Seed of Rotberry

Rotberry plant

Seed Info
Effect Rooted, Toxic gas, & Challenge
Duration ---
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price 10 gold

The Seed of Rotberry's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​actors.​mobs.​npcs.​Wandmaker$​Rotberry$​Seed".


Seed of Rotberry
Berries of this shrub taste like sweet, sweet death.


When thrown, this seed will grow a Rotberry Shrub. When stepped on, the shrub applies the Rooted debuff, releases Toxic Gas and drops another Rotberry seed. Triggering the shrub without stepping on it bypasses the Rooted debuff, but still releases Toxic Gas. When picked up, the seed will emit the Challenge sound, notifying enemies of your current location.

This seed is a quest item for the Old Wandmaker. When given to him, you will be granted the option of a random Battle or Non-Battle wand except for the wand of magic missile.


When doing Alchemy, the potion brewed from this seed is the Potion of Strength.


The Seed of Rotberry can only be obtained by finding a Rotberry Shrub growing at the same depth as the Old wandmaker, after speaking with the Old wandmaker. The Shrub will never grow unless you talk to the Wandmaker first.


  • WARNING: Having this seed in your Backpack, then purchasing the Seed Pouch from the Depth 6 Shop, will re-trigger the Challenge mechanism of the seed. It is recommended to drop this seed at Depth 5 before purchasing the Seed Pouch. (v1.6.4b; needs confirmation in v1.7.1c/latest version)
  • It is recommended to stand far away from the plant, then throw an item on top of it to trigger the Toxic Gas & bypass the Rooting.
  • This seed can be used for farming drops, or leveling up.
  • This seed is optimally used against the King of Dwarves & his army of Undead Dwarves.


Update Change
1.6.0 ADDED to the game
1.6.0a Fixed: Incendiary Dart didn't trigger Rotberry Shrub
1.6.1/1.6.1a? Fixed: Seed of Rotberry in Backpack crash
1.6.4a Changed: The Seed of Rotberry's Examine description is slightly changed; and the seed now also emits the Challenge sound (to the player) when picked up.

(Previously, only the Challenge/Alarm VFX functioned, in alerting enemies.)

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