Signposts are placed near the entrance of each depth of the dungeon.

Description Edit

You can't read the text from here.
Image Stage
Sign sewers Sewers
Sign prison Prison
Sign caves Caves
Sign city Dwarven City
Sign halls Demon Halls

Signposts change its image and tips as you descend deeper into the dungeon.

Use Edit

They often give tips.
They can also describe what is on the depth (at boss depths), or give advertisements for the Shop (at shop depths).

Signpost texts Edit

The number on the sides are the depths of each sign.

  1. Don't overestimate your strength,[sic] use weapons and armor you can handle.
  2. Not all doors in the dungeon are visible at first sight. If you are stuck, search for hidden doors.
  3. Remember,[sic] that raising your strength is not the only way to access better equipment. You can go the other way, lowering its strength requirement with Scrolls of Upgrade.
  4. You can spend your gold in shops on deeper levels of the dungeon. The first one is on the 6th level.
  5. Beware of Goo!
  6. Pixel-Mart - all you need for successful adventure!
  7. Identify your potions and scrolls as soon as possible. Don't put it off to the moment when you actually need them.
  8. Being hungry doesn't hurt, but starving does hurt.
  9. Surprise attack has a better chance to hit. For example, you can ambush your enemy behind a closed door when you know it is approaching.
  10. Don't let The Tengu out!
  11. Pixel-Mart. Spend money. Live longer.
  12. When you're attacked by several monsters at the same time, try to retreat behind a door.
  13. If you are burning, you can't put out the fire in the water while levitating.
  14. There is no sense in possessing more than one Ankh at the same time, because you will lose them upon resurrecting.
  15. DANGER! Heavy machinery can cause injury, loss of limbs or death!
  16. Pixel-Mart. A safer life in dungeon.
  17. When you upgrade an enchanted weapon, there is a chance to destroy that enchantment.
  18. Weapons and armors deteriorate faster than wands and rings, but there are more ways to fix them.
  19. The only way to obtain a Scroll of Wipe Out is to receive it as a gift from the dungeon spirits.
  20. No weapons allowed in the presence of His Majesty!
  21. Pixel-Mart. Special prices for demon hunters!
  22. As you try to read the sign[sic] it bursts into greenish flames.
  23. As you try to read the sign[sic] it bursts into greenish flames.
  24. As you try to read the sign[sic] it bursts into greenish flames.

Depths 25 and 26 don’t have signposts.

By hacking the save files and creating a key, it’s possible to reach depth 27, which contains the sign text:

  • What are you doing here?!

History Edit

Update Change
0.4 Added: The depth 21 signpost stated that, in the next major update of the game, the player will finally have a chance to seize the ultimate artifact of the game - the Amulet of Yendor.
0.4.5a? "..."
0.5.2 Changed: The depth 21 interim signpost's text has been updated to be a Shop advertisement.
1.7.2 Changed: Demon Halls stage signpost asset updated, from normal floor background, to hexagonal floor background
1.7.2a Changed:
  • Demon Halls stage signpost asset updated, from purple text to green text.
  • Demon Halls stage signpost interaction/text changed from "The text is written in demonic language", to an orange notification text at the bottom-left corner of the screen, saying "As you try to read the sign[sic] it bursts into greenish flames."
1.9.0 Changed: New tips for depth 18 & depth 19 signposts

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