Scroll of Recharging

Fading scrolls

Infobox sewers

Scroll label is randomized each game
Type Utility
Duration On-use only
Damage None
Affects All wands in Pack
Reuseable no
Stackable yes
Breakable yes (burnable)
Identified buy 200 gold
Unidentified buy 75 gold
Identified sell 40 gold
Unidentified sell 15 gold

The Scroll of Recharging is a utility scroll.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​scrolls.​SrcollOfRecharging".


Scroll of Recharging
The raw magical power bound up in this parchment will, when released, recharge all of the reader's wands to full power.


The Scroll of Recharging can be found randomly at normal depths (not in boss floors) and in shops, or as a random drop from Gnoll shaman.

When read

All wands in the Hero/ine’s inventory are recharged to full power.


Reading a Scroll of Recharging

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