• I've been thinking lately, and I've decided to start this discussion so that people can talk about their best runs, and strategies on how to improve future runs. I'll start it off with something I've done a few times in the past;

    There are a few things you'll need in order for this to work: first, you'll need a Wand of Regrowth. This is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Second, you will need the Seed Pouch and the Dew Vial. (In other words, if you screw up and lose those somehow, you're screwed and can't do this. [I have done this before, a theif had stolen them in one of those layouts with a LOT of bridges+chasms, used Wand of Amok to try to get him to come and die on my blade, he leaps over the edge instead and the damned thing was lost forever.]) Third, you need a decent weapon (tier 4-5, or the T3 mace) and decent armor (again, T4-5). You should also upgrade them to +5-6, it helps a LOT. (OPTIONAL) Fourth, you'll need a scroll case to keep the scrolls you get as loot from burning up if you catch fire, and to free up inventory space. (OPTIONAL) Finally, you'll need 3-4 Health Potions before you start as insurance, because if you do this you are likely to be in a constant state of starvation. (OPTIONAL) I've found that this works best for Warriors, although with a bit of luck it will work for the other classes as well.

    Keep in mind that it will become extremely hard to do this if/when Watabou fixes the wand recharge bug.

    Once you've satisfied the requirements above, including or excluding the three optional parts, you need to perform the wand recharge bug on the Wand of Regrowth. Once you've done that, locate a large room with grass-friendly tiles. (it's easier if you just use a Garden room that you've already trampled all the grass in, but you don't NEED to.)
    Use the Wand of Regrowth on each of the tiles lining the walls, working your way around the room with the blasts, until there are two layers of tall grass lining the room. (It's best to start with a tile next to a corner tile, because the corner tiles won't spread into the second layer, and therefore shouldn't be zapped.) Once you're done, trample the newly made grass and harvest all the seeds and dewdrops. Repeat several times, until you have enough seeds to make 5-6 potions, and your Dew Vial is full. Next, head for the nearest Alchemy Pot and use all the seeds you've gotten on it, EXCEPT FOR SEEDS OF SUNGRASS AND EARTHROOT. KEEP THREE OF EACH OF THOSE AT ALL TIMES. Collect your new potions. (TIP: If you haven't yet identified which color is for Health Potions, follow the advice in the Tips article for making sure you won't do too much damage by drinking potions to identify them.) Repeat these two processes until you have a large number of Health Potions. Now you can proceed to step two. (Keep in mind that you should repeat step one whenever you run low on Health Potions.) Keep an EXTREMELY close eye on how much health you have at any given time. I cannot express enough how important this is. If you get below 30 hp with 20 Damage Absorbtion armor, or if you are fighting an enemy that CAN remove all of your remaining hp in one hit, REGARDLESS of the chances of it actually doing so, use a Health Potion. It takes a long time to get this far in the process and it is EXTREMELY aggravating if you screw up and have to start over. Start farming Kobold Warlocks (in the prison levels) for scrolls. Sell any scrolls and/or potions that you get from steps 1&2 that you aren't likely to used regularly. (NOTE: IF YOU FIND A WELL OF TRANSMUTATION, MARK THE LOCATION AND RETURN LATER WITH A SCROLL OF UPGRADE SO THAT YOU CAN GET A SCROLL OF WEAPON UPGRADE. DO NOT WASTE THE WELL ON ANYTHING ELSE, AND DO NOT USE THE SCROLL OF WEAPON UPGRADE UNTIL YOU HAVE EITHER A LONGSWORD (T4), A BATTLE AXE (T4), A GLAIVE (T5), OR A WARHAMMER (T5) AT +N (I couldn't find the max level a weapon can have, substitute "N" with one level below that). ANYTHING WORSE THAN THAT HAS A HIGH CHANCE OF BEING A WASTE OF A SCROLL, AS THE ODDS OF LOSING ANY ENCHANTMENT YOU MIGHT GET WHEN YOU NEXT UPGRADE IT...)

    Step three comes later, once you have progressed a bit farther. Specifically, once you've found the Ambitious Imp and gotten his quest; fill out his request, but once you have however many badges he wants, hide them somewhere and continue farming them. They sell for 100 gold each with merchants, so farming them is an easy way to get enough gold to last for the rest of the game, as well as to get any "Earn X amount of gold" badges you might not yet have. Keep in mind that once you turn in the completed quest, you can't get them anymore, so don't turn it in until you're done farming them for gold.

    The point behind doing this is that Kobold Warlocks have a % chance to drop ANY scroll, INCLUDING Scrolls of Upgrade (Though I don't think they drop Scrolls of Weapon Upgrade.)

    Farming them is really the ONLY way to get ALL of your equipment to high levels. It is also the only work-around I've found to my earlier post regarding the max number of Upgrade Scrolls I find in any given playthrough. (see the "Balance Changes" thread.) The reason you need step one is because you need a LOT of Health Potions to pull it off, and you'll probably need to refill your Dew Vial often.

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    • ..Not sure if newb, (=_=) or trolling..

      So.. (Not to be derisive, but..) That whole wall of text, just to basically say "Farm Healing Potions" & "Farm Scrolls From Gnoll Shamans"??

      Also, you may want to check this out:  Gnoll Shaman Drop Detail

      Scrolls of Upgrade don't drop from Gnoll Shamans, and once you pass level 16, they don't drop any more scrolls.  (Unless you're reporting that you've acquired Scrolls of Upgrade from Gnoll Shamans..?  Then that's a different story - and that's a bug. [@Ethaniel:  Or an undocumented, recent change?] )

      Oh, and no need to mark the location of wells; the Journal logs the wells for you.

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    • Well, first (regarding "noob or troll"), it's neither; I simply don't have enough faith in the intelligence of my fellow humans to trust them to be able to figure out how to do that without specific instructions. It could just be the massive number of people on the planet coupled with the internet and the fact that people consider examples of stupidity more entertaining and worth spreading than examples of intelligence, but I've found far more evidence suggesting that some 85-95% of all humans are complete morons not suited to performing any kind of heavy thinking than evidence suggesting that most people are intelligent, talented individuals. It probably doesn't help that most of the schools I've researched (and I've researched a lot of schools, that became something of a hobby of mine some five years ago when I first noticed this) don't seem to teach the way their students learn. ("If kids don't learn the way we teach, then maybe we should teach the way kids learn.") My opinion of human intelligence is further lowered by the raging incompetence of every government I've heard of, and the fact that most dictators, modern or otherwise, seem to be 100% insane.

      And second, I actually wasn't aware that they didn't drop Upgrade scrolls, I just saw them dropping scrolls and assumed they had the same chance to generate Upgrade scrolls as any given floor. I HAD noticed that they didn't drop scrolls after I hit level 16, but by the time I hit that level, I had more scrolls than I could have possibly found a use for anyways.

      Sorry about that.

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    • LOL!  I almost teared up from laughter.  You get a Kudos for that.  =D

      No need to apologize; you're preachin' to the choir.

      I sensed that there was a third reason, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was; now I know.

      Stay strong in our great struggle, my friend!  There's hope for us yet!

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    • How do you farm Heath Potions by killing enemies? Isn’t it killing dwarf monks?

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    • No. It's from killing Swarm of Flies, Scorpios, and Dwarf Warlocks though Dwarf Warlocks drop other potions as well.

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