Seed of Dreamweed

Dreamweed seed
Dreamweed plant

Seed Info
Effect Vertigo
Duration 10 turns
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price 10 gold

The Seed of Dreamweed's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​plants.​Dreamweed.​Seed".


Seed of Dreamweed
Upon touching a Dreamweed it secretes a glittering cloud of confusing gas.


When thrown or planted, this seed will grow a Dreamweed plant. When stepped on, Dreamweed will release a cloud of rainbow-colored gas that applies the Vertigo debuff to anything that enters it. Note that throwing an item to the Dreamweed will consume the plant, but the gas generation won't be triggered.

Any characters under the effect of vertigo will wander around randomly until the effect wears off.


When doing Alchemy, the potion brewed from this seed is the Potion of Invisibility.


The Seed of Dreamweed can be found by trampling tall vegetation. Each patch of vegetation trampled gives a 1/15 probability of giving a random seed.


  • This seed is incredibly powerful at chasm depths, causing enemies to randomly tumble down into the depths while under the effect of vertigo.
  • Dreamweed is an excellent tool for ranged classes, preventing enemies from reliably approaching a ranged Hero/ine.


Update Change
1.7.2 ADDED to the game

(REPLACED Blindweed)


Dreamweed gas

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