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Sprouted Pixel Dungeon (Sprouted/SpPD) is a fork of Shattered Pixel Dungeon, version 0.2.4 . It was first created and released in April 7th, 2015, by a reddit user dachhack.The current version of Sprouted PD available by default to all players is 0.4.1 but there is also the beta version 0.4.2 available in Play Store, that contains only minor bug-fixes. It should be noted that many of Sprouted PD's current differences from Shattered PD are in fact mirroring features of Shattered PD back then, and if you are interested in details about Shattered PD's state in early 2015 you can visit this link.

The major focus of this mod is the farming and grinding system, using new methods to upgrade weapons and armor for boosted stats and effects. This mod also adds 3 new stages with 20 new depths, 2 new bosses and 1 new final boss, Zot. Sprouted is less about the race against diminishing resources, and more about pushing the limits of player power level.

Featuring greatly enlarged maps; challenging bosses and mini-bosses; new quests, enemies, items, and secrets; the revamped Dew Vial; with pixel art by PavelProvotorov.

Note: On January 26th, 2020, the developer made a post in reddit showcasing and asking for feedback on the new version "0.5 beta" of the game, which reworked how some key mechanics worked up to that moment and added quite a good amount of content. However, this beta has been claimed by users to be unstable. Users are encouraged to report any bugs directly to the developer.

This page does not contain any further information about the 0.5 beta yet.

Notable features[]

Book and Key Depths[]

Main article: Book and Key Depths

One of the big innovations of Sprouted PD is that it adds:

  • 4 Key depths that are useful in farming dew (essential for upgrading items in the beginning) and receiving unique rewards, if the hero kills at least 100 enemies on all of these depths, b) 3 depths with mini-bosses related to the aforementioned depths (+1 mini-boss Key depth without a dew farming depth before it), and c) three Book depths, which each contains a unique item, the SanChikarah part of this depth, with the three of them forged together giving access to the end-game of Sprouted, after they get forged to one teleportation item by the Troll Blacksmith.

Otiluke's Journal Depths[]

Main article: Otiluke's Journal

Another big innovation of Sprouted PD, is the addition of 8 (15) new depths, only accessible via the Otiluke's Journal.

  • Sokoban 1-4, which are puzzle levels with unique rewards
  • Dragon Cave
  • Safe Room
  • Vault
  • Dolyahaven, which is a hub to other depths: 6 Dolyahaven Mines floors, and 1 boss floor - the Stone Golem Otiluke floor.


Main article: Pets

Eggs can be found throughout the dungeon, and if the Hero takes care of it, it might just hatch into a pet! The pet will follow the Hero and help them fight their way through the dungeon. It can level up, be fed to regenerate health and given simple commands. You can only have one pet at a time, but if it dies, there are surely more eggs to be found...

Upgrade Your Way[]

In Sprouted, there are multiple ways for the Hero to upgrade their gear:

  • Dew Blessing - Upgrade weapons and armor up to +13/+14 and +16/+17 later in the game via dew farming using two special techniques of the Dew Vial, Water with Dew or Draw out Dew.
  • Reforging and Disenchanting - Transfer up to +16/+17 levels from the Warrior's Short Sword or Mage's Wand of Magic Missile, and apply those points to a different weapon or wand.
  • Upgrade Goo - The new Upgrade Eater plant allows the hero to convert spare items into Upgrade Goo that he/she can use to upgrade their gear.
  • Rare scrolls - The hero can get many extra scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion by solving Otiluke's Journal Sokoban puzzles, by finding them scattered throughout the dungeon if he/she has an upgraded Ring of Wealth equipped and mostly by defeating Wraiths. The last one is the most efficient way to farm upgrading scrolls.

These new and expanded methods allow the hero to take their gear to very high levels, and the game is balanced with the assumption that he/she will do just that; however, he/she is slightly restrained by the upgrade cap that is set in place for upgrading items with Scrolls of Upgrade that are not reinforced.

Upgrade Cap[]

Weapons and armor in Sprouted cannot be upgraded past +16/+17 with conventional means (specifically Scrolls of Upgrade and Upgrade Goo), unless they are first reinforced with different pieces of Adamantite, all of which are given as rewards for great feats. Scrolls of Magical Infusion upgrade weapons and armor past +16/+17, though they can't be used to upgrade wands, rings, and Tier-6 weapons.


Sprouted's classes remain mostly the same to the original PD, with the exception of the Rogue. The Huntress has two minor differences, and the Warrior and Warlock also have one minor difference each.

  • All classes at start with cloth armor, a ration of food and a key ring that holds different keys. All start with 20 points of HP, gain +5 HP with each level up, and apart from the Warrior all start with 10 points of Strength.
  • All classes can now restore health by eating
  • Each class also receives a Tome of Mastery the first time they defeat Tengu, and has it also as a starting item in all of their subsequent runs.
  • There is no Hero level cap in Sprouted, but generally Heroes can be expected to be over level 80 when facing Zot.



Similarly to the original game, the Warrior starts with 11 points of strength.

He is less proficient with missile weapons. Any piece of food restores more health to the Warrior compared to the other classes. Identifies potions of strength from the beginning.

  • Starting gear:
    • A special short sword, that can be later reforged to upgrade another melee weapon
    • 8 darts
  • His subclasses are:
    1. Gladiator, who can start a combo by attacking with a melee weapon. Every next successful hit after the third one inflicts more damage, with the damage multiplier increasing by 20% each time. Gladiator benefits the most from the quickest weapon of Sprouted, the Spork, and the most useful rings specifically for him are the rings of Accuracy and Furor.
    2. Berserker, who enters a state of fury when severely wounded (below 40% max HP). This effect increases his damage output by multiplying the damage dealt by 1.5, rounded down. The most useful ring for the Berserker is the ring of Tenacity.



He recharges wands faster, with the speed increasing along with the wand's level. Any piece of food restores instantly 1 charge for all wands in the inventory when eaten. He can also use wands as a melee weapons. Identifies scrolls of identify from the beginning.

  • Starting gear:
    • An unique Wand of Magic Missile, that can be later disenchanted to upgrade another wand
    • Knuckleduster as a melee weapon.
  • His subclasses are:
    1. Battlemage, who inflicts additional damage when fighting with a wand in his hands. Damage scales up depending on the current number of charges. Every successful hit restores 1 charge to the equipped wand
    2. Warlock, who consumes souls of defeated enemies, healing for (1 + (depth - 1) / 5) and satisfying his hunger. Since enemies always give XP in Sprouted, the Warlock is more powerful than originally, practically never requiring additional food.

Both Mage subclasses benefit from a Ring of Magic and the glyph of Bounce, as it offers them distance from enemies for more wand attacks.



Rogue can still instantly identify the ring type upon equipping it. He is proficient in detecting hidden doors and traps, can equip missile weapons as melee, and goes without food longer. He gets an evasion bonus when wearing light armor. Identifies scrolls of magic mapping from the beginning.

This is a class with some major differences from original PD:

  • The dungeon generates more bombs for the Rogue
  • After level 5 he can start crafting bombs unique to his class. He can craft more different types as he levels up.
  • Starting gear:
    • A one-of-a-kind artifact - the Cloak of Shadows, replacing a ring of Shadows. It does not give a passive stealth bonus, but can be activated to become invisible as long as it has charges.
    • A dagger
    • 10 darts and a bomb
  • His subclasses are:
    1. Freeruner, who moves faster than most enemies when unencumbered and not starving. His speed multiplier is 1.6, even higher when invisible. Additionaly, his evasion ability is doubled.
    2. Assassin, who inflicts additional damage to his target, when performing a surprise attack. Damage bonus ranges from +1 up to +50%.

Both Rogue subclasses benefit from a ring of Evasion (its evasion bonus stacks with the Freerunner's buff, and its stealh bonus offers more surprise attacks to the Assassin), and the ring of Haste. The Assassin benefits the most from the Chilling and Stunning enchantments, as they offer him bonus surprise attacks to frozen/stunned enemies, without having to use his Cloak of Shadows.



  • The Huntress class is first unlocked after DM-300 is defeated.
  • She now starts with 20 HP, like all the other classes.
  • Starting gear:
    • Unique missile weapon - the boomerang
    • A dagger as a melee weapon.

She is proficient with missile weapons and can equip them as melee weapons, getting a damage bonus for excessive strength when using them. She has a chance to recover a used missile weapon from enemies. She is the only class that can find Norn Stones to craft the Tier-6 missile weapon Horrifying Jupiter's Wrath. She gains +1 more HP from dewdrops and senses neighbouring enemies, even if they are hidden behind obstacles. Identifies potions of mind vision from the beginning.

Although it is not mentioned in her game description, she seems to have a better chance of getting dewdrops from grass in comparison to all the other classes.

  • Her subclasses are:
    1. Sniper, who ignores enemy armor and gains bonus accuracy when using a missile weapon. Additionally, a unique buff gained after a successful ranged attack - the sniper's mark - will make her next attack have double speed.
    2. Warden, who will get barkskin when stepping on high grass. This buff boosts her defense, absorbing up to 1/3 of her max HP's worth of damage. She also gains more seeds and dewdrops from stepping on plants.

Both Huntress subclasses benefit from a ring of Sharpshooting. The Sniper benefits the most from the glyph of Bounce, as it offers her distance from enemies for more ranged attacks.


Armors of tiers 1-5 are very similar with those in original PD in their mechanics. Armors are also identified after the hero is successfully hit 10 times, while wearing the armor. The defense of all tiers of armor is calculated by the formula: [tier * (upgrade level + 2)], so it is +1 per level for Tier-1, +2 for Tier-2 etc. up to +6 for Tier-6, with two important differences being: a) that because of the dew upgrading they can all easily get to max level (+13 for all other classes/+14 for the Mage, +16/+17 after the hero defeats Shadow Yog), and if they are reinforced with adamantite, they can reach very high levels, or even without Adamantie, by applying Scrolls of Magical Infusion to them, and b) that the Epic Armor (Tier-6) can get upgraded in Sprouted, and more so has the highest upgrade scaling among all armors, +6 defense per upgrade. Like original PD, with each upgrade all armors lower their strength requirement by 1 point. Unlike weapons, armors cannot get transmuted.

Epic Armor[]

After defeating the Dwarf King and his Tomb on depth 20, the hero will get an Armor Kit that when applied to an armor, a) it will transform it to a class-specific Epic Armor, b) it will reset its level to 0, but c) it will keep its stats, and also its current enchantment if it has one. The Armor Kit always produces an identified armor that displays its defense, even when it is applied on an unidentified armor. All types of epic armor will increase their defense by 6 with each upgrade, but starting from the defense that the armor already had, so it is highly recommended for the hero to wait for the armor-soon-to-become-epic to reach the max level with Dew +13/+14 and then apply the Armor Kit to it and re-upgrade it with Dew. The hero will most probably have already obtained a plate armor at that point, and he/she will be upgrading that to max level, but if not, it would be better to visit the Thief King's Lair and and fall into this depth's basement, until he/she finds a plate armor lying on the floor (armors spawn as loot very often there, even without a Ring of Wealth equipped), upgrade that armor to max level and then apply the Armor Kit to it. It is apparently better to start upgrading an Epic Armor with 75 points of defense already, that was previously a +15 plate armor, than one with 60 points of defense, that was previously a +15 scale armor, or one with with 45 points of defense, that was previously a +15 mail armor.

Lastly, each class-specific armor grants a unique class special ability that demands 33% of the hero's max HP for each use, and those abilities that deal direct damage or apply debuffs also harm pets, when they are in the hero's line of sight or in the area of effect of the armor. Specifically the Spectral Blades special ability of the Huntress can't be used when no enemies are in her line of sight, but all the rest special abilities can be used regardless of enemies being present or not.

Warrior Suit of Armor[]

Warrior armor.png
Warrior Suit of Armor
While this armor looks heavy, it allows a warrior to perform heroic leap towards a targeted location, slamming down to stun all neighbouring enemies.

"Heroic leap" is the special ability for the Warrior class. Its teleporting function is very similar to the effect of the Wand of Blink but can be directed to anywhere in the hero's line of sight without any other distance limit, and like the Wand of Blink it cannot be used to bypass enemies in the way. It can be used even when there are no enemies in the hero's line of sight. This ability can't be used in the Sokoban puzzles 1, 2, 3, 4 but it can be used in all the rest of the Otiluke's Journal depths without a problem. Upon landing, it Stuns all characters (either pet or enemies) for 2 turns in a 1-tile radius around the destination tile.

Mage Robe[]

Mage armor.png
Mage Robe
Wearing this gorgeous robe, a mage can cast a spell of molten earth: all the enemies in his field of view will be set on fire and unable to move at the same time.

"Molten Earth" is the special ability for the Mage class. It will Root all enemies in the hero's line of sight, making them unable to move, and will also set them on Fire. It can be used even when no enemy is in the hero's line of sight, but apparently is wasted this way. Drinking a Potion of Mind Vision will give maximum results to this ability, but also the Mage should better not use it on depths a) that contain big amounts of passive enemies in an open area, like the Stone Golem Otiluke depth, as the y will all become active and attack the hero, or b) against boss enemies that spawn strong minions with each turn of damage received like Zot, as the damage dealt to boss enemies by this ability is very low, but lasts for many turns, so the result will be: little damage dealt and many minions generated.

Rogue Garb[]

Rogue armor.png
Rogue Garb
Wearing this dark garb, a rogue can perform a trick, that is called "smoke bomb" (though no real explosives are used): he blinds enemies who could see him and jumps aside.

"Smoke Bomb" is the special ability for the Rogue class. Its teleporting function is also very similar to the effect of the Wand of Blink and can be directed to anywhere in the hero's line of sight without any other distance limit, but unlike the Warrior's special ability and the Wand of Blink, it can be used to bypass enemies in the way. It can be used even when there are no enemies in the hero's line of sight. This ability can't be used in the Sokoban puzzles 1, 2, 3, 4 but it can be used in all the rest of the Otiluke's Journal depths without a problem. Upon landing, it Blinds all enemies in sight for 2 turns.

Huntress' Cloak[]

Huntress armor.png
Huntress Cloak
A huntress in such cloak can create a fan of spectral blades. Each of these blades will target a single enemy in the huntress's field of view, inflicting damage depending on her currently equipped melee weapon.

"Spectral Blades" is the special ability for the Huntress class. It will deal Damage to All Enemies in the hero's line of sight, based on the damage dealt by the hero's equipped weapon and will also apply the relevant Debuff if the weapon is enchanted. It can't be used when no enemy is in the hero's line of sight. Drinking a Potion of Mind Vision will give maximum results to this ability, and when the equipped weapon has the Vampiric enchantment and is highly upgraded, it can even clear a Dolyahaven Mines depth within a few turns and the Stone Golem Otiluke depth after a little while without any use of Healing potions, as the Vampiric effect replenishes the hero's lost HP, the Spectral Blades can get instantly reused, the Vampiric effect replenishes again the hero's lost HP etc.


The armor Glyphs / Enchantment of Sprouted PD are almost the same with those of original PD (visit links below for details, keeping in mind the differences mentioned just after) with four important differences, that are all beneficial to the hero:

  • The glyph of Anti-entropy does not set the hero on fire but only freezes enemies.
  • The glyph of Metabolism still worsens the hero's hunger in exchange for healing, but as food is more than plenty in Sprouted, this is not really a drawback, just an annoyance because the hero has to stop and eat more often. This glyph can be very useful on depths with many enemies attacking the hero, especially on the two final boss' depths.
  • The glyph of Stench also grants the Immune to Gases buff, so the Toxic Gas released by it is not harmful to the hero. Have in mind that the Immune to Gases buff even protects from the Vertigo effect of the Kupua gas but not of its Bleeding and Crippled effects.
  • The glyph of Tempered is removed as there is no degradation in Sprouted PD.

Have also in mind that the glyph of Potential, unlike Shattered PD and other mods, is the same with original PD and does not recharge wands. Therefore, with the removal of the Tempered enchantment, there are 10 available armor Glyphs / Enchantments in Sprouted that are applied to armor either by Arcane Styli or by Scrolls of Magical Infusion:

  • Affection (most beneficial on depths with open spaces and many enemies that attack simultaneously in melee range)
  • Anti-entropy (most beneficial on depths with open spaces and many enemies that attack simultaneously in melee range)
  • Bounce (most beneficial for ranged classes like Huntresses and Mages)
  • Displacement
  • Entanglement
  • Metabolism
  • Multiplicity
  • Potential
  • Stench
  • Viscosity (most beneficial on depths with many enemies that attack simultaneously, and especially on the two final boss' depths)

Like original PD, the more upgraded an armor is, the higher the chances to get its enchantment activated will be (follow the links for details, as each glyph has a different chance and scaling).

Book and Key Depths[]

Main article: Book and Key Depths

As mentioned before, these are another big innovation of Sprouted. The four Key depths (Ancient Sewers, Ancient Prison, Ancient Caves, Ancient City) are useful in farming dew but also provide teleportation items to mini-boss depths where adamantite itms are droppes and also these four key depths provide unique rewards, if the hero kills at least 100 enemies on these depths (Ancient Sewers - 30 Forest Darts, Safe Room journal page, Ancient Prison - 20 Holy Hand Grenades, Inscribed Bone, Ancient Caves - 10 of each type of common berries, potentially a unique Full Moon Berry, Conch Shell, Ancient City - Ancient Coin, potentially a unique Golden Dungeon Nut). As mentioned just before, If the hero kills 100 enemies in all of the Key depths and does that leaving the Ancient City depth last, he/she will also receive a unique Golden Dungeon Nut reward, which will boost their Strength and max HP. There are also 4 mini-boss depths with 3 of them being related to the previously mentioned Key depths, which are accessible by using the portal items dropped on the relevant Key depths (Ancient Prison - Inscribed Bone > Skeleton King, Ancient Caves - Conch Shell > Crab King, Ancient City - Ancient Coin > Thief King, there is also the Tengu's Hideout depth but is portal item is dropped by Tengu on depth 10), who drop various adamantite items that will be essential to the hero, if he/she will decide to reinforce a weapon, armor or ring.

The three Book depths contain each a SanChikarah part, which are essential for the hero to gain access to the end-game of Sprouted, Dolyahaven: after he/she gets them forged together by the Troll Blacksmith Bop to one Sanchikarah portal, he/she he will be able to teleport to to the Shadow Yog depth, from where he/she will obtain as a drop the Dolyahaven page for the Otiluke's Journal. In addition, each Book depth provides a big amount of a different type of rare items as loot: the Book of Living Honeypots and Ankhs, the Book of Death Scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion dropped bu the many Wraiths of the depth, and the Book of Heavens Phase Pitchers.


Cursed items behave similarly as those in original PD, with two important differences in Sprouted: a) scrolls of Remove Curse and Upgrade and also blessings with Water with Dew not only remove curses from all items or upgrade one item/random items in the inventory, but also reverse the negative stats of cursed items (so for example a -2 cursed armor will become instantly a +2 uncursed armor with a Scroll of Remove Curse, and a +3 with a Scroll of Upgrade or a dew blessing with Water with Dew), and b) curses can be removed from items also by dew blessings (Water with Dew blessing removes curses from all items in the inventory and also reverses its negative stats, while Draw Out Dew blessing removes a curse from a specific item that is upgradeable with dew, doesn't reverse its negative stats but only decreases its negative level by adding +1 and can't uncurse specifically artifacts). Loot in the dungeon can be found cursed, Skeletons (but never Animated Statues) have a chance to drop a cursed weapon, and skeletal remains that have spawned a Red Wraith will always contain at least one cursed item. There are no cursing traps in Sprouted and a cursed item in Sprouted will never have negative stats lower than -2. The Imp's quest reward is always cursed but also upgraded to +3/+4. Lastly, only cursed items can have negative levels, with the sole exception of weapons and armors from the Rat King's chests on depth 5, which can have negative levels without being cursed (scrolls and dew blessings with Water with Dew won't reverse the stats of these in particular).

Depths Terrain[]

The regular dungeon of Sprouted features the same types of terrain (chasm, flooded, none, vegetation) and depth feeling messages as the original PD. All the new depths added feature a fixed terrain type: for example the Book of the Heavens is always of the chasm type, the Ancient Caves are always flooded, and the Dolyahaven Mines are always of the "none" type.


Main article: Sprouted PD Enemies

Although Sprouted's enemies are basically the same, at least in their names and sprites, with those spawning in the Original and Shattered PD in the dungeon depths that are shared between the three of them, many new enemies appear in the depths and stages that were added to Sprouted and are exclusive to this mod (that is, most of the Book, Key, Dolyahaven Mines, Shadow Yog, and Zot depths' enemies). Some enemies are also added to the regular dungeon: Brown Bat, Grey Rat, Poison Goo (Sewers), Fosil Skeleton, Shinobi (Prison), Broken Robot, Robot Printer (Caves), Dwarf Lich, Dwarf King's Tomb (Dwarven City), Demon Goo (Demon Halls).

Some more differences are that In Sprouted there is not an XP level cap related with enemies, and enemies will continue to drop loot and XP until the hero reaches very high levels (this is one of the new features of Sprouted that enhances its grinding character). The strength of most enemies on regular depths is adjusted upward according to the depth. Thus players will find that unlike other versions of PD, a depth 4 Marsupial Rat is more daunting than a depth 1 Marsupial Rat, and an Animated Statue on depth 62 is immensely more powerful than an Animated Staute on depth 1.

Regular Enemies[]

Some appear in more than one stage of the dungeon (for example a Shinobi can appear in both Prison and Caves stages), and all stages' enemies have a small chance to appear in the last depth of the previous stage (for example a Crazy Thief on depth 4 of Sewers), but they are listed here in the stage they are first commonly encountered.




Dwarven City / Metropolis[]

Demon Halls[]

Other Standard Enemies[]

(They can appear on all dungeon depths from 1 to 24, apart from 5, 10, 15, and 20.)

Book and Sokoban Puzzle depths enemies[]

Key depths enemies[]

Stage Bosses[]

Mini-Bosses and Key Depth Bosses[]

Dolyahaven Mines enemies[]

Powerful Bosses and Final Bosses[]

Food and Hunger[]

Main article: Sprouted PD Food

Unlike original PD and most of its direct mods, food is relatively plentiful in Sprouted PD ever from early depths, and becomes more than plenty in later depths, which is helpful for exploring the larger depths and for grinding (precisely, this abundance of food makes all the grinding of Sprouted possible). The hero will never be at serious risk of starving to death.


The basic Hunger mechanic is mostly similar to that in original PD, however it takes approximately twice as long to reach the point of starvation in Sprouted. When fully sated, the hunger counter is at zero. When the hunger counter reaches 600, the Hero enters the Hungry state, which has no negative effect but it is a warning sign that the next state of hunger is close. When it reaches 700, he/she enters the Starving state, and will periodically lose a point of HP (the hunger counter might reach 704 in some cases, but never more than that). Starving also makes the Freerunner lose his speed and evasion buff.


Eating all types food lowers the hunger counter by some set amount, but some food items are more satisfying than others. Visit the link above for detailed information on each type. There are also some groups of food items like berries, cooked blandfruits, mushrooms and nuts, that have some nutritional value, but are eaten mostly for the effects that they cause. Unlike original PD, all classes heal by eating, the Warrior just heals more in comparison.


Main article: Sprouted PD Produce

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon comes with a big variety of plants, seeds, nuts, and berries, which all of them can come from vegetation. They can be put to multiple uses, from simple nourishment to powerful alchemy.

Plants and Seeds[]

Those that also exist in original PD are fairly similar, and are based on the ones that existed in version 0.2.4 of Shattered PD (which has changed a lot since then), but there are some important differences with original PD, with the additions of Blandfruit, Dewcatcher, Phase Pitcher, Upgrade Eater seeds and their associated plants and potions, and also with the addition of Blandfruit recipes, that create cooked Blandfruits that are edible, but their most important attribute is that they create various beneficial effects for the hero. Visit the links above and below for details.

Nuts and Berries[]

Nuts and Berries are unique additions to Sprouted PD, and do not exist in the Original or in Shattered PD. They have all manners of use, which are all beneficial to the hero (visit the links for details). There is also a unique in each run Golden Dungeon Nut that raises strength and max health by either +2/+20 or +5/+50 respectively when eaten and is granted as a reward if the hero slays 100 enemies on each of the Key depths, and also does this by completing the Ancient City key depth last.


Another unique feature of Sprouted, which does not exist either in original PD or Shattered PD, mushrooms have the interesting attribute that they all generate a combination of beneficial and harmful effects to the hero and enemies (some of them harmful to the hero and beneficial to enemies), so they should be better consumed always with caution. Visit the link above on details about them.


Main article: Sprouted PD Items

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon features several unique items, as well as new uses or features for existing ones.


Main article: Sprouted PD Artifacts

Most Artifacts in Sprouted are somewhat similar to their counterparts in Shattered PD, as they were added to Shattered before the creation of Sprouted and Sprouted "inherited" them, but none is identical, and also the Alchemist's Toolkit is rather different, with just being related with alchemy too. There are no Ethereal Chains, but there are two new artifacts added, the Rings of Disintegration and Frost.


Main article: Containers

The Key Ring, the Scroll Holder, and the Wand Holster are basically the same with those in original PD, with a minor difference that the Scroll Holder can contain also bombs and various extra items that were added to Sprouted and are not scrolls (visit the link above for details). The Seed Pouch is also almost the same, but it is not purchased in shops and is found always on depth 1 instead, and can contain also the nuts and berries that were added to Sprouted, which are not seeds. The Chain and Potion Bandolier are Sprouted's additions to the container items, and do not exist in the original PD (the bandolier exists also in most mods, but the chain is unique to Sprouted and its mods).

Dew Vial[]

Main article: Dew Vial

The Dew Vial is the key to a successful Sprouted run. With multiple uses, and the option for players to choose from one of two distinct methods of filling and utilizing the tool (Draw Out Dew and Water With Dew), this revamped item is one that no adventurer should pass up. Its functions are:

Already available from the start (100 drops max capacity)

  • Drink: Heals the hero, potentially to max HP if there is enough dew in it.
  • Sip: Minor healing
  • Splash: Grants Haste (a movement and attack speed buff) and Invisibility to the hero.

After its first upgrade on depth 2 by the first Tinkerer (still 100 drops max capacity)

  • Bless: depending on the manner of blessing and of generating dew that the hero chooses, it either upgrades and uncurses a specific item in the inventory (Draw out Dew), or uncurses the whole inventory and upgrades random items (Water with Dew). Technically, uncursing with blessing (but not upgrading) is available also from the start, but until the hero meets the first Tinkerer, he/she will have no other ways to fill quickly their Dew Vial up to 100 drops, apart from finding Wells of Health and/or seeds of Dewcatcher, so practically blessing gets available only afterwards.

After its final upgrade on the Book of the Living depth by the third Tinkerer (max capacity increased to 300 drops)

  • Heroes who had chosen "Draw out Dew" can also "Water with Dew" (but not vice versa)
  • Splash also grants Levitation to all heroes.

See main article for full details.

Otiluke's Journal[]

Main article: Otiluke's Journal

Another important addition of Sprouted PD, the Journal is an item that is obtained from the depth 6 shop for 3000 gold and makes accessible 8 different depths, with one of them including the entrance to 6 additional game depths and 1 boss depth: 5 puzzle depths with unique and rare rewards (Sokoban 1, 2, 3, 4 and Dragon Cave), 1 "warehouse" depth that is useful for storing items (Safe Room), 1 depth filled with loot (Vault), and the most significant part of the end-game (Dolyahaven: 1 surface depth, 6 Mines depths, and the Stone Golem Otiluke boss depth). These stages and depths become accessible gradually as specific journal pages get dropped as loot on different stage boss depths (Goo, Tengu, DM-300, Dwarf King, Shadow Yog drop the Sokoban puzzles and Dolyahaven pages), key depths (Gnoll Archers on the Ancient Sewers key depth drop the Safe Room page), or from bookcases when they are burnt with the Spectacles equipped (Dragon Cave, Vault).



All the NPCs of original PD exist also in Sprouted, with some changes made to the Ambitious Imp, the Blacksmith, the Old Wandmaker, the Rat King and the Sad Ghost, and with the new NPC Tinkerer added. Shopkeepers are allmost exactly the same with those in original PD, apart from the fact that apparently they don't sell the items removed from Sprouted (like the overpriced food ration) and that they also sell some of the items added to Sprouted (artifacts, the new potions etc.). There also two shopkeepers on the Dolyahaven Village surface, along with two villagers that offer their advice to the hero. As there is no scroll of Wipe Out in Sprouted, they can never get killed, but only vanish along with their merchandise, if they are attacked or threatened. Both Dolyahaven shopkeepers are more tolerant to theft and the first two times the hero unsuccessfully tries to steal from them they will not vanish, but only their merchandise will disappear. However in the third failed hero's attempt, they will also vanish and never return.

Ambitious Imp[]

Demon gif.gif
Ambitious Imp
Imps are lesser demons. They are notable for neither their strength nor their magic talent, but they are quite smart and sociable. Many imps prefer to live among non-demons.

The Ambitious Imp of Sprouted is almost exactly the same with the Ambitious Imp of original PD: it appears in a random room on depths 17, 18 or 19, it is annoyed by Dwarf Monks or Golems, the hero must gather 6 or 8 tokens that they drop after they die to complete its quest and for it to open its shop on depth 21. This is much more important in Sprouted though, as the Imp always sells the Book items, which are essential for the hero to proceed to the next stages and complete the game fully, after he/she defeats Yog-Dzewa. Upon the quest's completion the Imp also always gives a random cursed and identified ring, that has a 50% chance to be of +3 level, and another 50% chance to be of +4 level, like in original PD. Follow this link for more details.

Old Wandmaker[]

Wandmaker gif.gif
Old Wandmaker
This old but hale gentleman wears a slightly confused expression. He is protected by a magic shield.

The Old Wandmaker NPC is similar to the NPC in the original PD. Apart from never giving a Phantom Fish quest and always appearing on depth 7, his main difference is that he also drops the Adamantite Wand on the depth's floor when he teleports away after his quest is completed as a bonus quest reward. Mages always receive an Adamantite Wand as a bonus quest reward from the Old Wandmaker, but all the other classes have access to this bonus reward only if they manage to avoid killing any enemy in the Prison stage until they complete the Wandmaker's quest. Follow this link for more details.

Rat King[]

Rat king gif.gif
Rat King
This rat is a little bigger than a regular marsupial rat and it's wearing a tiny crown on its head.

His chests on depth 5 contain the same loot like they do in the original PD and his behavior is identical with that of his version in original PD, until the hero reaches depth 11. After the hero reaches depth 11 (returning before depth 11 will have no effect), if he/she returns to depth 5 and interacts with the Rat King, he will say: "I am not sleping! Please don't take my treasures!", and if the chests are untouched, when the hero interacts with him again he will say: "Thank you for not stealing my treasures! You can have my Spork if you can kill the Shadow Bandit who took it from me." The King's second answer activates the Spork quest. Warning: if you decide to loot the chests after talking to the Rat King to get the quest, do not talk to it again, because doing so will permanently deactivate the quest. The Spork is an extremely useful weapon for all classes but especially for the Gladiator, as it has an attack speed of 4 hits per turn, is more accurate, is already reinforced and deals from 100% to 400% damage against the Dolyahaven Mines and Zot depth enemies, who are not in general resistant to its damage (follow this link for details about it). Another difference of Sprouted is that the Rat King is also located inside a hidden room on the Tengu's Hideout depth, the chests of which can contain much better loot than those of depth 5, and opening them has no negative consequences for the hero (opening those of depth 5 will make him/her unable to have the Spork quest offered).

Sad Ghost[]

Two of the quests that the Sad Ghost gives are different from those in original PD but are very similar with those in Shattered PD, with the exception of the stats of the relevant mini-bosses (Fetid Rat, Gnoll Trickster, Great Crab) that have to get killed for the quest to be completed, which are different in their details from those of Shattered PD.

Sad ghost gif.gif
Sad Ghost
The ghost is barely visible. It looks like a shapeless spot of faint light with a sorrowful face.

-Hello [Name of the hero's class]... Once I was like you - strong and confident... Depth 2) But I was slain by a foul beast... I can't leave this place... Not until I have my revenge... Slay the Fetid Rat, that has taken my life.. It stalks this floor... Spreading filth everywhere... Beware its cloud of stink and corrosive bite, the acid dissolves in water...

Depth 3) But I was slain by a devious foe... I can't leave this place... Not until I have my revenge... Slay the Gnoll Trickster, that has taken my life... It is not like the other gnolls... It hides and uses thrown weapons... Beware its poisonous and incendiary darts, don't attack from a distance...

Depth 4) But I was slain by an ancient creature... I can't leave this place... Not until I have my revenge... Slay the Great Grab, that has taken my life... It is unnaturally old... With a massive single claw and a thick shell... Beware its claw, you must surprise the Crab or it will block with it...

Upon completion: Thank you, that [horrid Rat/scheming Gnoll /giant Crab] is slain and I can finally rest. I wonder what twisted magic [created such a foul creature / made it so smart / allowed it to live so long]... Please take one of these items, they are useless to me now... Maybe they will help you in your journey... Also... There is an item lost in this dungeon, which is very dear to me... If you ever... find... my rose...

Options: Ghost's Weapon / Ghost's Armor

Fetid rat
Something is clearly wrong with this rat. Its greasy black fur and rotting skin are very different from the healthy rats you've seen previously. It's blood red eyes make it seem especially menacing. The rat carries a cloud of horrible stench with it, it's overpoweringly strong up close. Dark ooze dribbles from the rat's mouth, it eats through the floor but seems to dissolve in water.

Main article: Fetid Rat

Gnoll Trickster
A strange looking creature, even by gnoll standards. It hunches forward with a wicked grin, almost cradling the satchel hanging over its shoulder. Its eyes are wide with a strange mix of fear and excitement. There is a large collection of poorly made darts in its satchel, they all seem to be tipped with various harmful substances.

Main article: Gnoll Trickster

Great crab
This crab is gigantic, even compared to other sewer crabs. Its blue shell is covered in cracks and barnacles, showing great age. It lumbers around slowly, barely keeping balance with its massive claw. While the crab only has one claw, its size easily compensates. The crab holds the claw infront of itself whenever it sees a threat, shielding itself behind an impenetrable wall of carapace.

Main article: Great Crab

Like in original PD, after its quest is completed the Sad Ghost will ask the hero to choose between a melee weapon or armor as their quest reward. Both weapon and armor rewards might belong to any tier from 1 to 5, and also have different chances to get levels from 0 to +3 (approximately 0: 40%, +1: 35%, +2: 15.5%, +3: 8.5%). Completing the Sad Ghost quest is also a prerequisite for the Dried Rose artifact to become equippable by the hero.

Note: A rare bug has been reported about the Sad Ghost, which in a few cases does not spawn at all. Players should have in mind that the Sad Ghost might seem not to spawn, because it is "trapped" inside a hidden room or area, which the hero hasn't discovered yet (the same can also happen with the quest mini-bosses). In the case of it being "trapped" in a hidden area, players can solve this by drinking a potion of Mind Vision next to a ladder, for the hero to sense all characters in two depths by changing depth immediately (the ghost can spawn only on depths 2, 3, 4, so two potions are needed to check all possibilities). Nevertheless, in a very few cases even with a potion of Mind Vision the ghost will not be found anywhere in the sewers.


SproutedPD tinkerer.png
J. Mertens, dungeon explorer extraordinaire. Delver of dungeon and magical tinkerer. He is protected by a magical shield.

The Tinkerer is an addition of Sprouted to the game's NPCs. The hero meets him three times in the dungeon, on depths 2, 12 and 32 and he is always looking for a Toadstool Mushroom.

SproutedPD toadstool2.png
Toadstool Mushroom
A Toadstool mushroom! Growing here in this dank dungeon! Who would have imagined such a thing!

When the hero gives him the Toadstool Mushroom and completes his quest on depth 2 he/she will be offered a choice between two different methods of filling the Dew Vial and uncursing/upgrading items for the rest of the game: "Draw out Dew" or "Water with Dew", and on depth 32 he/she will have their Dew Vial upgraded (both rewards have already been described in short in the previous Dew Vial section).

When the hero gives him the Toadstool Mushroom and completes his quest on depth 16, the Tinkerer will offer either a grey Mr. Destructo as reward if the hero doesn't carry one already in their inventory, or a more powerful red Mr. Destructo 2.0 and a bonus grey Mr. Destructo as rewards, if the hero carries already one already in their inventory. Both items are turrets that zap enemies with disintegration beams for a limited amount of time and need to get recharged afterwards (follow the link for more details about them).

Troll Blacksmiths[]

Blacksmith gif.gif
Troll Blacksmith named Bop/Bip
This troll blacksmith looks like all trolls look: he is tall and lean, and his skin resembles stone in both color and texture. The troll blacksmith is tinkering with unproportionally small tools.

There are two Troll Blacksmiths in Sprouted PD, the one of them, Bop, with a very similar duty to that of the Original's Blacksmith (read the "Troll Blacksmith Reforging" section below for details) and the other, Bip, with the new duty of reinforcing a weapon, armor, ring or wand with Adamantite (read the "Upgrade Cap, Adamantite and Troll Blacksmith Reinforcing" section below for details).

Pets and Allies[]


Main article: Pets

As in many other RPGs and roguelikes, the hero in Sprouted PD can also have a pet along with him/her to help him/her against the various dungeon enemies. Apart from the Steel Bee, all the other pets are released from eggs, that can be influenced in different ways in order to release a specific pet (visit the link above for details). There are 12 different pets available in Sprouted: Blue Dragon, Bunny (only released from a specific egg), Fairy, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Spider, Scorpion, Shadow Dragon (only released from a unique egg), Steel Bee, Sugarplum Fairy, Velocirooster and Violet Dragon, with all dragons being strong pets and the Bunny and Shadow Dragon being the stronger and rarer among all pets (the Sugarplum Fairy is also very rare and has a very strong ranged attack but is much frailer in comparison to the Bunny and all dragons).


Mirror Images are the same with original PD, but the Golden Bee is not always an ally, because it will attack indiscriminately any character that it is closer to the tile it spawns, including the hero. The hero in Sprouted PD has two more allies to assist him/her though. The just previously mentioned pets are the most common permanent allies of the hero, but if he/she finds the Dried Rose artifact, he/she willl be able to summon a Sad Ghost that will be fighting along their side.

Pit Rooms[]

Sectioned off pits that contain piles of bones and empty wells. A small sign has writing scrawled on the wood; maybe it points to the way out... The only entrance to pit rooms is via the collapsed floor rooms from the depth above. Falling is always dangerous for the hero, as it makes him/her lose from 1/3 up to half of their max HP (so it can even be fatal, if the hero has less than half of their max HP before falling) and make him/her also get crippled.

The skeletal remains in the pit room always contain a Scroll of Teleportation, a Seed of Fadeleaf, and an Ankh. Other items like weapons, armors, rings, scrolls, potions, food, gold, and artifacts can be also found in the pile. A Red Wraith may spawn from the skeletal remains. If the hero doesn't have a battle wand or access to Invisibility in one form or another (to become invisible, wait for the Red Wraith to move away from the bones tile, pick up all the items and teleport away), he/she should better leave the Pit Room for later, as Red Wraiths have very high evasion against all weapon attacks and can even dodge surprise attacks of the invisible hero (they always get hit by battle wands though). Heroes with a highy upgraded Ring of Accuracy or a Spork can hit Wraiths in melee range though. An alternative for heroes without a battle wand or access to invisibility, ring of accuracy etc. is to stand on the tile of the remains before searching them, as it will instantly destroy any Red Wraith that would possibly spawn. This method will cost half of the hero's max HP though, and considering the fact that he/she will have just lost 1/3 to 1/2 of their max HP, it should not be attempted before the hero regains at least half of their max HP points +1. When a Red Wraith spawns, most probably one or more of the items found in the skeletal remains will be cursed.


Main article: Sprouted PD Potions

Sprouted PD's potions were based on v.0.2.4 of Shattered PD, and thus are slightly different than the ones in original PD and very different from the current potions of Shattered PD (players who first try Sprouted PD having already some experience of Shattered PD, should better forget what they know about alchemy in general from Shattered). In addition, there are two new potions available in Sprouted: Mending and Life. Mending is a very common drop/find and grants a minor healing effect, and Life is a very rare drop/find and grants a huge healing effect.


Main article: Sprouted PD Rings

The rings of Sprouted that exist also in original PD (Accuracy, Elements, Evasion, Haste) are very similar to their equivalents there, with some minor differences (especially in the Ring of Haste, which affects only movement speed and is also bugged in Sprouted above level +10) but there are many removals, replacements and additions. There are no rings of Detection, Haggler, Herbalism, Mending, Power, Satiety, Shadows, Thorns, but the function of most of them is replaced by artifacts or new rings. The new rings of Sprouted are the rings of Force, Furor, Might, Sharpshooting, Tenacity and Wealth, with the Ring of Wealth being the most important in-game and also the most different compared to all the other mods, apart from the mods of Sprouted. Most of the rings of Sprouted and the artifacts that replace rings from original PD existed in v.0.2.4 of Shattered when Sprouted was created, but no ring of Sprouted is identical with the current rings of Shattered. Visit the links below for details about all of them.


Main article: Sprouted PD Scrolls

Sprouted PD's scrolls are basically similar to the ones in original PD, with a few exceptions and tweaks, and used to be very similar to the scrolls of v.0.2.4 of Shattered PD. There is a new Rare Scroll added, which is unique to Sprouted and its mods, the Scroll of Regrowth.


You can't read the text from here.

Until the Ambitious Imp's shop most of the signposts of Sprouted are the same with those of original PD at the time of Sprouted's creation (a few of them have changed in the Original since then). Two messages of the Orginal are expanded (depths 1, 5), and five more signposts have totally different messages from the current Original (depths 2, 3, 4, 18). A list of Sprouted's signposts that either are different from the current Original or have remained the same but give inaccurate information about Sprouted follows:

  • Depth 1: [Original's message was expanded.] Almost all equipment has a strength requirement. Don't overestimate your strength, using equipment you can't handle has big penalties! Raising your strength is not the only way to access better equipment, you can also lower equipment strength requirements with Scrolls of Upgrade. Items found in the dungeon will often be unidentified. Some items will have unknown effects, others may be upgraded, or degraded and cursed! Unidentified items are unpredictable, so be careful! It should be noted that strength requirements can get lowered also by upgrading items with Dew Blessings, Scrolls of Magical Infusion and Upgrade Goos. In addition, items can't get degraded in Sprouted, but items can be downgraded (have negative levels), when they are cursed.
  • Depth 2: [Different from current Original] Charging forward recklessly is a great way to get killed. Slowing down a bit to examine enemies and use the environment and items to your advantage can make a big difference. The dungeon is full of traps and hidden passageways as well, keep your eyes open!
  • Depth 3: [Different from current Original] Levelling up is important! Being about the same level as the floor you are on is a good idea. Hunger may keep you moving in search of more food, but don't be afraid to slow down a little and train. Hunger and health are both resources, and using them well can mean starving yourself in order to help conserve food, if you have some health to spare.
  • Depth 4: [Different from current Original] The Rogue isn't the only character that benefits from being sneaky. You can retreat to the other side of a door to ambush a chasing opponent for a guaranteed hit! Any attack on an unaware opponent is guranteed to hit them.
  • Depth 5: [Original's message was expanded.] Note to all sewer maintenance & cleaning crews: TURN BACK NOW. Some sort of sludge monster has made its home here and several crews have been lost trying to deal with it. Approval has been givene to seal off the lower sewers, this area has been condemned, LEAVE NOW.
  • Depth 14: [Same - Inaccurate] There is no sense in possessing more than one Ankh at the same time, because you will lose them upon resurrecting. All Ankhs are blessed in Sprouted, so there is definitely a point in possessing more than one, as no items get lost after the hero is resurrected.
  • Depth 17: [Same - Inaccurate] When you upgrade an enchanted weapon, there is a chance to destroy that enchantment. Upgrades never erase enchantments in Sprouted. Enchantments can only be replaced by another enchantment, when weapons and armors are upgraded with Scrolls of Magical Infusion.
  • Depth 18: [Different from current Original] In a Well of Transmutation, you can get an item that cannot be obtained otherwise.
  • Depth 19: [Same with Original back then - Inaccurate] The only way to enchant a weapon is by upgrading it with a Scroll of Weapon Upgrade. There is no Scroll of Weapon Upgrade in Sprouted like there was in the Original back then, and weapons are upgraded and enchanted by Scrolls of Magical Infusion.
Sign halls.png
You can't read the text from here.

In the Demon Halls stage all signposts are borrowed from v.0.2.4. of Shattered that Sprouted used as its base, and they are all easter egg anagrams of changes that the developer of Shattered was planning back then to implement to his mod and did shortly afterwards, but the developer of Sprouted has never implemented (also Shattered's signposts in Demon Halls in its current version are not the same with Sprouted). Like they do in original PD, after the hero tries to read them once, they burst into greenish flames.

  • Depth 22: standOfF roW > Wands of Frost
  • Depth 23: fraCtion doWnpOur > Wand of Corruption
  • Depth 24: gaffe MaSts > Mage's Staff

Upgrade Cap, Adamantite and Troll Blacksmith Reforging - Reinforcing[]

Main article: Adamantite

Troll Blacksmith Reinforcing[]

Weapons, wands, rings, and armor in Sprouted have a "soft" upgrade cap of +15 from early to mid-game. Once an item reaches that level, the hero can no longer use Scrolls of Upgrade on it or Upgrade Goo. After the hero reaches depth 35 and beats Shadow Yog the "soft" upgrade cap moves to +16 for all classes and +17 for Mages, for almost all of the available upgrade options (with Dew, Scrolls of Upgrade, Upgrade Goos). The upgrade cap is described as soft, because Scrolls of Magical Infusion can surpass it (theoretically even from early game) for all armors and weapons, apart from Tier-6 weapons and also rings and wands, on which they can not get applied at all. The only way for the hero to upgrade their items with Scrolls of Upgrade and Upgrade Goo above +16/+17 is to reinforce them with Adamantite. There is a limited amount of items that are generated already reinforced though: the Bloodlust Chainsaw Hand, the Spork, and all of the Tier-6 relic weapons.

There are five pieces of Adamantite available in the game, which can only be obtained by completing quests or defeating mini-bosses. Each piece will reinforce a specific type of item (weapon, armor, wand, ring) when the hero takes it to the second Troll Blacksmith Bip, making the item compatible to get upgraded to the highest possible level. Players will have to choose the specific five (or less) items that they want the hero to reinforce, as adamantite items are not reusable and are consumed by the reinforcing process. Visit the link above for details.

Troll Blacksmith Reforging[]

Blacksmith gif.gif
Troll Blacksmith named Bop
This troll blacksmith looks like all trolls look: he is tall and lean, and his skin resembles stone in both color and texture. The troll blacksmith is tinkering with unproportionally small tools.

-Hey human! Wanna be useful, eh?

1) Take dis pickaxe and mine me some dark gold ore, 15 pieces should be enough.


2) Take dis pickaxe and kill a bat wit' it, I need its blood on the head.

"What do you mean, how am I gonna pay? You greedy... Ok, ok, I don't have money to pay, but I can do some smithin' for you. Consider yourself lucky, We're the only blacksmiths around.

As in Original and Shattered PD, the hero can take an item to the Troll Blacksmith Bop (usually appearing on depth 11 in Sprouted) to be reforged. What is different in Sprouted is that the hero can transfer most of the upgrades from one item to another, and the items don't have to match. It is guaranteed that the hero will get at least one upgrade transferred. After that, the chance for each level of upgrade being transferred increases according to how much Dark Gold Ore the hero carries at the time, and decreases with each level past +1, with a floor of 50% per point. If the item is upgraded to the max and not reinforced, Bop will refuse to work, and ask the hero to take the item to his brother Bip to get it reinforced with Adamantite.

Sprouted Troll Blacksmith Bop.png

To ensure the maximum transfer of upgrades, it is recommended that the hero has at least 100 pieces of dark gold ore when reforging; however this consumes the ore, which the player may prefer to use for reinforcing items: Dark Gold Ore spawns in a finite amount in the Caves and although this amount will vary in each run, there is a chance that it won't be enough for reinforcing items with all the available adamantite (5*50=250 pieces) and use 100 pieces of dark gold for reforging (250+100=350 pieces). Have in mind that without using any ore at all, it is still very likely for the hero to get most of the upgrades transferred (unless the Blacksmith is transferring high amounts). Players who don't mind farming could also first mine all the Dark Gold Ore available in the Caves, and then decide based on specific numbers what amount they will choose to get consumed by the Blacksmith, and what amount will be kept aside for reinforcing.

If the hero had chosen Water with Dew or has the Greaves of Nature artifact, he/she can make up the difference with Upgrade Goos, using the Upgrade Eaters that will drop from high grass. For those heroes who had chosen Draw Out Dew, the player should make a decision based on the aforementioned relative scarcity of the Dark Gold Ore. It is recommended for all heroes apart from Mages that will use a battle wand and heroes in general that will use a Spork in end-game, to save their reforge for when they get their end-game Tier-6 weapon from the Dolyahaven Mines, as only one reforge is available per run.

Dark Gold Consumption[]

In other non-wiki pages the two Blacksmiths are described as having various behaviors in relation to dark gold, but as of the current update (0.4.2), Bop will take all of the Dark Gold Ore the hero has when reforging gear, but his brother Bip will only take 50 pieces when reinforcing with Adamantite, and if the hero has more ore, Bip will just take the 50 pieces and leave the rest in the hero's backpack. As mentioned before, there is a finite amount of ore available, so players should be careful not to waste it and should choose carefully which items they want the hero to either reinforce and/or reforge.


Main article: Sprouted PD Wands

Most of the Wands in Sprouted PD are unchanged from the Original version of Pixel Dungeon, except that their charges cap at 14 rather than 9, wands can be reinforced with adamantite and get upgraded to very high levels, and also that it is impossible for the hero to target him/herself by shooting at a wall. Although they used to be very similar to the wands of v.0.2.4 of Shattered PD, they are now completely different from them. Wands can get transmuted to other wands, but the Wand of Magic Missile can never be a product of transmutation (it can get transmuted though).

Disenchanting the Mage's Wand[]

The Mage can transfer all upgrades from his unique Wand of Magic Missile to another wand. The more Dark Gold Ore he has when he does this, the more likely upgrades past +1 will be transferred. Disenchanting the Magic Missile wand does not consume the ore, so he can use it for other purposes afterwards. Note that he will not be able to upgrade any wand above +17 by disenchanting, unless he first reinforces it with the Adamantite Wand.



Main article: Melee Weapons

Apart from the fact that weapons do not degrade in Sprouted, their counterparts in original PD are almost identical. They are also identified after the hero hits enemies successfully 20 times, while having the weapon equipped, and they can get transmuted to other weapons of the same tier, with the exception of Tier-6 weapons that are untransmutable and also never a product of transmutation. Nevertheless, they can be upgraded to much higher levels than is possible in original PD, after they get reinforced with adamantite. Sprouted features also some new melee weapons, including new Tier-6 relic weapons which a) are crafted by combining 3 Norn Stones on the Dolyahaven surface altar, b) deal double damage against enemies found in the Dolyahaven Mines and the two final boss depths, c) can't get upgraded by Scrolls of Magical Infusion, d) all have a built-in permanent enchantment and a special ability and e) are essential in defeating the final boss Zot (unless the hero will use a Spork). The Tier-1 and Tier-3 new weapons Bloodlust Chainsaw Hand and Spork also deal average damage * 2.5 against enemies found in the Dolyahaven Mines and the two final boss depths, but these weapons can get also upgraded with Scrolls of Magical Infusion:


Sprouted's enchantments for non-relic / T1-T5 weapons have all the same names, colors and functions with the enchantments of original PD (Blazing, Chilling, Eldritch, Grim, Lucky, Shocking, Stunning, Unstable, Vampiric, Venomous) with the sole exception of the Tempered enchantment, which is removed from Sprouted, as there is no degradation in it, and the addition of the Bloodlust enchantment in Sprouted, which is unique to the Chaisnaw Hand and doesn't exist in original PD. Like original PD all enchantments' chance of activation improves with upgrades, and when a weapon is highly upgraded its enchantment will get activated from often to almost always (depending on the encantment, as each one has a different way of its activation chance to get calculated, follow the link above for details). The Assassin is benefited the most by the Chilling and Stunning enchantments, as they offer him bonus surprise attacks to frozen/stunned enemies, without having to use his Cloak of Shadows, and both ranged-focused classes (Huntresses and Mages) by the Eldritch enchantment, as it offers them bonus distance from enemies for more missile weapon or wand attacks. The Shocking enchantment can destroy all 4 Wraiths that spawn from a Tomb at the same attack turn, and the Vampiric enchantment has a great synergy with the Spectral Blades of the Huntress.


Main article: Missile Weapons

Sprouted PD has kept Curare darts, Darts, Incendiary darts, Javelins, Shurikens and Tomahawks with the same function as those in original PD, but has added many new missile/thrown items, has made changes to two existing ones from before and has also added a new Tier-6 relic missile weapon:

  • Bomb (not new, but can also be used by the Rogue to create new and stronger bomb types).
  • Boomerang (not new, but when reinforced, it can get upgraded to very high levels; it is the only enchantable missile weapon).
  • Dumpling Bomb (new bomb)
  • Forest Dart (new missile weapon)
  • Holy Hand Grenade (new bomb)
  • Horrifying Jupiter's Wrath (new Tier-6 relic weapon; it is almost identical to the Tier-6 weapons, but is the only missile weapon among them and the only weapon that deals quadruple and not double damage to Dolyahaven and Zot depth enemies, non-enchantable but comes with a built-in enchantment)
  • Rice Dumpling (new bomb)
  • Rogue Bombs (new items, crafted exclusively by the Rogue class, more types becoming available as he levels up: Dizzy [Lvl 5], Smart [Lvl 10], Seeking [Lvl 15], Cluster [Lvl 20], Seeking Cluster [Lvl 30] bomb).

Reforging the Warrior's Short Sword[]

The Warrior can transfer all upgrades from his unique Short Sword to another weapon. The more Dark Gold Ore he has when he does this, the more likely upgrades past +1 will be transferred. Disenchanting the Short Sword does not consume the ore, so he can use it for other purposes afterwards. Note that he will not be able to upgrade any weapon above +16 by reforging the short sword, unless he first reinforces it with the Adamantite Weapon. It is also highly recommended that the Warrior saves his maxed short sword for the Tier-6 weapon from Dolyahaven or his Spork, that he will use as his end-game weapon, as he will need a highly upgraded weapon Tier-6 weapon or Spork (100+) to defeat Zot on depth 99.

Weapons for End-game[]

Falling repeatedly from the Book of Heavens in order to gather as many Phase Pitchers as there are Scrolls of Magical Infusion in the inventory, and then use the all the Phase Pitchers to transmute Scrolls of Magical infusion to Scrolls of Upgrade and apply these to a Tier-6 weapon is a very common practice among Sprouted players. Nevertheless, it is not needed at all until the final boss Zot: all other enemies of the game will get defeated sooner or later by a highly upgraded Tier-5 weapon (or a highly upgraded Boomerang used by a Sniper), which can be achieved by applying all or most of the available Scrolls of Magical Infusion. Nevertheless, the Zot depth will need at least a +100 Tier-6 weapon or a +100 Wand of Firebolt or Disintegration (all the other battle wands wil not deal enough damage) or a Spork for the hero to deal against him more damage than his quick regeneration ability. Heroes that will use a highly upgraded Tier-6 weapon or battle wand will need many Scrolls of Upgrade, as these items can't get upgraded with Scrolls of Magical Infusion, but especially with a highly upgraded Ring of Wealth equipped when destroying Wraiths (follow this link on how to get one Ring of Wealth in every run) and taking into account also the Blacksmith's reforge, the Scrolls of Upgrade that the Dolyahaven shop sells and the probable Upgrade Goos that the hero might have, +83 levels (not counting the +16/+17 upgrades from dew) added to a Tier-6 weapon are very easily accomplished in Sprouted. Nevertheless the simpler way for heroes is to complete the Rat King' quest, obtain the Spork and upgrade it with Scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion, as it is the only non Tier-6 weapon along with the Chainsaw Hand that deals from regular to quadruple damage and not half or often blocked damage against the Dolyahaven enemies and Zot and also gets upgraded with both scrolls (the Chainsaw Hand has the drawback of constantly needing dew to for it to deal decent damage in general, so it is not a good candidate to get highly upgraded and used in end-game fights).

So, players who are not fond of grinding/farming might consider either: a) to apply most of their Scrolls of Magical Infusion to a Tier-5 weapon (and Snipers to their Boomerang), just keeping in mind that the hero should keep at least approximately +90 spare level ups for their Tier-6 weapon or b) just to highly upgrade a Spork with all or most of the Scrolls of Magical Infusion/Upgrade. Both decisions will make the hero's surviving on the Dolyahaven Mines depths much easier and less stressful. Players who like grinding/farming apparently can farm all the Phase Pitchers and Upgrade Eaters they want, and their hero will defeat Zot with a very strong Tier-6 weapon, but this is not the only way to defeat Zot and complete Sprouted, and the game can be completed with far less grinding/farming than is commonly practiced.


Wells in Sprouted PD are very similar to those of original PD. Their differences are:

  • A Well of Awareness will reveal all loot, hidden doors or traps, but not loot inside hidden rooms, while the room itself wil be revealed.
  • A Well of Health will fill the Dew Vial with 50 dew drops.
  • A Well of Transmutation will change a Scroll of Upgrade to a Scroll of Magical Infusion and vice versa, but it will not apply the disguised buff to the hero. These wells have also a plant equivalent in Sprouted, the Phase Pitcher.

Badges and Challenges[]

Sprouted's challenges are the same with the Challenges of the original PD. Sprouted's Badges are almost the same with the Badges of original PD, apart from the following:

  • The Rings of Thorns' and Haggler's badges do not exist in Sprouted as the items that the badges refer to are removed.
  • The "Orb of Zot obtained!" and the "Otiluke Rescued!" badges are added, which are obtained in the new stages of Sprouted. No super badge is accomplished after all classes have obtained the Orb or rescued Otiluke.

Players that first come to Sprouted from Shattered PD should note that the artifacts found and identified in Sprouted do not trigger any "all artifacts identified" badge and are not counted in the "all items identified" super badge, like they do in Shattered PD and most of its mods.

Completing the Game Thoroughly[]

As in the original PD, the player can end the game immediately after killing Yog-Dzewa and obtaining the Amulet of Yendor from depth 26, by choosing its "Let's call it a day" option, or go back to depth 1 and ascend to the surface for the Happy Ending badge.

If the player does that in Sprouted though, he/she will have missed 1/3 of the remaining game depths. After gathering the three Sanchikarahs from the Book depths and forging them into one piece, he/she can teleport to the Shadow Yogs depth and after defeating all of them, the last one will drop a Journal page, that will teleport him/her to the Dolyahaven surface and will also make the Dolyahaven mines available. In the final Dolyahaven depth, after defeating Stone Golem Otiluke and some or most of the depth's enemies, the hero will obtain the Palantir, which will allow the hero to teleport to the Zot depth, who is the final game boss. After defeating Zot, the hero will be able to meet the finally rescued Otiluke in Dolyahaven, receive a Pudding Cup from him, and complete the game fully. Readers who are not already familiar with Sprouted might find all this information confusing, so a bullet list of the stages follows.

Regular Dungeon[]

(It's the same as original PD.)

  • Stage 1: Sewers (depths 1-5, Goo boss on depth 5)
  • Stage 2: Prison (depths 6-10, Tengu boss on depth 10)
  • Stage 3: Mines (depths 11-15, DM-300 boss on depth 15)
  • Stage 4: Dwarven Metropolis (depths 16-21, Dwarf King boss on depth 20)
  • Stage 5: Demon Halls (regular enemies on depths 22-24, Yog-Dzewa boss on depth 25, Amulet of Yendor on depth 26)

Optional but Mandatory for Optional End-game[]

(It's necessary to upgrade gear, find unique loot, and complete the game thoroughly.)

  • Keys Stage: Ancient Forest, Ancient Prison, Ancient Caves, Ancient City / Skeleton King, Tengu's Hideout, Crab King, Thief King depths
  • Otiluke's Journal Puzzles Stage: Puzzles 1, 2, 3, 4, Dragon Cave, Vault depths
  • Books Stage: Book of the Living, Dead, Transcendence depths
  • Shadow Yog's depth

Optional End-game[]

  • Otiluke's Journal Dolyahaven surface depth
  • Dolyahaven Mines Stage (commonly 6, but up to 10 depths)
  • Stone Golem Otiluke depth
  • Zot depth (final boss)

End-game Bugs and How to Avoid Some of Them[]

Unfortunately, the Dolyahaven Mines depths are infested with bugs, and some runs get ruined by the save files becoming corrupted when the hero descends to a new depth, by the Stone Golem Otiluke depth at the end of Dolyahaven Mines not generating at all and some other bugs. Nevertheless, players that don't have a problem if their hero doesn't obtain the Ring of Wealth from the Otiluke's Journal Vault depth, and doesn't have a Shadow Dragon as a pet from the Otiluke's Journal Dragon Cave depth, and don't mid avoiding both of them, as visiting the Vault and/or the Dragon Cave depths even once triggers some the Dolyahaven Mines bugs, will skip all the probable frustration of having their run ruined in end-game by these specific bugs. Readers who are interested on why this is happening can read this short reddit post by SmuJamesB about Sprouted PD's level generation.

Unfortunately, there is not a know way to avoid the rest of the Dolyahaven Mines bugs (follow the first link of the paragraph for details about them).

Mods of Sprouted PD[]

Sprouted PD has inspired six different mods so far, each of them having their unique characteristics:

  • Deistic Pixel Dungeon: Mod in indefinite hiatus since late 2015, based on version 0.3.5 of Sprouted and made by reddit user AverageMormonGamer. Due to its base on a previous version, it is competed by defeating Shadow Yog and does not include Otiluke's Journal or any of the Dolyahaven depths and Zot, but it features some new elements, the most important of which are the introduction of races and also race subclasses (Human Demolitionist & Mercenary, Dwarf Warlock & Monk, Red & Blue Wraith, Gnoll Shaman & Brute) and race specific artifacts (Human Communication Relay, Dwarf Chains of Ares, Wraith Metal Amulet, Gnoll Wooden Effigy). For more details about it you can follow the first link of this bullet, which leads to its separate wiki page.
  • Easier Sprouted Pixel Dungeon: Mod made by reddit user g2159687, based on the current version of Sprouted PD and completed in late 2017. It features some new interesting mechanics and items but its most important differences from Sprouted PD are: a) that the game can range from just a little easier by not choosing any of the 11 "Easier" settings in the main menu, to extremely easier by choosing all 11 of them, and b) that all the Dolyahaven Mines bugs of Sprouted are absent (visiting the Dragon Cave and the Vault does not trigger any bugs at all in Easier Sprouted PD). For more details about it you can follow the first link of this bullet, which leads to its separate wiki page.
  • Harder Sprouted Pixel Dungeon: The most recent mod of Sprouted PD (its first public release was on 20 February 2020), curently developed by reddit user SmuJamesB. Its basic features are a harder early game with a more fair late game and many of the original Sprouted PD's bugs having been fixed (including the common "corrupted save files" bug in the Dolyahaven Mines), while all-round balance is generally better. You can download its latest ublic release version from here.
  • Palantir: It was first released in March 2019 (it is apparently based on the current version) by reddit user Quasitellar / PierreSchrodinger. The game is mostly a visual redesign of Sprouted PD's Sokoban puzzles, with a new puzzle added, new sprites and animations, bug fixes et al. but with no wands or any other combat-related item available, so the puzzles must be solved without any tricks, only by moving the sheep. This mod's puzzles are more aesthetically elaborate than Sprouted PD's puzzles, but Sprouted PD players can also try it for them to practice ways of completing the Sokoban puzzles with no wands at all. For more details about it you can follow the first link of this bullet, which leads to its separate wiki page.
  • Regrown PD: Incomplete (and most probably abandoned) mod of Sprouted PD released by Daniel Slivinskiy in late 2018. Its new features are some new items (mostly related to summoning ally characters) and a Mage class very much buffed in its starting items. Note that all the game crashing bugs of Sprouted PD also exist in this mod. Unfortunately no more details are available for it, but if you are interested in trying this mod you can download it from here.
  • SPecial Surprise Pixel Dungeon: Fork in active and constant development since mid 2017, based on the current version of Sprouted and made by reddit user hmdzl001, with a whole lot of new elements (one could say that its current version is a total reboot of Sprouted PD, rather than just a mod of it), some of them borrowed also from other mods. Its most innovative elements are the introduction of new functions in the Dew Vial, three new classes with their subclasses (the Follower, Performer and Soldier), four different options for the starting items and and stats of each class named "skins", a cooking system and crafting system with more than 50 recipes, a complete rework of weapon and armor attributes (also with more than 60 new weapon & armor items added), the addition of more than 50 NPCs in Dolya Town (formerly Dolyahaven), with also the complete removal of Dolyahaven mines (and apparently also of the end-game bugs of Sprouted). For details about it you can follow the first link of this bullet, which leads to its main page in the wiki.

Former Updates[]

Although Sprouted PD's development has slowed down considerably from 2017 and on, and it currently seems inactive as far as the Google Play Store is concerned, it had received quite a few updates in its first two years of development, which involved roughly 3 stages: a) the content added in the regular dungeon, b) the addition of the Book & Key depths, pets, and the new Shadow Yogs boss, and c) the addition of the Otiluke's Journal with its puzzle and unique reward depths, along with the new late game area of the Dolyahaven Mines and the final boss Zot. For more details about these updates you can visit this link.

Tips and Tricks: XarxD's Non-Daily Tips of the Day[]

  • Grave Robbing for Fun and Profit (tips about farming Scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion from tomb Wraiths, players should also equip a highly upgraded Ring of Wealth if available, although it is not mentioned as a tip).
  • Just A Phase (tips about transmuting and farming Phase Pitchers).
  • Key Facts (guide about the Keys Stage depths, part 1)
  • Key Facts, part 2 (guide about the Keys Stage depths, part 2)