Infobox sewers

Weapon info
Damage 2 to 6
Average 4
Strength 13
Accuracy 1
Delay 0.5
Debuff none
Quantity 5 to 15
Price 15

The Shuriken's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​weapons.​missile.​Shuriken".

Description Edit

Star-shaped pieces of metal with razor-sharp blades do significant damage when they hit a target. They can be thrown at very high rate.

Damage Edit

The weapon's damage is triangularly distributed between 2 and 6.
A Huntress will obtain an extra 0 to (heroStrength-requiredStrength) damage points per throw.

Obtaining Edit

The Shuriken is randomly generated at normal depths, or can be obtained as loot from a Skeleton, in quantities of 5 to 15.

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