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In Shattered Pixel Dungeon, artifacts are a new type of unique equipment, that can perform special actions, and do not require Scrolls of Upgrade to grow stronger. Instead, each artifact is upgraded using a different set of rules, up to their +10 level cap.

While they have unlimited uses, they are generally limited by charging or cool down factors and need to be equipped to be of any use.

Artifacts are unique items, meaning that only 1 artifact of a certain type can be generated within a run. Scrolls of Transmutation will morph them into another random artifact that has not yet been spawned in the run.

Alchemist's Toolkit[]

This artifact allows the Hero to do alchemy anywhere and generates alchemical energy.

Alchemist's Toolkit.png
Alchemist's Toolkit
This toolkit contains a number of reagents and herbs along with a small mixing vial, allowing for alchemy on-the-go. The vial contains what looks like alchemical energy crystals in liquid form.

not ready: The toolkit is currently warming up, and will be ready to use after a little while.

ready: The equipped toolkit is slowly generating alchemical energy as you gain experience. It looks like the mixture in the vial could be enhanced by adding energy crystals to it.


Using the toolkit opens alchemy GUI allowing the Hero to do alchemy everywhere. This doesn't cost any additional resources.

When equipped, the toolkit won't be able to be used until it warms up, this makes juggling the toolkit with other miscellaneous items slightly more difficult. It takes 100 turns for +0 toolkit to warm up, but upgrading reduces the duration by level^2. At level +10, the toolkit can be used immediately upon equip.


This artifact doesn't really have charge, it instead generates alchemical energy as the Hero gathers experience. Energy generated by the toolkit can't be used to upgrade it.

Energy gained per level's worth of experience
+0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Artifact recharging generates 0.25 alchemical energy each turn.


To upgrade the toolkit, 5 alchemical energy is required. Energy used will pay for itself after gaining 5 levels worth of XP.


The cursed toolkit has bound itself to your side, and refuses to let you use alchemy.

  • A cursed toolkit will prevent you from interacting with alchemy pots.

Chalice of Blood[]

Replaces Ring of Mending
Chalice of blood.png
Chalice of Blood
This shining silver chalice is oddly adorned with sharp gems at the rim.

+0: As you hold the chalice, you feel oddly compelled to prick yourself on the sharp gems.

+1-9: Some of your blood is pooled into the chalice, you can subtly feel the chalice feeding life energy into you. You still want to cut yourself on the chalice, even though you know it will hurt.

+10: The chalice is filled to the brim with your life essence. You can feel the chalice pouring life energy back into you.


The chalice of blood passively increases natural health regeneration; it does that by reducing the amount of turns between the times Hero regains 1 HP naturally. The effect works as long as the Hero is not starving. A +10 chalice allows regenerating 1 HP per turn. Chalice is the only artifact that doesn't have any active effects and energy.

Regeneration delay
+0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
10 9.1 8.2 7.3 6.4 5.5 4.6 3.7 2.8 1.9 1


The Chalice is upgraded by using the 'prick' command, which deals damage to the Hero in exchange for an upgrade. This damage can be dangerous in the short term, but the increase in regeneration can be very helpful in the long term. You don't have to upgrade all at once; wait until you're strong enough to take the damage.

Base damage inflicted by each upgrade (level is prior to prick)
Level +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
Damage 0 3 12 27 48 75 108 147 192 243

Each prick deals a base amount of damage equal to 3 * level^2 where level is the chalice's upgrade level prior to issuing the prick command. The damage is reduced by armor and most damage reduction effects like herbal armor and rock armor, but not by glyphs. Since some of these reductions, like armor, are random the effect of a lucky roll verses an unlucky one can make the difference between a successful upgrade and death; especially with higher armor upgrade levels. If the damage drives HP to zero and there is a blessed ankh in inventory then it will be consumed as usual and the upgrade will be counted successful. However, being revived by regular ankh doesn't result in a successful upgrade.

Since the base damage rises exponentially, it is very difficult to upgrade the Chalice past +7. The most viable way without breaking Ankhs is by pricking when at full health with a potion of shielding but be aware of how much shielding you have before you prick. Otherwise, when at full HP, there is a minimum safe level for the hero to be at before attempting the next chalice upgrade. An elixir of might can improve the safe prick threshold by several levels. It's possible to reach +10 at Hero Level 19 with only one potion of shielding and one Blessed Ankh.

Level at which it is completely safe to prick at full HP
Chalice Level Prior to Upgrading +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
Hero Level (No Potion of Shielding) 1 1 1 3 7 12 19 27 36 46
Hero Level (Potion of Shielding after 1 turn) 1 1 1 1 2 6 10 15 20 27

Choosing to prick yourself on the Chalice when the unreduced damage will be greater than 75% of Hero's current health causes the game to show a warning screen.


As this artifact doesn't have any energy, it can't be recharged. Artifact recharging buff and ring of energy will instead make the artifact replenish health faster. Ring of energy increases the regeneration rate by the same factor as it increases recharge speed of other artifacts. Artifact recharging makes the artifact heal the Hero for 5 turns worth of regeneration (rounded up) every turn even if they are starving. This equals to 1 HP at lvl 0 - 5, 2 HP lvl 6 - 8, 3 HP lvl 9, and 5 HP lvl 10. Using an Exotic Scroll of Recharging will cause you to regenerate rapidly, even while starving.


The cursed chalice has bound itself to your hand, and is inhibiting your ability to regenerate health.

  • Natural regeneration is reduced to 1 HP being regenerated every 15 turns instead of 10 turns.

Cloak of Shadows[]

Replaces Ring of Shadows
Clock of shadows.png
Cloak of Shadows
A priceless magical cloak, stolen from the royal armory many years ago by the Rogue. When worn, it can be used to turn completely invisible for a short time.

The more the cloak is used, the stronger it will become, allowing the Rogue to become invisible more frequently and for longer durations.

This artifact is unique to the Rogue. He starts with it equipped, and it cannot be obtained by any other means.


When used, it turns the Hero invisible. Attacking or using a scroll or wand will cancel the invisibility, and so does using the cloak again. Activating the cloak consumes 1 charge and an additional charge is consumed for every 4 turns of invisibility. If the Hero has protective shadows talent, he also gains 1 point of shielding every 2 turns | 1 turn when the cloak is active capped at 3 | 5 points.

Cloak is the only artifact which can be used when not equipped; as long as the Hero has light cloak talent.


A charge is restored after 45 − chargesMissing turns, if the level is greater than 7, the number of turns is further reduced by 5(level−73). Artifact recharging buff restores 1/4 charge every turn. The cloak can still recharge when not equipped the Hero has light cloak talent, but the charging, both natural and from AR buff is 83 % | 66 % | 50 % slower. Using scrolls of upgrade will also restore charges to the cloak if the Hero has the Mystical Upgrade talent, meaning it can exceed the charge cap.

The number of turns needed to charge the cloak from 0 to max charges for each level can be seen in a table below.

level +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
charge cap 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 10 10
turns to recharge 129 170 210 249 287 324 360 395 385 365 345


Cloak upgrades itself automatically when being used at a rate determined by cloak level and Hero level; this is to ensure level of the cloak remains appropriate to Hero level. Each cloak level has a target Hero level at which it should be reached (see table below). By default it gains a level after being active for 5 * (level + 1) turns. However, it upgrades 10% faster for each level Hero is above the target, but 25% slower for each level Hero is below the target. Thus, upgrading the cloak by repeatedly using when Hero level is below the target is ineffective.

Target Hero Level
cloak level +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Hero level 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 16 19 22 25

On level up, the cloak gains an additional charge until it reaches 10 max charges at level 7, upgrading it further increases recharging speed instead.


While the Cloak cannot be found cursed, it can still be cursed by a cursing trap. A cursed cloak becomes impossible to use it until its curse is removed, but has no additional negative effect on the Hero.

Dried Rose[]

Dried Rose.gif
Dried Rose
Is this the rose that the ghost mentioned before disappearing? It seems to hold some spiritual power, perhaps it can be used to channel the energy of that lost warrior.

+0-9: It seems to be missing some petals. Perhaps reattaching them will strengthen the rose.

This artifact can only be equipped once the Sad Ghost's quest is completed, even if it is manually identified.


At full charge, it can be used to summon the Sad Ghost to fight for your Hero. The ghost is considered intelligent ally and as such it will ignore unaware enemies and follow the Hero between depths.

Sad ghost gif.gif
Sad Ghost
A frail looking ethereal figure with a humanoid shape. Their power seems tied to the rose you have.

This ghost may not be much, they seem to be your only true friend down here.

HP Armor Accuracy Evasion Damage EXP EXP Cap Properties
see below A L + 9 L + 4 W 0 - Flying
  • L - Hero level
  • W - Equipped weapon
  • A - Worn armor

Level of the rose determines strength and max health of the Ghost.

Ghost's Health
Rose level +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Max health 20 28 36 44 52 60 68 76 84 92 100
Strength 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 18

Like the Hero, the Ghost can wield a weapon and wear an armor appropriate for its strength. However, it doesn't gain any bonus damage from excess strength and, when unarmed, deals 0 - 5 damage unaffected by strength. You can use the rose to give the ghost a weapon and armor. The Ghost can be equipped with weapons and armor that are within its strength, identified and not cursed. It can't be equipped with unique items (mage's staff, class armor).

When the Ghost is summoned, you can use the rose to give it directions:

  • Targeting a tile with the Hero will force the Ghost to follow him/her.
  • Targeting an empty tile will force the ghost to move towards it and guard it by attacking any enemies within range, and ignoring the rest.
  • Targeting a tile with an enemy will force the Ghost to attack that enemy even if it wouldn't attack that enemy normally.

Giving the Ghost directions takes no time.

Unequipping the rose while the Ghost is active will cause it to lose 1 HP per turn until the rose is equipped again.


It takes 500 turns for the rose to completely recharge, upgrading it will not change this. Artifact recharging buff restores 4% of full charge each turn. The rose can gain any charge when the ghost is summoned, but instead heals the Ghost for 1 HP every 500 / max HP turns, artifact recharging heals the Ghost for 1 + level / 3 HP each turn.


The rose is upgraded by collecting dried petals, picking one up automatically consumes it and raises the rose level by 1.

Rose petal.png
Dried Petal
A frail dried up petal, which has somehow survived this far into the dungeon.

Petals generate in the dungeon as prize items as long as the Hero has an identified uncursed rose in his inventory. The game usually generates 1 petal every other depth; if the rose is found later in the game, petals will be found more commonly to compensate, but it might still not be enough to reach level 10. You can only pick them up with the rose in your inventory.


The cursed rose is bound to your hand, it feels eerily cold.

  • Each turn, a cursed Dried Rose has a 1% chance to spawn a Wraith within view of the Hero.

Ethereal Chains[]

Ethereal chains.png
Ethereal Chains
These large yet lightweight chains glow with spiritual energy. They can be used to pull you towards terrain, or pull enemies toward you. The ethereal nature of the chains even allows them to extend through walls!

The chains rest around your side, slowly siphoning the spiritual energy of those you defeat. Each charge is a link in the chain, which will extend out exactly one tile.


  • Upon choosing "cast" and choosing a destination, the Chains will extend to that tile, using up charges equal to the distance they have to extend.
    • If there is an enemy in the destination tile, the Chains will pull the enemy to the Hero, unless the space next to the Hero in the path of the Chains is obstructed. In that case, the Chains will fail to extend.
    • If the destination is an open tile adjacent to a wall or statue, the Chains will pull the Hero to that point.
    • If there is not enough charges, or the target tile is not adjacent to a wall or statue, the Chains will fail to extend.
  • The Chains can pass through solid walls and other obstacles, but they cannot pull you to places that are otherwise completely inaccessible, such as locked rooms.
  • The Chains can pull enemies into instant death situations such as pulling an enemy into a chasm or pulling a giant piranha onto dry ground.
    • Something to note is that enemies killed via chasms award halved EXP.


  • The chains gain a charge after 40-2(chargeGoal-currentCharges) turns.
  • Gaining experience will reduce the turns until another charge is obtained by 200(experienceheroLevel+1).
    • If the amount of charges is above the goal when the experience is gained, this number is multiplied by 5+levelcurrentCharges.
    • If this causes the turn countdown to become negative, the chains will gain charges, adding 40-2(chargeGoal-currentCharges) to the countdown until it becomes positive.


  • Upgrading the chains will increase the charge goal by two.
    • +0 Chains will have a goal of five charges.
  • The Chains gain experience along with the hero, earning 20herolevel+1 experience for every point of experience the Hero obtains.
    • When the Chains have obtained 25(level+2) EXP, they will upgrade.


The cursed chains are locked to your side, constantly swinging around, trying to trip or bind you.

  • Each turn, cursed Chains have a 1% chance to cripple the Hero for 10 turns.

Horn of Plenty[]

Replaces Ring of Satiety
Horn of Plenty.png
Horn of Plenty
This horn can't be blown into, but instead seems to fill up with food over time when equipped.

+0-9: Perhaps there is a way to increase the horn's power by giving it food energy.

The Horn of Plenty automatically generates food that your Hero can eat


The Hero can eat as much food as it takes for them to become totally full. Each charge restores 20% of their max saturation, so 2 consumed charges will fully saturate them. They can also take a snack, only consuming 1 charge regardless of hunger.

Both eating and snacking food will trigger on-eat talents with the exception of mystical meal.


It begins with a cap of 5 charges, increasing by 1 with every other upgrade. It recharges as the Hero gathers experience.

Charges gained per level's worth of experience
+0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
0.5 0.75 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.0 2.25 2.5 2.75 3

Artifact recharging restores 0.25 charge every turn.


The horn is upgraded by putting food into it. Ration of food will upgrade the Horn of Plenty by exactly 1 level. All other food items will level the Horn of Plenty proportionally to how much hunger they restore (Small rations will provide 0.5 level, pasty 1.5 levels and meat pie 3 levels). Uncooked mystery meat can be stored in the horn with no adverse effects.

Food stored in the horn will pay for itself after gaining 5.333 levels worth of XP, but in the short term upgrading the Horn too much can leave you starving. There is also no point of upgrading the horn if the Hero level is 25 or greater.


The cursed horn has bound itself to your side, it seems to be eager to take food rather than produce it.

  • A cursed Horn of Plenty reduces the effectiveness of consumed food items by 33%.

Master Thieves' Armband[]

Replaces Ring of Haggler
Thieves armband.png
Master Thieves' Armband
This purple velvet armband bears the mark of a master thief. This doesn't belong to you, but it probably didn't belong to its last user either.
You feel power building in the armband on your wrist as you gain experience. You can use this power to steal from shops, or to rob enemies!

Robbing enemies happens instantly, briefly disorients them, and gives you a chance to get whatever loot they have! This power is more effective against unaware enemies. Robbing the same enemy multiple times does not give more chances at loot.


The player can use the armband to steal from an enemy at the cost of 1 charge. Stealing from enemies yields the same loot as killing them with the same base drop chance. The chance is, however, increased by 10% * itemLevel and additional 50% if the enemy is unaware of the Hero. The enemy also blinded and crippled for 3 + itemLevel turns (2 more turns if unaware) regardless whether an item is stolen or not. It's impossible to steal an item from an enemy if Hero level is too high (higher than enemy xp cap + 2) or if that enemy was robbed before.

Additionally, wearing the armband allows the player to steal shop items instead of paying for them. 1 charge is enough to steal an item with a base value of 10 + itemLevel/2 gold. If the item value is higher, more charges are spent to reach the needed value. Without enough charges, it's still possible to try, but there is only chargeValue/itemPrice chance of success. If the attempt fails, the shopkeeper vanishes taking all of his goods with him.

Since the amount of charges needed to steel an item depends on its base value, stealing doesn't get any harder in shops further down where items are more expensive.


The Armband begins with a cap of 5 charges, increasing by 1 with every other upgrade. It recharges as the Hero gathers experience, gaining 3 charges for level of experience regardless of item level. Artifact recharging restores 0.1 charge each turn.


Successful thefts eventually upgrade the Armband; it gains 4 * chargesSpent xp by stealing from a shop and 3 xp by stealing from an enemy (5 xp if the enemy was unaware). To reach the next level, the Armband needs 10 + itemLevel * 3.33 xp.


The cursed armband is bound to your wrist, and somehow your pouch of gold seems to be slowly getting lighter...

  • Each turn, the Hero has a 20% chance to lose 1 Gold.

Footwear of Nature[]

Replaces Ring of Herbalism
Sandles of nature.png
Sandals of Nature +0
What initially seem like sandals made of twine are actually two plants! They seem very weak and pale, perhaps they need to be given nutrients?

You feel more attuned with nature while wearing this artifact.

Shoes of nature.png
Shoes of Nature +3
The footwear has grown and now more closely resemble two tailored shoes. Some colour has returned to them, perhaps they can still grow further?

You feel more attuned with nature while wearing this artifact.

The footwear has gained the ability to form up into a sort of immobile natural armour, but will need to charge up for it.

Boots of nature.png
Boots of Nature +7
The plants have grown again and now resembles a pair of solid boots made from bark. The plants seem to have regained their strength, but perhaps they can still grow further?

You feel more attuned with nature while wearing this artifact.

The footwear has gained the ability to form up into a sort of immobile natural armour, but will need to charge up for it.

Greaves of nature.png
Greaves of Nature +10
The plants seem to have reached their maximum size, they resemble a pair of armored greaves. The greaves are a deep brown and resemble a very sturdy tree.

You feel more attuned with nature while wearing this artifact.

The footwear has gained the ability to form up into a sort of immobile natural armour, but will need to charge up for it.

Drop chances when trampling grass
Artifact Level N/A +0 +3 +7 +10
Seed 120 116 112 18 14
Dew 16 421 29 415 13


  • Sandals of Nature act like the Ring of Herbalism, increasing the number of seeds and dewdrops gained by trampling grass.
  • After upgrading, they grow and have the ability to grant the herbal armor buff, but at the cost of rooting the Hero in place for 5 turns.


When trampling tall grass, the artifact restores 0.01(heroMaxHealth−currentCharges)(stage) charges. This effectively caps the maximum amount of charges at the Hero's current maximum HP.


  • The Sandals of Nature upgrade by feeding them different types of seeds until they grow into bigger types of footwear and grant greater effects.
  • Upgrading Sandals to Shoes takes 3 seeds, Shoes to Boots needs 6 more seeds, and Boots to Greaves requires additional 9 seeds, meaning 18 in total.
    • The upgrade levels in-between +3, +7 and +10 thresholds are not reachable.
    • All seeds required to reach each threshold need to be unique, but this list resets once the Footwear grows in size.


The cursed sandals are blocking any attunement with nature.

  • If they are cursed, they cannot be removed and prevent the Hero from receiving any seeds or dewdrops from plants.

Talisman of Foresight[]

Replaces Ring of Detection
Talisman of foresight.png
Talisman of Foresight
A smooth stone with strange engravings on it. You feel like it's watching everything around you, keeping an eye out for anything hidden.

When you hold the talisman you feel like your senses are heightened. The talisman is slowly building charge as time passes and when you discover hidden doors or traps.

The talisman can expend its charge to 'scry' in a cone shape, which reveals all tiles and secrets in the scanned area, and will grant you vision of enemies and items for a short time.


You feel very nervous, as if there is nearby unseen danger.


  • When the Hero is within 3 tiles of a hidden trap, it will grant Foresight buff and display "You feel uneasy" in the log.
  • It slowly gains power with turns passed and when at at least 5% charge, it can be used to "scry", revealing tiles, monsters and items in a cone shape. The amount of tiles affected is determined by current amount of charges and artifact level.


  • Each turn, 0.05+level*0.005% is added to the current charge. The Talisman fully charges in 2000 turns at +0, scaling to 1000 turns at +10.


  • The artifact upgrades by 1 level with 100 + 50*level experience gained.
  • The artifact will gain 10 experience for every trap, item or enemy and 100 experience for every hidden door revealed by scrying.
    • An easy way to level up the Talisman of Foresight is to search trap rooms. The hidden summoning room is especially good at leveling the Talisman as it contains many hidden traps.


The cursed talisman is intently staring into you, dulling your senses.

  • A cursed Talisman of Foresight will decrease the chance to passively find secrets.

Timekeeper's Hourglass[]

Timekeeper's Hourglass
This large ornate hourglass looks fairly unassuming, but you feel a great power in its finely carved frame. As you rotate the hourglass and watch the sand pour you can feel its magic tugging at you, surely using this magic would give you some control over time.

+0-9: The hourglass seems to have lost some sand, if only you could find some...


  • It has the ability to freeze time from either the Hero's perspective or the enemies' perspective. Each charge can freeze time for 2 turns, or keep Hero in stasis for 5 turns.
  • When used to freeze time:
    • All actions performed by the Hero will occur instantaneously unless otherwise noted.
    • While this is active, the Hourglass will lose a charge every two turns.
    • These actions will end the effect, and will not happen instantaneously:
      • Attacking
        • This means that the Hourglass cannot be used for free or surprise attacks.
      • Unequipping the Hourglass
      • Cancelling the effect via the Hourglass
      • Using wands or scrolls
      • Using class armor abilities
    • These actions will not end the effect:
      • Moving
      • Triggering traps
        • The trap will only activate when the effect is over, allowing the Hero to move out of range of certain traps, forcing them to attack enemies instead of them.
      • Drinking/throwing potions
      • Equipping and unequipping items
      • Anything else not listed as ending the effect
  • When used to activate stasis:
    • The Hero will freeze while the enemies move freely, acting as if the Hero is invisible and wander normally until the effect ends.
    • This uses up to two charges, with each turn corresponding to five turns of stasis.
    • This function of the Hourglass is useful when the Hero is surrounded or when they need help to survive damage-over-time debuffs such as burning, poison, and deferred damage.
    • It is worth noting that the Hero does not gain hunger while in stasis.


  • It begins with 5 maximum charges, but gains a charge with each sandbag obtained.
  • A charge is restored to the Hourglass after 90−3×chargesMissing turns.


  • It's upgraded by purchasing sand, which is generated in Shops if the Hero is carrying the Hourglass when descending to a depth containing a Shop for the first time.
    • If an Hourglass is found late in the game, it may not be possible to upgrade it to +10.
  • Each pair of upgrades increases the amount of charges the hourglass can have by 1, so a +10 hourglass will have a maximum capacity of 10 charges.


The cursed hourglass is locked to your side, you can feel it trying to manipulate your flow of time.

Each turn, there is a 10% chance the Hero will lose the next turn.

Unstable Spellbook[]

Unstable spellbook.png
Unstable Spellbook
This Tome is in surprising good condition given its age. It fizzes and crackles as you move the pages, surging with unstable energy. If you read from this book, there's no telling what spell you might cast.

+0-9: The book's index is incomplete, and is currently pointing to the following blank pages:



  • It begins with two max charges, but gains an extra charge every other level, to a max of 8.
  • A charge will be restored to the Spellbook after 120−5×chargesMissing turns.


  • The Unstable Spellbook is upgraded by adding 1 of 2 "requested" scrolls to it, consuming the scroll.
    • Which scrolls are currently requested can be found by examining the book.
    • Upon adding a requested scroll, the Book will request a new one (excluding scrolls of upgrade and transmutation).
    • Unidentified scrolls cannot be added.
    • The max upgrade level is achieved once you've added one of every scroll to the book.
  • Adding a scroll will allow the user to decide whether they want a regular scroll, or its exotic variant effect the next time the added scroll is called by the Spellbook. Using a regular one costs 1 charge, while an exotic one costs 2.
    • Scroll of Identify → Scroll of Divination.
    • Scroll of Remove curse → Scroll of Anti-magic.
    • Scroll of Magic mapping → Scroll of Foresight.
    • Scroll of Teleportation → Scroll of Passage.
    • Scroll of Recharging → Scroll of Mystical Energy.
    • Scroll of Terror → Scroll of Petrification.
    • Scroll of Lullaby → Scroll of Affection.
    • Scroll of Rage → Scroll of Confusion.
    • Scroll of Retribution → Scroll of Psionic Blast.
    • Scroll of Mirror Image → Scroll of Prismatic Image.


The cursed book has bound itself to you, it is inhibiting your ability to use most scrolls.