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The Scroll of Teleportation is a defensive scroll.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​scrolls.​ScrollOfTeleportation".


Scroll of Teleportation
The spell on this parchment instantly transports the reader to a random location on the dungeon level. It can be used to escape a dangerous situation, but the unlucky reader might find himself in an even more dangerous place.


The Scroll of Teleportation can be found randomly at normal depths (not in boss floors) and in shops, or as a random drop from Gnoll shaman.

When read

Reading a Scroll of Teleportation

The Hero is teleported to a random location on the same floor. However, it does not work in non-regular depths (i.e. boss depths, and depths 21 & 26).


  • This scroll is particularly helpful in order to flee from an enemy, but the destination may be worse.
  • You can get teleported in a pit, which is easier than falling into a chasm at collapsed floor and losing health.
  • Since all forms of teleportation will not work at non-regular depths (i.e. boss depths, and depths 21 & 26), don't read this scroll at those depths, or it will be wasted.