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Welcome to the Well of Knowledge! Edit

This is an info-center focused on members of the Wiki and their creations.
The name is based on the Well of Awareness, but some idiot duped and named the project this, instead.
It will be updated periodically, consisting of various parts of the community!

Monthly Poll: Edit

What is your biggest PD fear?

189 votes


In this section, we interview various members of the Wiki.

PD History

In this section, we review what happened this month in Pixel Dungeon History-i.e. a new item or event related to the game.

Food for Thought

In this section, we take a moment to lament over the absurd logic presented to us, like most any game.

Fun Stuff

In this section, we view various time-wasters like trivia and Fan-Art.


In this section, common questions regarding the Well of Knowledge Community Column are answered.

Credits: Edit

Papayaman1000- Edit

Founder of the project. Also does most of the research, interviews, and cobbling together.

TheDarkoko- Edit

Helps with the scripting, and sometimes posts to pages to meet the deadlines.

And thanks, to all our supporters! Edit


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