Overview[edit | edit source]

Summoning Pixel Dungeon is a mod of Shattered PD first released on October 25, 2019 (it came to the general public several days after that) by the user & redditor Trashbox Bobylev. This mod is currently in development, but it already contains some game-changing mechanics. It is stated explicitly in-game that the mod is based on Shattered PD's version 0.7.4 and for additions and changes in Shattered until that version you can visit this link.

Summoning weapons[edit | edit source]

Summoning weapons are the core mechanic of this mod. This kind of weapons allows the user to summon unique controllable creatures, that follow the player and attack his/her enemies. There are 16 summon weapons, divided into 5 tiers with 4 in each stage, except very first weapon, the Froggit Staff. All summon weapons, named in game as staves, have different melee damage stats and stats for summonable creature, named as minions.

Staves - Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Froggit Staff[edit | edit source]

Froggit Staff
A stick with a monochrome frog head as a handle. While the summonable creatures are quite weak, they can be summoned at a cheap price. This tier-1 summon weapon deals 1-6 damage in melee and requires 9 strength to use properly. The summoned minion deals 1-8 damage and has max HP of 8.
A small frog-like creature that doesn't know his place in world.

This staff is tier-1 weapon and its summoned minion can be considered as the weakest in game. His stats are comparable to those of the marsupial rat's, and froggit sometimes can't deal with rats without the help of the player. With these weaknesses, froggits get outclassed as early as players get a different staff.

This staff can be obtained only by playing with the new class Conjurer, or by finding his remains.

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Gray Rat Staff[edit | edit source]

Gray Rat Staff
A quarterstaff with a chunk of rat fur stuck to it. Minions summoned by this staff offer more toughness and attack prowess than artifical frogs. This tier-2 summon weapon deals 2-9 damage in melee and requires 11 strength to use properly. The summoned minion deals 2-13 damage and has max HP of 16.
Rat grey.png
Gray Rat
Marsupial rats are aggressive but rather weak denizens of the sewers. They have a nasty bite, but are only life threatening in large numbers.This species of rats have tough fur that defends him against fire and some gases.

One of first summon weapons that can be obtained in dungeon. Gray rats can deal with most of sewers enemies and can be efficient minions against Goo and even prison enemies. Also, they have a unique property, being immune to fire and most common gases.

Gnoll Hunter Staff[edit | edit source]

Gnoll Hunter Staff
A spear with a chunk of a slain trickster's body stuck to it. Minions summoned by this staff are even weaker than frogs. However, they can attack from a much longer range. This tier-2 summon weapon deals 2-8 damage in melee and requires 11 strength to use properly. The summoned minion deals 2-8 damage and has max HP of 7.
Gnoll Hunter
A strange looking minion, even by gnoll standards. It hunches forward with a wicked grin, almost cradling the satchel hanging over its shoulder. Its eyes are wide with a strange mix of fear and excitement. There is a large collection of poorly made darts in its satchel.

While this staff can look tempting, the current stats of Gnoll Hunters don't allow them to stay for awhile in player's arsenal: their too low damage and lack of toughness prevents gnoll hunters from being useful in later chapters.

Wooly stick[edit | edit source]

Wooly Stick
A dense rod covered with sheep wool. Minions summoned by this staff are valued by skilled summoners for their toughness. This tier-2 summon weapon deals 2-8 damage in melee and requires 11 strength to use properly. The summoned minion deals 0-1 damage and has max HP of 40.
Sheep gif.gif
This is a magic sheep. What's so magical about it? Her fur consume a lot of sword swings and itself are pretty resistant to damage.

This minion is great for alluring and stalling other enemies because of its "tank" property and very high HP and defense (it's equal to a level 5 hero with leather armor+1). However, sheep deals almost no damage and can't be used as a weapon without special tricks.

New class[edit | edit source]


The Conjurer - a new class, that is specialized in summon weapons.

  • Conjurer starts with a Froggit Staff.
  • Conjurer starts with a unique Deltarune Robe, that can't be unequipped, but can consume other armors to increase its tier, gaining glyphs and even inheriting some upgrades. If the robe is upgraded, it will give 10% additional max HP per upgrade level for new minions.
    • That armor has the Energy Storm ability as a "class armor" ability, that paralyses every enemy in sight with a unique debuff, that doesn't allow it to get cancelled by the enemy receiving damage, unlike the Paralysis debuff. This ability consumes 25% of current HP and 12.5% of max HP.
    • On gaining mastery, Deltarune robe can cast Chaos Sabers, of which the behavior is similar to pre-0.7.0 mirror images, and have a unique offense ability, that its effect depends on the Conjurer's subclass.
  • Conjurers starts with a unique artifact, the LOVE Holder, the tool for healing and supporting minions.
  • Conjurers starts with 9 strength and 15 max HP, which makes the class somewhat challenging.
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