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These are some (maybe anticipated) common questions about the "The Well of Knowledge" project.

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What is the point of this project? Edit

I hope for The Well of Knowledge to, one day, be an epicenter of information, and fan creations about & from us - the members of this Wiki & its community.

Why isn't it just a blog post? Edit

Various reasons. Partially polish, partially that I hope others apply to help edit this; and I honestly don't know if our admins can edit our blogs (if something is a no-no and/or needs to be fixed, I want them to be able to do that, rather than calling me out, or [worst of all] removing/reverting the page, or banning me from this wiki [can they even do that? IDK, better safe than sorry]).

May I apply to help write it, or suggest a section? Edit

Absolutely! If you want to be a writer, to scout out the resources we use for each page, like fan-made time-wasters/creations, interview material on a certain person of interest, or a significant thing that happened in the history of PD, or its creator (Watabou); or suggest an idea for a new section/submit a product for a current one (NOTE: will most likely reject interviews, as the questions are often based on a particular person, and I enjoy adding my own flair, though a prospect for one will very likely be accepted, if you are a registered, and somewhat significant/well known user.), go right ahead! You can send suggestions in the comments, or apply as a writer, via Twitter, E-mail, or my PD Wiki user wall (most effective).

May I get an addition based on/created by you, Papayaman1000? Edit

Only if a few people ask for it; I try not to seem vain (just putting this question here made me a bit uncomfortable).

WHAT HAPPENS IF I EDIT OR CREATE A PAGE FOR IT WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT (Admins: What would you as the head writer of this like me to do should the above happen)? Edit

It will be rolled back/deleted, and I will report you for vandalism, or (worst case scenario) have the page's edit privileges locked (this will very likely kill the entire project, unless there are filtered locks, in which some people may edit, while the mass public has limited privileges; in which case, I would actually like that to happen immediately).

That's all! I hope I answered any questions of yours! If not, please post it in the comments of any Well of Knowledge page, preferably which one it relates to (if the question is about the project as a whole, or is based around multiple of its pages, please post it in the FAQ's comments).

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