Status effects are a general name for the various temporary or conditional effects that affect Hero, enemies and other entities, or even the dungeon itself. In many games, including Pixel Dungeon, the positive or beneficial effects are referred to as buffs, while the negative or harmful ones are called debuffs.

Duration or potency of most effects does not stack when re-applied. In most cases the game prefers to reset them to the effect's starting values, instead. When

Hidden status effects Edit

Unlike either buffs or debuffs, these effects do not have an icon or description and cannot be viewed in-game. They exist within code and functionally act as status effects. They're used as a way to control certain mechanics.

Awareness Edit

The effect obtained by drinking from a well of awareness that shows the location of items and containers on the current floor. It persists for a few turns, so it can be transferred to another floor.

Featherfall Edit

A hidden buff obtained after using a Featherfall spell. It allows the user to jump into a chasm and receive no damage or debuffs upon landing. The effect lasts for up to 20 turns and is immediately removed after jumping down a chasm.

Pin cushion Edit

Keeps track of how many and which types of thrown weapons are stuck to an enemy.

History Edit

Update Changes

v0.8.0 Edit

  • Bless now boosts stats by 25%, up from 20%.
  • Weaken now reduces damage by 33% instead of reducing strength by 2.
  • Hex, Degraded, and Vulnerable added.
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