I've renamed those pages. Unfortunately categories cannot be renamed, so I've made a new one and moved the pages to it instead.

Regarding that list, it isn't supposed to be just by popularity, but by which mods are most complex or add the most features, and therefore would be most often searched for on the wiki. Pixel Dungeon ML has almost no new features aside from translations, and its wiki page is quite small. In general I'm trying to move away from curated lists of mods on various communities (e.g. subreddit/discord) because it's difficult to maintain and it's very easy to be exclusionary to smaller mods. For the wiki I think it might still make some sense though because people want to be able to quickly find information on certain though.

Speaking of mod listing, now that the mod pages has such a big list, do you think it would be helpful to have better sorting features for it? I'm not sure what the most useful sort would be though, the last updated section is decent but some mods appear out of order, and it would have to be constantly maintained/updated. Google Play Downloads is a thought as that's more static, but it might be a bit exclusionary to mods not on Google Play. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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