Debuffs – effects that are harmful to whomever happens to be their victim. They may directly injure the target or make it more vulnerable to others' attacks.

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Amok Edit

Amok causes a state of great rage and confusion in its target.

When a creature is amoked, they will attack whatever is near them, whether they be friend or foe.

Turns of amok remaining:

Amok enemies will actually prioritize hitting their allies over their enemies and in addition will not attempt to avoid hazards. This means that they will walk into chasms and traps between them and their target.

Sources Edit

  • Getting zapped by wand of corruption (6 + staff lvl * 3 turns, one of possible major debuffs)
  • Getting hit by Battlemage's staff of corruption (4 + staff lvl * 2 turns, (staff lvl + 1) / (staff lvl + 4) chance)
  • Being affected by scroll of rage (5 turns)

Bleeding Edit

That wound is leaking a worrisome amount of blood.

Bleeding causes damage every turn. Each turn the damage decreases by a random amount, until the bleeding eventually stops.

Current bleed damage:

This effect will deal it's damage every turn and Enemies with the "inorganic" property are immune to this effect.

Sources Edit

  • Getting hit by Albino rat ( 1 do 4 dmg, 50% chance)
  • Falling down chasms (max HP / (6 + (6 * (HP / max HP))) dmg, dying to it counts as death by falling)
  • Sacrificial curse effect (1 to max HP / 6 dmg, 1 in 12 chance)
  • Hitting a target wearing armor of thorns (armor lvl + 4 dmg, (armor lvl + 2) / (armor lvl + 12) chance)
  • Getting hit by Shattered Pixel Dungeon/Missiles#Tomahawk ((6 to 15) * 0.6 dmg)
  • Stepping on gripping trap (2 + depth dmg) or flasning trap (4 + depth dmg), unlike in other cases the damage is reduced by armor
  • Ripper demon jumping onto you ((12 to 25) * 0.75 dmg)

Blindness Edit

Blinding turns the surrounding world into a dark haze.

While blinded, a character can't see more than one tile infront of themselves, rendering ranged attacks useless and making it very easy to lose track of distant enemies. Additionally, a blinded hero is unable to read scrolls or books.

Turns of blindness remaining:

This effect can be cured by potion of healing or frozen carpaccio. Tengu and King of dwarves are immune to this effect.

Sources Edit

  • Reading a scroll of retribution or its exotic variant, scroll of psionic blast (prolongs by 10 turns)
  • Getting hit by blinding dart (10 truns) or flashbang (prolongs by 10 truns)
  • Stepping on flashing trap (10 turns)
  • Getting affected by scroll of confusion (prolongs by 10 turns)
  • Getting hit by crazy bandit (prolongs by 5 turns, only if it manages to steal an item)
  • Getting hit by bright fist's light beam (prolongs by 5 turns) or shock elemental's ranged attack (5 turns)
  • The bright fist always blinds the Hero when reduced to 50% HP (15 turns) and when killed (30 turns) regardless of what caused the damage.
  • Stepping on a blindweed plant unless you are a Warden (prolongs by 10 turns)
  • Being next to Rogue when he uses smoke bomb ability (prolongs by 10 turns)
  • Getting zapped by wand of prismatic light (prolongs by 2 + wand lvl * 0.333 turns, (2 + wand lvl) / (5 + wand lvl) chance)

Burning Edit

Few things are more distressing than being engulfed in flames.

Fire will deal damage every turn until it is put out by water or it expires. Fire can be extinquished by stepping into water, or from the splash of a shattering potion.

Additionally, the fire may ignite flammable terrain or items that it comes into contact with.

Turns of burning remaining:

Enemies with the "fiery" property are immune to this effect. The Hero can also become immune by wearing armor with glyph of brimstone or having fire imbued buff. Ring of elements will also protect against this effect.

It's possible to get rid of this debuff by standing in water (only for non flying creatures and the Hero if he is not levitating) getting spalshed by a potion or getting affected by a chilled debuff.

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Caustic ooze Edit

Caustic ooze
Caustic Ooze
This sticky acid clings to flesh, slowly melting it away.

Ooze will deal consistent damage over time, but can be immediately washed off in water.

Turns of ooze remaining:

Caustic ooze will deal constant damage every turn until it is washed away, or until the target waits through a maximum of 20 turns. The debuff can be detached by standing in water for a full turn, or by throwing a potion (preferrably non-harmful one) on the target. Ring of elements will protect against this effect.

Sources Edit

  • Rotting fist melee attacks
  • Fetid rat's bites
  • Caustic brew
  • Rot darts
  • Battlemage's corrosion-imbued staff.

Charmed Edit

A charm is manipulative magic that can make enemies temporarily adore eachother.

Characters affected by charm are unable to directly attack the enemy they are charmed by. Attacking other targets is still possible however. The shock of pain will lessen the duration of charm.

Turns of charm remaining:

While a charmed Hero may not attack the enemy it was charmed by with melee attacks, they can still deal damage and kill them by other means, such as using thrown weapons, wands or consumable items.

The Succubi will attempt to charm the Hero, and then heal HP on each next landed hit while the Hero is under the influence of this effect.

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Chilled Edit

Not quite frozen, but still much too cold.

Chilled targets perform all actions more slowly, depending on how many turns are left in the effect. At its worst, this is equivalent to being slowed.

Turns of chill remaining:

Speed is reduced by:

Besides for slowing down targets, this debuff reduces the damage of wand of frost bolts. Ring of elements will protect against this effect.

This debuff stacks with itself, rather than resetting its own value when reapplied.

Corrosion Edit

Powerful acid melts away flesh, metal, and bone at an alarming rate.

Corrosion damage increases over time, as the target continues to melt away.

Turns of corrosion remaining:

Current corrosion damage:

The main source of this debuff are different kinds of corrosive clouds, such as the ones spawned by a wand of corrosion or potion of corrosive gas. The damage applied by this buff increases in severity the longer the target is affected by it. Starting damage depends on the source of the gas (or debuff), but regardless of starting value it is increased by 1 every turn it is actively refreshed, and lasts for 1 extra turn after leaving the harmful cloud. Ring of elements will also protect against this effect.

Corruption Edit

Corruption seeps into the essence of a being, twisting them against their former nature.

Corrupted creatures will attack their allies, and ignore their former enemies. Corruption is damaging as well, and will slowly cause its target to succumb.

Corruption is permanent, its effects only end in death.

Crippled Edit

You're pretty sure legs aren't meant to bend that way.

Crippled halves movement speed, making moving a tile usually take two turns instead of one.

Turns of cripple remaining:

Crippled debuff halves target's moving speed. Also works on enemies that don't actually walk to move (those with a flying property or ones with no legs).

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Deferred damage Edit

Main article: Glyph of Viscosity
Damage deferred
Deferred Damage
While your armor's glyph has protected you from damage, it seems to be slowly paying you back for it.

Damage is being dealt to you over time instead of immediately.

Degraded Edit

Powerful dark magic is sapping the strength that scrolls of upgrade have applied to your equipment!

While degraded, upgraded gear will be treated as if it is a lower level than it actually is. Every upgrade after +3 becomes exponentially weaker than the last one. The descriptions of your items will change to reflect their reduced power level.

Degradation does not affect strength requirements, wand charges, durability of thrown weapons, or artifacts.

Turns of degradation remaining: X. Using a scroll of upgrade or remove curse will end degradation immediately.

Doomed Edit

It's hard to keep going when it seems like the universe wants you dead.

Doomed characters will receive double damage from all sources.

Doom is permanent, its effects only end in death.

A special-case buff, it can only be applied to bosses and minibosses in place of corruption.

Frozen Edit

Not to be confused with freezing solid, this more benign freezing simply encases the target in ice.

Freezing acts similarly to paralysis, making it impossible for the target to act. Unlike paralysis, freezing is immediately cancelled if the target takes damage, as the ice will shatter.

Turns of freeze remaining:

Ring of elements will protect against this effect.

Hexed Edit

Dark magic which saps focus, making the target slightly disoriented.

Hexing reduces accuracy and evasion by 20%, making the target less effective in combat.

Turns of hex remaining: X.

Paralysis Edit

Oftentimes the worst thing to do is nothing at all.

Paralysis completely halts all actions, forcing the target to wait until the effect wears off. The pain from taking damage can cause characters to resist paralysis, breaking them out of the effect.

Turns of paralysis remaining:

Ring of elements will protect against this effect.

Poisoned Edit

Poison works its way through the body, slowly impairing its internal functioning.

Poison deals damage each turn proportional to how long until it expires.

Turns of poison remaining:

Enemies with the "inorganic" property are immune to this effect. Ring of elements will protect against this effect.

Recovering Edit

See also: Berserker
Inner strength has its limits. The berserker must rest before using his rage again.

While recovering the berserker does not build any rage from taking damage.

Levels until recovered: 2

Rooted Edit

Roots (magical or natural) grab at the feet, forcing them down to the ground.

Roots lock a target in place, making it impossible for them to move, but other actions are not affected.

Turns of root remaining:

Roots prevent the target from moving. For the Hero, attempting to move under duration of this effect will trigger a screenshake visual effect and cancel the action without a turn penalty.

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The effect can be broken by drinking a potion of levitation.

Slowed Edit

Slowing magic affects the target's rate of time, to them everything is moving super-fast.

A slowed character performs all actions in twice the amount of time they would normally take.

Turns of slow remaining:

Soul marked Edit

Main article: Warlock
Soul Marked
The warlock has tapped into the soul of this creature. He will heal and satisfy his hunger as it takes physical damage.

Turns of soul mark remaining:

Starving Edit

You're so hungry it hurts.

Hunger slowly increases as you spend time in the dungeon, eventually you will begin to starve. While starving you will slowly lose health instead of regenerating it.

Rationing is important! If you have health to spare starving isn't a bad idea if it means there will be more food later. Effective rationing can make food last a lot longer!

Starving will periodically deal 1 point of damage until enough satiation is restored to reach the "hungry" state again. The debuff will damage the Hero more often at higher experience levels (and thus at higher maximum HP) in order to remain a relatively relevant threat for the whole game.

Terror Edit

Terror is manipulative magic which forces its target into an uncontrollable panic.

Terrified characters are forced to run away from their opponent, trying to put as many doors and walls between them as possible. The shock of pain will lessen the duration of terror, however.

Turns of terror remaining:

Vertigo Edit

Walking in a straight line can be difficult when the whole world is spinning.

While under the effects of vertigo, characters who attempt to move will go in a random direction, instead of the one they intended to go in.

Turns of vertigo remaining:

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Vulnerable Edit

Vulnerability magic increases all physical damage that a character takes by 33%, after that damage has been reduced by armor.

Turns of vulnerable remaining: X.

Weakness Edit

Everything suddenly seems much heavier.

Weakening magic reduces a character's physical strength, causing them to deal 33% reduced damage.

Turns of weakness remaining: X.

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