Identify in each shop.

When read

The Scroll of Identify will reveal the nature about any item. The scroll can be used to identify weapons, armors, potions, scrolls, wands and rings. Identifying weapons, armors, wands or rings will show their strength requirement and upgrades (or degrades). Identifying a wand will show the number of charges


Reading a Scroll of Identify


  • (Excluding the Rogue class) It's highly advised to save Identify scrolls for Rings & Weapons, as they take the longest to naturally identify over time (200 turns for rings & 20 strikes for weapons).
    • For the Rogue class (since he identifies rings upon equipping them), it's highly advised to save Identify scrolls for Weapons & Wands, or Weapons & Armor, instead.
  • This scroll is helpful, in order to find a particular potion, or scroll.
  • It can also be used in order to see whether a weapon, or piece of armor, is cursed, before equipping it.