• I was thinking that instead of fighting his demons till the end when defeating him or just ending the game another option could be created through Yog Dweza. After defeating him in battle you have a chace to visit his realm the chaos realm. All the inhabitants are demons and you gain magical powers from the amulet of yendor. It grants you 300 hp but the enemies do higher overall damage so it evens out. Anyone think we should be able to visit the land of where this abomanation came?

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    • Dude THIS IS THE BEST IDEA but there should be a boss called Drakath ( a human wich is based in the aqw game)

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    • Er....

      Synergyzing. Please Wait....

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    • Ehhh. . . I don't know. . .


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    • Never thought someone would have a Chaos Realms idea. Get ready for a mouthful (though there'll be some minor errors): New Stage: Chaos Realms (26-31) Chaos Realms - These levels are the Chaos Realms, or where Demons were created, including Yog-Dzewa. Few Dwarves have explored this place, and after the war with them, the Demons were forced out of their homes into Demon Halls. Since then, only the strong, non-Demon creatures remain, overpopulating the area.

      Chaos Realms Mobs: Obscuro, Troll, Basilisk, Baby Dragon Obscuro - Obscuros are very strange creatures. They resemble nothing but a stormy cloud of smoke. Probably it was a series of elements from dead corpses of evil creatures bound together by necromancy and demonology. Yet you can tell that this entity is very well alive, casting a darkness wherever it goes. A Dwarf Warlock's experiment gone wrong maybe? Troll - Trolls resemble a stone-like feature, not unlike an Animated Statue. These massive lumps of muscle carry around a steel club, using their brute force in conjunction with it for very heavy blows. Trolls also have an ability to generate natural armor, making them more difficult to defeat with each successful hit. Basilisk - These enormous snakes move extremely fast, using its petrifying gaze on both allies and enemies in conjunction with its highly poisonous bite to ensure a quick, painful death. These lethal reptiles can also lay eggs in the midst of combat, if given enough time. Baby Dragon - Although they're not as strong as regular Dragons, these terrifying beasts can pick up and move other entities with their sharp claws while being burned to a crisp. However, if its prey has enough strength, it can break free from the Baby Dragon's grip.

      Chaos Realms Special Mob: Stargazer Dragon Stargazer Dragon - Although they're not as strong as regular Dragons, these terrifying beasts can pick up and move other entities with their sharp claws while being burned to a crisp. However, if its prey has enough strength, it can break free from the Baby Dragon's grip.

      Chaos Realms Boss: Letcularsis the Dragon Letcularsis the Dragon - Letcularsis the Dragon has been around since time first dawned on the universe. In antiquity, Letcularsis was famed for creating all Demons, including Yog-Dzewa. But after the war with the Dwarves, his power led to a decline due to a lack of Demons. Since then, he has lived only at his nest, creating Demons weaker than they once were. No man has ever passed through the gates beyond his nest...

      Chaos Realms Subbosses: Elemental Fist, Interdimensional Glitch Elemental Fist - This mighty entity was created from the same source of sorcery as the Burning and Rotting Fist, but it is stronger and more capable of different types of magic. It may have been formed from a failed alchemy experiment, since it is surrounded by a swirling cloud of various elements with a presence of seeds. Interdimensional Glitch - This is a swirling portal of cosmic energy that seems to inhale time itself, formed from an error in the birth of the world. When Letcularsis found it, he thought of it as a powerful addition to the team, and it was. But the Interdimensional Glitch was a glitch, and as time passed its impossible vacuum began to suck itself, becoming more unstable over the millennia.

      New Scrolls: Scroll of Locking, Scroll of Protection Scroll of Locking - Reading this scroll will root all entities within the reader's range of sight, not including the reader. Scroll of Protection - Reading this scroll will provide for a short period of time a shield from all elements, also protecting other scrolls from fire and temporarily halting degration on all items.

      New Scroll Runes: "PEATI","WUBICK"

      New Potion: Potion of Numbing Gas Potion of Numbing Gas - Shattering this potion will spread a cloud of gas that numbs all creatures within its range, weakening and slowing them until the gas has dispersed. Frightened creatures will have an additional debuff of confusion.

      New Potion Color: Olive

      New Wand: Wand of Weakness Wand of Weakness - Dark magic emitted from the core of this wand will weaken an entity, or lower its strength points, for a short period of time. The higher level it is, the longer the debuff lasts and the more strength points are lowered.

      New Wand Wood: Maple

      New Ring: Ring of Fire Aura, Ring of Poison Aura, Ring of Weakening Aura, Ring of Points Ring of Fire Aura - Wearing this ring will cause the wearer to be surrounded by flames every once in a period of time for a short amount of time. Although the wearer is surrounded by it, he/she isn't affected. (Fire Elementals have a 1/750 chance of dropping it) Ring of Poison Aura - Wearing this ring will cause all entities within the wearer's range to be poisoned every once in a period of time for a short amount of time. Although the wearer isn't surrounded by it, he/she isn't affected. (Cave Spinners have a 1/850 chance of dropping it) Ring of Weakening Aura - Wearing this ring will cause all entities within the wearer's range to be weakened every once in a period of time for a short amount of time. Although the wearer is surrounded by it, he/she isn't affected. (Dwarf Warlocks have a 1/1000 chance of dropping it) Ring of Experience - Wearing this ring will grant the wearer an additional EXP bonus for each entity slain. Degraded rings of effect will decrease the amount or even prevent the wearer from receiving any EXP.

      New Ring Gemstones: Aquamarine, Citrine, Peridot, Cordierite

      New Enchantment: Sharpened The "sharpened" enchantment can be applied only on a weapon and doesn't actually do much except grant an additional damage bonus as if it were upgraded. The difference from this and any other enchantment that grants an additional damage bonus such as blazing, venomous, lucky, etc., is that it does a lot more damage, but is not continuous. What that means is that a blazing weapon can burn constantly on an entity, and a venomous weapon can poison constantly on an entity, but a sharpened weapon doesn't, which is why it would do more damage (assuming these weapons are all the same level). So basically, the sharpened enchantment is like the venomous enchantment, only it brings all of the damage over time into one shot. Still don't understand? Let's say you have 2 daggers, one venomous and one sharpened. You decide to use the venomous dagger for a Marsupial Rat. When you hit it, it poisons the rat, and so you wait a couple of turns for it to slowly die. Each turn does 1-2 damage. Then, you equip the sharpened dagger and hunt a Gnoll Scout. When you hit it, it does the normal damage of the dagger, plus the damage from the enchantment. In 1 turn, let's say the dagger did 8 damage and then the sharpened enchantment added to that, dealing 4 more damage. This enchantment isn't unlike the Grim enchantment, because the only difference is that it probably won't one-shot an enemy (assuming the monsters you fight are in deeper levels). Now ya get it?

      New Item: Weapon Kit Assuming you've added the Chaos Realms, defeating Yog-Dzewa will drop a Weapon Kit. The Weapon Kit is just like the Armor Kit from the King of Dwarves, only it's for weapons. Applying a Weapon Kit to a weapon will make it an "epic weapon" based on the class. Here is what they should be: Warrior's Battle Blade This massive titanium edge with a crystal handle pierces the darkness as every speck of light bounces off its blade. Few creatures can overcome the blinding light reflected on this weapon, much less its sharpness. It's special ability is Blinding Wound, which blinds all enemies within the hero's range of sight and a specific enemy, which is selected by the hero and can be from a range, is attacked physically, crippling and bleeding them. Mage's Magic Scepter This tall staff of smooth, fireproof wood contains a core made of dragon heartstrings that loops and ties at the end of the staff, where a bright gemstone glows with pure, crackling, energy. This "enormous wand" is capable of any type of magic, whether it's a healing spell or a soul-sucking ritual. It's special ability is Elemental Blast, which is a outburst of pure magical energy of every type (fire, poison, paralysis, etc.) that affects all enemies within range of sight. Rouge's Imperial Knives These two knives have a very thin yet lethal blade, lined with microscopic flecks of gold to ensure a razor-sharp edge. They are used to quickly and consecutively strike the enemy because of their lightweightedness. It's special ability is Smoke Flash, which allows the hero to select up to 3 enemies at once and attack them all twice in a single turn. Huntress's Celestial Bow This curve of white, flexible wood coated with Sungrass tied with strings of blond human hair comes with a supply of long, golden arrows. It's special ability is Heal Shot, which allows the heroine to fire two arrows, either one at an enemy and the other at another or two arrows at one, and heals the heroine while it bleeds the enemy. I think I didn't do a good job giving these epic weapons good abilities, and hopefully you could make them a little better, but that's what I could do.

      New Tier 6 Weapons: Steel Club, Trident Steel Club - This is a thick, spike-clad cylinder made of steel with a rubber handle. A typical Steel Club has an average damage of 19 points and usually requires 20 points of strength. Trident - This 3-pronged blade is dyed with Rotberry seed for a Devilish presence and was forged from titanium inside of a volcano. A typical Trident has an average damage of 21 points and usually requires 20 points of strength.

      New NPC: Uncorrupt Dwarf (26-29) - 200 HP Uncorrupt Dwarf - This Dwarf is just as normal and powerful as any other Dwarf, except he doesn't follow any path of arts and isn't corrupt. Nobody really knows his history and how he was never cursed with evil magic by the Demons. Uncorrupt Dwarf (When Meeting): "Hey! You there! <Class>, why don't you help me? It's pretty chaotic down here and I can't go anywhere else because my friends have gone insane. I mean, Monks? Seriously? Here, we can make a compromise: Give me 3000 gold, a normal, identified tier-4 or higher weapon, and a normal, identified armor at least plate level. Then I'll fight with you for a while. Sound like a deal?" Uncorrupt Dwarf (Next Time): "Got the equipment yet?" Uncorrupt Dwarf (Quest Completed): "Alright! You have the equipment, and I'm ready for battle now. Let's fight!" The Uncorrupt Dwarf will stay with you until the depth before battling Letcularsis the Dragon. Uncorrupt Dwarf (Time to Leave): "Well, it was a great honor to meet you. I'm not powerful enough to battle the Dragon god but it was a pleasure to battle monsters at your side. Good Luck with the Dragon god and here's a supply of Potions of Levitation and a couple of Potions of Healing to fight the Dragon god. Remember, you must be levitating in order to attack him." Uncorrupt Dwarf (If Defeated): "I'm afraid I've been overwhelmed with attack power, and I can no longer continue my adventure. This is the end. Take these Potions of Levitation and defeat the Dragon god. Farewell... my friend..." The Uncorrupt Dwarf will drop the equipment and Potions of Levitation.

      New Missile Weapon: Grappling Hook Grappling Hook - This wooden pole has a 4 metal hooks glued to the end and can be used to quickly travel twice as fast to a solid wall or object. Throwing this at an enemy will inflict very little damage, if any at all, and will drag both the thrower and the enemy together for melee combat. The Grappling Hook has a 3-time use.

      New Item: Dragon Wings (can only be obtained by defeating Letcularsis the Dragon) These massive wings are made of Dragon hide (obviously) and can be used to levitate above the ground, immune to fire and mob attacks, but you'll still be exposed to gases and missile weapons. Can be used for up to 600 turns.

      New Maximum Level: 41

      So those are my suggestions. I think you guys can make them a little better, like just tweak some errors. Thanks for reading!

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    • Sounds neat, I'll NEED to test it.

      I'm kidding I'll NEED to beat it

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    • +1 kudos

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    • I'd love that idea. It's close to a sequel which is something im really wanting. Here are some of my ideas(if i state any ideas in the long comment upbove sorry i didn't read it because its really long)

         new liquid:boiling lava

      I want the water in this stage to not even be  effective,why would you find anything safe in the chaos realm?

      if you walk in this lava you will catch fire,iluminate,and take 5 damage per turn. If you walk out of the lava, you'll still have the fire debuff for 3 turns.

         New traps:infection trap,spawn trap,unlock trap

      the infection trap gives the player or enemy a plague, which that deals 1 damage per turn, and can be cured whith a healing potion,frozen carpaccio, or a demonic tomb of cure(demonic tombs explained in the next paragraph).the spawn trap is kind of self explainitory,it spawns a enemy.The unlock trap is the only good trap in the game,but ethier way, it can be used for evil.It unlocks doors and trap door that lead to chasms and even activate other traps.

         new items:demonic tombs

      demonic tombs look like tombs of mastery but whith black instead gold text on the cover and a crimson cover. There are 3 kinds:cure,warp, and mastery.cure and warp are found randomly. The demonic tome of mastery is unloked by defeating the ghost of the tengu.cure clears posion and infection.warp transforms intoa warp orb that can teloport you to any place on the level.mastery can turn any class into any subclass,and all the subclasses have double the skill.


         enemys:gnoll scout minon,gnoll brute minon,gnoll shaman minon

      i dont quite have ideas for the stats of the gnoll minons, but look like the there regular form but with red eyes

         sub bosses:ghost of the tengu

      same with the gnoll minons,i dont know his stats but i know what i want him to look like. Its the tengu but with a similer color palet the the sad ghost.

         And thats all i got(plese corect my my typeing errors i did not proofread

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    • Actually, why also have a demon hunter.

      He gives you the task of destroying leticularis son,rotting leticularis or burning leticularis.

      Upon seeing you he says hey, class name! Wanna save a world,kill a son of leticularis, burning leticularis or rotting leticularis. Upon talking to him without beating him:hey, hurry up on the dragons.

      If You Defeat a dragon he says: nice work, take this, and he gives you the wings.

      if you defeat two :The same thing, but he gives you the reinforced wings, which can be used forever. That's my alternative

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    • also the trying comment is mine

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    • I'll create a separate page for all of this, since the details are REALLY long (I've updated it a lot). Then we can have a discussion there.

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    • how's it called

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    • btw the comment starting with:I'd love that idea. It's close to a sequel which is something im really wanting. Here are some of my ideas(if i state any ideas in the long comment upbove sorry i didn't read it because its really long) was me before i had an account

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    • we should get some people to program a version thats the same BUT has this in it

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    • A FANDOM user
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