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This generates a complete article for an individual wand. All first-level information (directly from the code) displayed is taken from the corresponding data page. All second-level information (from the overall game) displayed is taken from additional parameters.
{{Article wand|<parameters>}}

Parameters (all optional):

  • use: what happens when the wand is fired
  • extendeddescription: Extra information to be displayed directly below the description box.
  • obtaining: how to obtain the wand. Defaults to "The wand can be found randomly..."
  • tips: Any tips (usually in dot points)
  • damagedetails: Any information about the damage of the wand
  • damagetable: set to true if a table of the damage values done by the is needed.

The data page requires:

  • description
  • image (defaults to Randomized wand.png)
  • mindamage
  • mindamageformula (only needed if damagetable = true)
  • maxdamage
  • maxdamageformula (only needed if damagetable = true)
  • averagedamage
  • duration
  • range
  • area
  • extraeffect
  • initialcharges
  • generationchance (read from Wand/probabilities)
Unknown values will default to unknown
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