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The Seed of Sungrass's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​plants.​Sungrass.​Seed".


Seed of Sungrass
Sungrass is renowned for its sap's healing properties.


When thrown, this seed will grow a Sungrass plant. When stepped on, the plant will apply the Herbal Healing buff.

As long as the Hero remains on the tile where the seed was planted, they’ll recover 10% of their HP every 5 turns.
This effect lasts until the Hero's health is restored to 100% (the "check" is executed on the healing turn, and fades the next turn if health is 100%), or until the Hero moves from the tile the seed was planted on.
Moving from the spot and moving back does not reactivate herbal healing.


When doing Alchemy, the potion brewed from this seed is the Potion of Healing.


The Seed of Sungrass can be found by trampling tall vegetation. Each patch of vegetation trampled gives a 1/15 probability of giving a random seed. The Sungrass plant can also be found in Gardens.


  • Use Sungrass seeds in a safe place, to heal during quieter moments.
  • Herbal healing from Sungrass ignores the Hero's hunger status, so it is an ideal way to restore HP when the Hero is low on food, or is starving, and has found a safe place to wait out the 50 turns. This allows Healing Potion conservation, to use when instant recovery is needed.
  • When engaged in a long, stationary battle, the healing buff can heal the Hero while fighting. Plant a Sungrass before engaging, or throw a seed during battle, and then step onto it.
    Note: However, remember that it takes 5 turns for a 10% heal to occur, so this may not be as viable as using a Seed of Earthroot.
    Only use as a last resort, if lacking a Seed of Earthroot to use in a Boss Fight, or a fight that lasts longer than 5-10 turns, to make full use of its healing.
  • When entering a Garden, explore carefully, so a Sungrass plant isn't needlessly trampled and its effect is wasted. Don't step on it until the Hero absolutely needs to.