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Spawns in 10 (Prison)
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 120 HP
Dodge 20
Armor 5
Resistant to Toxic gas
Grim weapon
Scroll of Psionic Blast
Immune to Nothing
On damage Nothing special
Range Ranged
Accuracy 20
Damage 8 to 15 (11.5 ±1.66)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 20 XP
Drops Skeleton key (always)

Tome of Mastery, then Tome of Remastery (if slain for the first time by a given class; subsequent times, after specializing into a sub-class before arrival)

The Tengu is the boss of Prison.


Tengu gif.gif
Tengu are members of the ancient assassins clan, which is also called Tengu. These assassins are noted for extensive use of shuriken and traps.


  • When noticing you, Tengu yells: “Gotcha, <Hero/ine (Sub-)Class>!”
  • Tengu can teleport to different areas of the room.
  • Tengu can spawn poison traps in the middle of the room.
  • Tengu will throw shurikens at the Hero/ine if the Hero/ine is not adjacent to him.
  • When dying, Tengu yells: “Free at last...”

The Fight

When the Hero/ine goes to confront Tengu, s/he is met with a chest containing an iron key. The iron key is used to open the door to the boss room. Once the Hero/ine has entered the room, s/he cannot leave until Tengu is dead.

Upon entering the boss room, there will be untriggered traps in the middle of the room. When the Hero/ine starts moving a step from the door, Tengu will appear. Tengu will hit the Hero/ine with multiple shurikens very accurately. Every four or more steps, if the Hero/ine is adjacent to Tengu, Tengu will teleport to a random location in the room and activate traps.


  • See: Tengu Boss Guide
  • Armor that absorbs up to 15 Dmg is needed, to get through the fight. (His highest dmg output is 15, as shown in the infobox on the right.)
  • A weapon that inflicts an approximate average of 12-15 Dmg (1/10th of his total HP) is needed, to face & defeat Tengu.
  • Potion of Healing to help heal throughout the fight.
    • Advised to heal if at 20 HP.
  • Having Potion of Levitation will be useful, as the Hero/ine can fly over the traps, avoiding the poison & getting to him much quicker.
    • If the Hero/ine enters the boss room while levitating, Tengu will not appear.
  • Carefully placed Sheep from a Wand of Flock will block his shuriken & allow the Hero/ine to approach him safely (while simultaneously disarming any Poison dart traps already laid).
  • Wand of Reach can be used to disarm the traps (& reposition any sheep).
  • Wand of Blink enables the Hero/ine to reach Tengu, without taking hits from his shuriken.
    • Non-upgraded wand may reach its teleportation limit, before getting across the room, making the Hero/ine step directly on a poison trap.
    • Careful aiming is required.
  • Items that inflict Slowed are helpful. (A Chilling enchanted weapon and/or Wand of Slowness)
  • Items that inflict Paralyzed are optimal against Tengu. (i.e. A Stunning-enchanted weapon, Wand of Avalanche, Curare darts, Potion of Paralytic Gas, and/or Bombs)
  • Scroll of Lullaby is useful to get a couple extra hits on him.
  • While a Seed of Earthroot can help to minimize damage, if the Hero/ine does not have great ranged weapons/wands, it might be better to save them for a later time, due to the movement involved with this fight.
  • A Scroll of Mirror Image is very powerful against all bosses.
  • Potion of Invisibility can be used to reach him quickly and avoid shurikens.
  • Using a Potion of Toxic Gas on Tengu is generally not advised, as the room you fight him in is too small to avoid the gas, without a Potion of Purification.
  • Tengu is not affected by seeds.
    Do not read a Scroll of Psionic Blast, as it will crash the game and delete the run's data.
    (This needs to be reported on the Major bugs page by the contributor who added this; not just added here as a tip.)


  • If you die at depth 10 with an Ankh, after the floor resets, Tengu will now be called "Memory of Tengu".
  • The Tengu is actually based off creatures from Japanese folklore that control winds, which explains why he can travel around the room in a puff of air.


Update Change
0.2.1 Changed: Tengu is slightly buffed
0.2.3 Fixed: It's now impossible to use teleportation at Tengu's depth
0.3.5 Changed: All bosses are now resistant to Toxic Gas & the Grim enchantment
1.6.3a Fixed: Tengu no longer teleports on top of the Hero/ine (upon entrance into his Boss Room).
1.8.0 Added: Now drops Tome of Remastery