Seed of Icecap

Icecap seed

Seed Info
Effect Frozen
Duration 5 turns
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price 10 gold

The Seed of Icecap's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​plants.​Icecap.​Seed".


Seed of Icecap
Upon touching an Icecap excretes a pollen, which freezes everything in its vicinity.


When thrown, this seed will grow an Icecap plant. When triggered, the plant will apply the Frozen debuff to (& remove any present Burning debuff from) any characters/objects, within a 3x3 cell radius of the plant.


When doing Alchemy, the potion brewed from this seed is the Potion of Frost.


The Seed of Icecap can be found by trampling tall vegetation. Each patch of vegetation trampled gives a 1/15 probability of giving a random seed.


  • Plant this in doorways, or hallways, to freeze enemies.
  • You can use this seed to create Frozen carpaccio from Mystery meat by planting the seed, dropping mystery meat next to it, then triggering the plant's effect. You can stack plenty of mystery meat & freeze them all in one move.
  • If there is a scroll on a Fire Trap, the trap can be disarmed without burning the scroll by tossing a Seed of Icecap on it, then triggering the Icecap plant with an item.


Update Change
0.5.1 Changed: Frost extinguishes fire
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