I agree with Evan that the Category:Mods page needs a better sorting method, and I have a few thoughts on this as follows.

As you may or may not have noticed, I've tried to add a Table of Contents to the top of the page; however, this will require me to remove the tables completely in favor of headers or still have the table, but it will be split for each individual mod, so there can be headers since the headers don't work in the tables.

Another thought I've had was to use references similar to the ones I've just added to the page though the only problems with that is that the current references may need to be removed and it's not ideal.

Regarding the multiple tables, I've thought about implementing buttons as I've seen on another wiki to have it be easier to navigate, and that will shorten the page a bit as well. This idea is compatible with either of the previous ideas.

I've had a few other thoughts, but I don't think they are as useful as these three main ones I've mentioned. If you have any thoughts on these ideas or even have your own ideas, please share them as I'm not exactly sure what should be done about that lengthy page.

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