Seeds[edit | edit source]

12 seed types in Shattered PD

Main article: Shattered PD Plants

Shattered PD adds several new plants, some of which received their own seeds. Seeds and plants can also now be obtained from a wider array of sources and have other uses in alchemy besides for being brewed to basic potion types.

Potions[edit | edit source]

12 basic potion types in Shattered PD

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Potion Probability
Strength* 0 0 %
Healing 3/14 21.43 %
Mind Vision 1/7 14.29 %
Frost 3/28 10.71 %
Liquid Flame 3/28 10.71 %
Toxic Gas 3/28 10.71 %
Haste 1/14 7.14 %
Invisibility 1/14 7.14 %
Paralytic Gas 1/14 7.14 %
Purity 1/14 7.14 %
Experience 1/28 3.57 %

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

12 basic scroll types in Shattered PD

Main article: Shattered Pixel Dungeon Scrolls
Scroll Probability
Upgrade* 0 0 %
Identify 1/5 20 %
Remove Curse 2/15 13.33 %
Mirror Image 1/10 10 %
Recharging 1/10 10 %
Teleportation 1/10 10 %
Lullaby 1/15 6.67 %
Magic Mapping 1/15 6.67 %
Rage 1/15 6.67 %
Retribution 1/15 6.67 %
Terror 1/15 6.67 %
Transmutation 1/30 3.33 %

Runestones[edit | edit source]

12 basic runestone types in Shattered PD

Main article: Shattered PD - Runestones

Runestones, or stones are a new type of craftable item with unique abilities. Depending on the rune their abilities and intended target vary drastically. They can interact directly with surroundings or other entities, or can only affect Hero and their gear.

Food[edit | edit source]

See also: Food in Alchemy

Food functions mostly the same as it did in original PD, but saturation values were slightly changed. A few new food items were also added, two of them being only avalible during events.

Mystery meat[edit | edit source]

Mystery meat.png
Mystery meat
Eat at your own risk!

Mystery meat is dropped from albino rats, sewer crabs, cave spinners, scorpios and giant piranhas. When eaten, it restores 1/3 of maximum hunger (150/450 points). It may be dangerous to eat, as upon eating it can:

  • Burn for 8 turns; (20%)
  • Root in place for 10 turns; (20%)
  • Poison for 1/5th of Hero/ine's HP turns; (20%)
  • Slow all actions for 10 turns; (20%)
  • Do nothing. (20%)

Frozen carpaccio[edit | edit source]

Frozen carpaccio.png
Frozen Carpaccio
It's a piece of frozen raw meat. The only way to eat it is by cutting thin slices of it. And this way it's suprisingly good.

Frozen carpaccio can be created by freezing mystery meat (for example, when throwing mystery meat onto a freezing trap). When eaten, it restores 1/3 of hunger, but it can have many other benefical effects:

Chargrilled meat[edit | edit source]

Chargrilled meat.png
Chargrilled Meat
It looks like a decent steak.

Chargrilled meat can be created by burning mystery meat - dropping the item on any burning tile, or by a random chance when Hero is on fire for longer than 2-3 turns. When eaten, it restores 1/3 of hunger. It no longer is able to apply the mystery meat debuffs.

Stewed meat[edit | edit source]

Stewed meat.png
Stewed Meat
Stewing the meat has cleansed it of any disease or parasites. It should be safe to eat.
Mystery meat.png
Alchemy arrow-active.png
Stewed meat.png

Mystery meat.png
Mystery meat.png
Alchemy arrow-active.png
Stewed meat.png

Mystery meat.png
Mystery meat.png
Mystery meat.png
Alchemy arrow-active.png
Stewed meat.png

Stewed meat can be created by cooking mystery meat in alchemy pot. Up to 3 meat can be cooked at once, cooking more consumes less energy per meat. When eaten, it restores 1/3 of hunger.

Functionally identical to chargrilled meat. As cooking the meat costs alchemy energy and there are many fire / freezing sources in the dungeon, it is usually not a good idea to make these, unless you don't have better alternatives.

Small food ration[edit | edit source]

Overpriced food.png
Small Food Ration
It looks exactly like a standard ration of food but smaller.

2 small food rations will generate at each Shop. It restores 1/3 of hunger when eaten.

Ration of food[edit | edit source]

Ration of Food
Nothing fancy here: dried meat, some biscuits - things like that.

Ration of food is the most common food source in the game, at least one will appear in every regular floor (unless replaced by a pasty). It restores 2/3 of hunger when eaten.

Pasty[edit | edit source]

This is authentic Cornish pasty with traditional filling of beef and potato.

Pasty has a 20% chance to replace any ration of food. It restores full hunger when eaten.

Candy cane[edit | edit source]

Candy cane.png
Candy Cane
A huge sugary sweet candy cane! It's big enough to fill you up, and the sugar might give your wands a tiny bit of extra charge too.

Happy Holidays!

This food replaces all instances of pasty in game for the Holidays. It restores full hunger similar to pasty, but it also applies 2 turns of recharging.

Pumpkin pie[edit | edit source]

Pumpkin pie.png
Pumpkin Pie
A great big slice of pumpkin pie! Its sweet and spicy flavor will fill you up and give you a tiny bit of healing.

Happy Halloween!

This food replaces all instances of pasty in game for the Halloween. It restores full hunger similar to pasty, but it also restores 10% of Hero/ine's HP.

Meat pie[edit | edit source]

Meat pie.png
Meat Pie
A delicious pie filled with savoury meat. This will satiate you far more than any other meal.
Mystery meat.png
Alchemy arrow-active.png
Meat pie.png

Meat pie is the best food available in Shattered PD, it can be obtained only through alchemy. When eaten, it restores full hunger and applies Well Fed buff for 450 turns, which prevents hunger from increasing and restores 1 HP every 18 turns (25 HP in total). Keep in mind that while you will not become more hungry when fighting a boss, the Well Fed buff will still deplete.

Blandfruit[edit | edit source]

Main article: Plants/Fruits

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Dewdrop[edit | edit source]

A crystal clear dewdrop.

Due to the magic of this place, pure water has minor restorative properties.

Dewdrop occasionally drops from tall grass tiles, spawns upon stepping on the Dewcatcher or defeating evil eyes.

When picked up, the game will attempt to store it inside a Dew Vial. If it is unavailable or full, it regenerates 5% of Hero's max HP instead. It cannot be picked up when HP is full.

Bomb[edit | edit source]

A fairly hefty black powder bomb. An explosion from this would certainly do damage to anything nearby.

Upon lighting & throwing, bomb will explode in 2 turns, dealing depth + 5 to 10 + (depth * 2) damage in a 3x3 area. Additionally, all flammable tiles will turn to embers, and unupgraded and non-unique items will be destroyed.

The bomb will bounce on a random neighbouring tile if it's thrown directly at an enemy, and will explode instantly if it catches on fire. The bomb can be safely picked up before it explodes, and will be extinguished if it gets chilled.

Bombs can be found in some special rooms and bought in Shops, also in stacks of 2 for the price of 1. Bombs can be used for alchemy, for the specific recipes see Alchemy/Bombs.

Ankh[edit | edit source]

This ancient symbol of immortality grants the ability to return to life after death. Upon resurrection all non-equipped items are lost. Using a full dew vial, the ankh can be blessed with extra strength.

If an Ankh is used during a bossfight, the entire floor gets reset and the Hero is forced to fight the boss again. All items placed on the ground before resurrection will be lost upon the reload, so it is advised to leave some of the essential ones on the floor above, if you are certain you are not going to make it the first time. Resurrection additionally will remove curses from all equipped items.

The Ankh can also be blessed with a full dew vial, gaining a white enchantment glow:

This ancient symbol of immortality grants the ability to return to life after death. The ankh has been blessed and is now much stronger. The Ankh will sacrifice itself to save you in a moment of deadly peril.

A blessed Ankh will keep all your items intact, but will only resurrect the Hero with about 25% of their max HP. It will also remove the same debuffs as a potion of healing would.

Honeypot[edit | edit source]

This large honeypot is only really lined with honey, instead it houses a giant bee! These sorts of massive bees usually stay in their hives, perhaps the pot is some sort of specialized trapper's cage? The bee seems pretty content inside the pot with its honey, and buzzes at you warily when you look at it.
Golden bee.gif
Golden Bee
Despite their small size, golden bees tend to protect their home fiercely. This one is very mad, better keep your distance.

Instead of protecting the player, the golden bee will now protect the remains of the shattered pot, attacking whatever is closest to it. If a character, such as the crazy thief is holding the shattered pot, the bee will attack that character. Crazy thief and crazy bandit will shatter the honeypot and release the bee upon successful steal attempt.

Shattered Honeypot.png
Shattered Honeypot
The pot has been shattered, only the sticky honey that lines its walls is holding it together, and it is slowly coming apart.

Despite its broken state, the bee still seems to want to protect the pot.

Can be used to craft an elixir of honeyed healing. Otherwise serves as a "marker" for spawned bees of an area they will protect.

Arcane stylus[edit | edit source]

Arcane Stylus.png
Arcane Stylus
This arcane stylus is made of some dark, very hard stone. Using it you can inscribe a magical glyph on your armor, but you have no power over choosing what glyph it will be, the stylus will decide it for you.

Torch[edit | edit source]

See also: Illuminated
An adventuring staple, when a dungeon goes dark, a torch can help lead the way.

Merchant's Beacon[edit | edit source]

Lloyds beacon.png
Merchant's Beacon
This odd piece of dwarven technology allows you to communicate from great distances.

After being activated, this beacon will let you sell items to Pixel Mart from anywhere in the dungeon.

However, the magic within the beacon will only last for one session, so use it wisely.

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