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Type Summon (Allied)
Spawn Wand of Flock
Gives 0
Walk speed 0 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health wofLevel+3 to wofLevel+5 turns HP
Dodge 0
Accuracy 0
Armor Impenetrable, except for Disintegration beams
On Damage Remains Immobile

The Sheep is a Summon (Allied) NPC.

Description Edit

Sheep gif
This is a magic sheep. What's so magical about it? You can't kill it. It will stand there until it magcially fades away, all the while chewing cud with a blank stare.

Info Edit

Sheep can only be spawned with a Wand of Flock.

A wand will spawn wofLevel+2 sheep, with wofLevel being the effective level of the Wand of Flock (i.e. its face level, increased, or decreased, by worn Rings of Power).
The more the Hero/ine upgrades his/her wand (or the Ring of Power), the more sheep it will spawn.

Sheep will never move from their spawn tiles (except with a Wand of Reach).
They are indestructible & will serve as an obstacle, preventing enemies & magic from passing through (except a Disintegration blast).
Their duration is wofLevel+3 to wofLevel+5 turns (real number, not necessarily an integer)—see above about wofLevel.
After that number of turns, the sheep will simply fade away.


  • Sheep can be used to block attacks from ranged enemies (i.e. Gnoll shaman, Dwarf warlock, & Tengu) as the Hero/ine approaches them.
  • Sheep can also be used as a means of escaping. If you want to run from an enemy, you can simply block its way with sheep.
  • An enemy with the Amok Debuff (from the Wand of Amok) will constantly attack the sheep, giving you the chance to get free hits, or escape.
  • Carefully placed sheep can prevent Wraiths from spawning around tombstones.
  • Carefully placed sheep can cordon off Giant Piranha in a Flooded Vault.
  • Sheep serve a double purpose of protecting you & amplifying the Disintegration beam damage of the Wand of Disintegration.
  • Sheep can block the pedestal in the King of Dwarves' throneroom, preventing him from summoning any Undead Dwarves.


  • Sheep used to be able to be attacked by the Hero/ine, providing him/her with an endless source of:
    • health, replenishing his/her HP via Vampiric enchantment
    • a barrier, allowing the Hero/ine to attack enemies without being harmed, via Piercing enchantment.


Update Change
1.7.0 Added: Sheep has a new description and (4 different) "Baa's" when tapped.
1.9.2 Changed: They block line-of-sight and live longer.
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