Stats are variables that affect the gameplay in different ways, and can themselves be modified by various items, debuffs, interactions and other factors.

Entity stats[edit | edit source]

Health[edit | edit source]

Also known as Hit Points [HP].

The Hero starts out with 20 HP and gains 5 max with each level up. Thus, the formula to calculate the Hero's current (unmodified) max HP is 5(level+3). Standard enemies have fixed maximum health, non standerd ones have it typically determined by the floor they spawn in. Hero, when not starving, restores 1 HP per 10 turns, but natural regeneration can be sped up with the Chalice of Blood. Other creatures don't replenish helath on their own besides a few exceptions.

In code, max HP is referred to as Health Total, or HT.

Maximum HP can be modified by:

Shielding[edit | edit source]

Shielding absorbs any incomming damage except for hunger damage. The warrior has 2 + armor lvl shiending when he has his seal attached to the armor he is wearing. Thiss shielding replenishes at a rate of 1 per 30 turns. Other hero classes and creatures can only gain shielding temporarily.

Sources of temporary shielding:

  • Potion of shielding
  • Wand of transfusion
  • Backup barrier and shield battery talents
  • DM-300 gains shielding upon stepping on exposed wires
  • Succubus gains shielding upon overhealing
  • Dwarf king gains shielding at the start of phase 2
  • Berseker and gnoll brute gain shielding when berserking

Accuracy[edit | edit source]

Accuracy [Acc/A] (named as attack skill in code) is used to determine the chance to land a hit on enemy.

The Hero starts out with 10 Acc, and gains 1 point with each level up. Thus, the formula to calculate the Hero's current (unmodified) accuracy is level+9. It is worth noting that 1 point of accuracy does not translate to 1% chance of hitting. Standard enemies have fixed accuracy health, non standerd ones have it typically determined by the floor they spawn in.

Any accuracy of at least 1 000 000 is considered infinite accuracy. Attacks with infinite accuracy can't miss unless the target has infinite evasion.

Accuracy can be modified by:

  • Ring of accuracy
  • Blessed buff
  • Hexed debuff
  • Weapon accuracy modifier (if a creature attacks with a weapon)
  • Thrown weapons have a 50% accuracy penalty when used on enemies adjacent to the Hero, and a 50% bonus to accuracy otherwise
  • The Hero recieves a significant accuracy penalty for attacking with a weapon which is too heavy

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Evasion [Eva/E] (named as defense skill in code) is used to determine the chance to dodge enemy attacks.

The chance to be hit by a given attack from an enemy with acc accuracy at a given evasion eva is { acc2×eva if acc ≥ eva; otherwise 1 − eva2×acc}.

The Hero starts with 5 Eva, and gains 1 point with each level up. Thus, the formula to calculate the Hero's current (unmodified) evasion is level+4. It is worth noting that 1 point of evasion does not translate to 1% chance of dodging.

Any evasion of at least 1 000 000 is considered infinite evasion. Creature with infinite evasion will evede any attack, including attack which othervise can't miss.

Evasion can be modified by:

  • Ring of evasion
  • Blessed buff
  • Hexed debuff
  • The Hero recieves a significant evasion penalty forwearing an armor which is too heavy

Armor[edit | edit source]

Also called blocking or damage reduction (referred to as DRroll in code). Reduces the amount of physical damage taken. The Hero has damage reduction determined by armor worn, which provides item lvl to (2 + item lvl) * tier damage reduction. Standard enemies have fixed armor, non standerd ones have it typically determined by the floor they spawn in.

Armor does not apply to:

  • Debuff damage
  • Magic damage
  • Blob damage
  • Hunger damage
  • Falling damage

Skeleton bone explosion is half as effective at penetrating armor as other attacks.

Additional armor can be provided by:

  • Barkskin buff
  • Herbal armor buff
  • Weapon blocking
  • Blocking buff

Hunger[edit | edit source]

All actions that spend time will also spend the hidden hunger, or satiation stat.

The Hero starts with, and has a maximum of 450 potions of satiation/hunger.

Different food items have different satiety restoring values:

  • Meat pie fully restores the hunger (all 450 points) and grants a well fed buff that adds bonus regeneration and prevents hunger from decreasing for 450 extra turns.
  • Pasty and its yearly event versions - candy cane and pumpkin pie all fully restore hunger.
  • Ration of food restores 300 points
  • Mystery, stewed and chargrilled meat, frozen carpaccio and small food ration restore 150 points each.

Usually all actions will take as much hunger as the amount of turns they lasted, such as waiting results in losing 1 point of satiation. One exception to this is searching, which takes 2 turns and 6 points of satiation.

The hunger is always present in the game, but it does not go down with the locked floor debuff which is activated during boss fights.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Strength is essential for game progression; it governs what kind (tier) of gear be used use without penalties. It only exists for the Hero and Sad Ghost, who, unlike the Hero can't equip too heavy gear at all. The Hero can increase his strength by drinking a potions of strength (2 of which can be found in each chapter) or elixir of might, permanently raising it by 1. Strength requirement can also be lowered directly on items by another progression item - scrolls of upgrade.

Attack Damage[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]

EXP are the units needed for the Hero to level up.

Level[edit | edit source]

Level is the Hero's current experience level. Hero starts the game on level 1. Levelling up increases maximum HP by 5 (also regenerating 5 HP instantly) and both evasion and accuracy by 1 point each.

Depth[edit | edit source]

Not an actual stat per se, but depth is used in a few instances to calculate other stats, for example those of non-standard enemies, such as the wraith, or depth-dependent sources of damage, like bombs. The depth value in this context is the number of the floor Hero is currently on.

Field of view[edit | edit source]

The amount of tiles that any entity can see in a straight line, or a radius of a circle. It can be lowered by dark depths, all depths in the Demon Halls chapter and the blindness debuff. Illuminated buff granted by torches can temporarily bring back the natural view range unless Hero is blinded.

Partial turn indicator[edit | edit source]

Status bar with partial turn indicator below hero silhouette

A new part of the user interface, the turn indicator is located under the Hero status icon (and in fact, occupies the same place as the busy icon which shows that an action is in progress). As the name implies, turn indicator tells the player how much time an action took if it was a fraction, rather than an integer.

Partial turn indicator, and thus all remaining fraction turns are rounded when descending or ascending a floor.

Attack delay[edit | edit source]

Attacking speed dictates how many attacks can be performed in one turn.

Speed[edit | edit source]

Walking speed - tells how many tiles can be traversed per turn.

If the speed is not an integer (calculating speed results in a fraction), then only the whole numbers of tiles can be spent, and the remainder will be kept to use in the future; for example, if the speed was set to 1.5, target would alternate between moving 1 tile per turn and 2 tiles each action cycle.

Speed bonuses[edit | edit source]

Speed penalties[edit | edit source]

  • Wearing armor with insufficient strength lowers Hero speed by ??? per point of strength missing
  • Slowness debuff multiplies time to perform every action by 2.
  • Crippled debuff halves your walking speed.
  • Chilled debuff slows down targets based on how many turns are remaining

Scaling[edit | edit source]

Scaling is used to describe how much better an item gets when upgraded, usually regarding weapons or armor. On its own it is a dimensionless quantity, but it can be easily assigned a unit via context, for example it usually means damage for weapons and defense for armors.

The notation for scaling is usually similar to +X/+Y, where X corresponds to the minimal value, and Y to maximum value; thus, upgrading always results in increasing the overall number range.

In Shattered PD generally weapon scaling is increased compared to vanilla, and is equal to +1/+(tier+1), up from +1/+tier.


The worn shortsword, a tier-1 starting weapon of the Warrior, has a scaling of +1/+2, and base damage (at base 0 level) of 1-10. This, in turn, means that when upgrading said sword once (to +1), the weapon will gain extra 1 min dmg and 2 max dmg. Therefore, the damage range becomes 2-12.

Special cases:[edit | edit source]

Some of the weapons have different scaling systems because of their secondary abilities.

  • Tier-1 studded gloves have a reduced scaling of +1/+1
  • Tier-2 spear has an increased scaling of +1/+4
  • Tier-3 sai have a reduced scaling of +1/+2
  • Tier-3 round shield has a reduced scaling of +1/+2, but also offers blocking, scaling at +0/+2
  • Tier-3 whip has a reduced scaling of +1/+3
  • Tier-4 flail has a greatly increased scaling of +1/+8
  • Tier-4 crossbow has a reduced scaling of +1/+4
  • Tier-4 runic blade has an increased scaling of +1/+6
  • Tier-5 glaive has an increased scaling of +1/+8
  • Tier-5 greatshield has a greatly reduced scaling of +1/+3, but also offers blocking, scaling at +0/+3
  • Tier-5 stone gauntlets have a greatly reduced scaling of +1/+3

Armor scaling is equal to +1/+tier and otherwise functions analogically to weapons.

Hidden stats[edit | edit source]

Stats which aren't mentioned, or cannot be closely examined in-game.

Experience cap[edit | edit source]

This hidden stat, known as maxLvl in code, tells at what point should each enemy stop rewarding exp.

Loot cap[edit | edit source]

This stat determines when enemies will stop dropping items, and is usually used when Hero level is much higher than the depth number.

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