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The Scroll of Upgrade is an inventory scroll.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​scrolls.​ScrollOfUpgrade".


Scroll of Upgrade
This scroll will upgrade a single item, improving its quality. A wand will increase in power and in number of charges; a weapon will inflict more damage or find its mark more frequently; a suit of armor will deflect additional blows; the effect of a ring on its wearer will intensify. Weapons and armor will also require less strength to use, and any curses on the item will be lifted.


The Scroll of Upgrade cannot be bought from the Shop.

The Scrolls of Upgrade can only be found generated at depths, except in non-regular depths (i.e. boss depths, and depths 21 & 26).
There is at most 1 scroll per depth, with the following cumulative quantities by stage:

  • stage 1: 2 or 3 scrolls,
  • stages 1+2: 5 or 6 scrolls,
  • stages 1+2+3: 8 or 9 scrolls,
  • stages 1+2+3+4: 11 or 12 scrolls,
  • stages 1+2+3+4+5: 11 to 13 scrolls.

In the whole dungeon, there are 11 to 13 Scrolls of Upgrade that can be found. The probabilities of a particular amount of Scrolls of Upgrade per game are roughly:

  • 7.5 % for 11 scrolls,
  • 55 % for 12 scrolls,
  • 37.5 % for 13 scrolls

These amounts and probabilities are affected by the item generation working differently on the 21st depth (Flaw).

When read

The Scroll of Upgrade will upgrade weapons, armors, wands, rings and the boomerang by one level, improving its quality.
If the item was cursed, the Scroll of Upgrade will remove the curse, so that you may unequip the item, even if the item level is still negative/degraded.
It will also repair any degrading/broken items.
Using a Scroll of Upgrade to repair an item will only repair the item, and will not increase the item's level.

Reading a Scroll of Upgrade

Enchantment Loss Probability

If the item is a +N enchanted weapon, or inscribed armor, the weapon/armor has a probability 1/N (1 if N=0) to keep its enchantment/glyph when upgrading. Consequently, using a standard Scroll of Upgrade:

  • a +0 or a +1 enchanted weapon/inscribed armor will never lose its enchantment/glyph,
  • a +2 enchanted weapon/inscribed armor has a 50 % probability to lose its enchantment/glyph when becoming a +3 weapon/armor,
  • a +3 enchanted weapon/inscribed armor has a 66.66 % probability to lose its enchantment/glyph when becoming a +4 weapon/armor,
  • etc.

To avoid the loss of an enchantment, a Warrior can use the reforging process.
The other classes can also use the reforging process, if a short sword is passed on through Hero's Remains (but the Short Sword cannot be used on the Boomerang).

In Update 1.7.4, the Scroll of Weapon Upgrade was removed, so there is no other safe way to upgrade enchanted weapons. There is no possibility of safe upgrade for inscribed armor.


  • Upgrading a weapon, or an armor, will decrease its required strength, and increase its properties.


  • Scroll of Upgrade used to be called Enhancement but it was renamed in Update 0.3.3.


Update Change
0.3 Changed: Scrolls of Enhancement can now be spawned in the Library
0.3.3 Changed: Scrolls of Enhancement are renamed to Scrolls of Upgrade
1.7.4 Changed:
  • Any upgradable item will degrade with use, losing upgrade values (discussion)
    • Upgrade scrolls repair degraded items
1.9.0 Changed:
  • Upgradable items no longer lose their upgrade value after reaching full degradation; they now break instead.
    • Upgrade scrolls repair degrading/broken items