Armors are a type of equippable gear that reduces the amount of melee damage taken.

Armors in Shattered Pixel Dungeon haven't changed too much from the original Pixel Dungeon, with a few key differences:

  • The strength requirements for wearing armors without penalties decreases only at certain level thresholds, rather than once per each upgrade: +1/+3/+6/+10/+15 and currently unreachable +21.
  • Cloth armor, as a starting item can no longer be dropped anywhere in the dungeon
  • A new badge was added - "All armors identified".
  • WIP

Regular armor Edit

Each armor corresponds to a tier, with no funny business attached. Armor blocks 0-2*tier damage at +0, distributed normally, scaling by +1/+tier.

Cloth armor Edit

Cloth armor
Cloth Armor
This lightweight armor offers basic protection.

Typically this armor blocks 0-2 damage and requires 10 strength to use properly.

Starting armor. Has weak +1/+1 scaling; is essentially completely useless for damage blocking after Sewers regardless of upgrades.

Leather armor Edit

Leather armor
Leather Armor
Armor made from tanned monster hide. Not as light as cloth armor but provides better protection.

Typically this armor blocks 0-4 damage and requires 12 strength to use properly.

Mail armor Edit

Mail armor
Mail Armor
Interlocking metal links make for a tough but flexible suit of armor.

Typically this armor blocks 0-6 damage and requires 14 strength to use properly.

Scale armor Edit

Scale armor
Scale Armor
The metal scales sewn onto a leather vest create a flexible, yet protective armor.

Typically this armor blocks 0-8 damage and requires 16 strength to use properly.

Plate armor Edit

Plate armor
Plate Armor
Enormous plates of metal are joined together into a suit that provides unmatched protection to any adventurer strong enough to bear its staggering weight.

Typically this armor blocks 0-10 damage and requires 18 strength to use properly.

Epic armor Edit

Also known as hero armor, this type can only be obtained once per run by applying an armor kit on the player's armor of choice. Epic armors have a special design and ability dictated by the Hero class, and requires 35% charge to be used.

While the armor may look different, the stats are unchanged from the base armor.

Armor kit
Armor Kit
Using this kit of small tools and materials anybody can transform any armor into an "epic armor", which will keep all properties of the original armor, but will also provide its wearer a special ability depending on his class. No skills in tailoring, leatherworking or blacksmithing are required.

In contrast to vanilla, epic armor can still be upgraded, and does not lose its "+N" suffix when armor kit is used on it. It also cannot be transfered through Hero remains.

Warrior suit of armor Edit

Warrior armor
Warrior suit of armor
While this armor looks heavy, it allows a warrior to perform heroic leap towards a targeted location, slamming down to stun all neighbouring enemies.

Ability: Heroic leap

Mage robe Edit

Mage armor
Mage robe
Wearing this gorgeous robe, a mage can cast a spell of molten earth: all the enemies in his field of view will be set on fire and unable to move at the same time.

Ability: Molten earth - roots and burns all enemies in sight. Has a low direct damage output due to relying on one debuff, though it is not limited by walls.

Rogue garb Edit

Rogue armor
Rogue garb
Wearing this dark garb, a rogue can perform a trick, that is called "smoke bomb": he blinds enemies who could see him and jumps aside.

Ability: Smoke bomb

Huntress cloak Edit

Huntress armor
Huntress cloak
A huntress in such cloak can create a fan of spectral blades. Each of these blades will target a single enemy in the huntress's field of view, inflicting damage depending on her currently equipped melee weapon.

Ability: Spectral blades

History Edit

Update Change
v0.7.4 Class Armor abilities no longer affect allies
  • Armor can now be augmented.
  • Rogue Garb smoke bomb now has a range of 8 and no longer goes through walls.
  • Huntress Cloak now has a range of 12.
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