• Added:  Armor glyphs
    • Added:  New quest-giving NPC [Troll Blacksmith]  Blacksmith gif Pickaxe Dark Gold Ore
    • Added:  New badges
    • Added:  New visuals
    • Added:  New images for some items
    • Changed:  Burning provides illumination  BurningIlluminated
    • Changed:  Interaction with (a) mirror image(s) lets you change places with it
    • Changed:  Catalogus now displays all potions and scrolls (incl. unidentified)
    • Changed:  Cloth, Leather, & Chain armors are slightly buffed; plate armor nerfed
    • Changed:  Different aspects of game balance are tweaked
    • Fixed: Tons of bugs

    …and more…

    Additional Unannounced Changes (from 1.6.0a to 1.6.1)

    1.6.1a Hotfix Released!  (1.3.2014)

    • Added/Changed:  New images for Mystery Meat & Chargrilled Meat  Mystery meat Chargrilled meat
    • Added/Changed: New images for Missile Weapons Incendiary dart Curare dart Javelin
    • Fixed:  Seed of Rotberry in Backpack crash(?)
    •  ???

    1.6.1b Hotfix Released!  (1.6.2014)

    •  ???

    The new update includes light halos around burning objects, inscribable armor, alternate ghost quests, and, I'm assuming, a lot more. What do you guys and gals think?

    Other discussion thread:  Upcoming Update - Armor Glyphs, Seasonal Theming, and more!

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