• I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was wondering if I could get some tips on how to win the game from my current standpoint.

    I am a level 21 berseker on depth 21

    •  normal longsword
    •  plate armor +3
    •  ring of haste +3
    •  ring of evasion +4
    •  5 scrolls of upgrade
    •  other scrolls (but no magic mapping)
    •  a bunch of potions
    •  a few seeds
    •  3 raw meat
    •  wand of amok +2
    •  wand of lightning +1
    •  wand of lightning
    •  wand of poison +1
    •  wand of telekinesis
    •  8 darts
    •  2 incendiary darts
    •  6/10 dew vial
    •  lloyd's beacon
    •  armor kit
    •  4,000 gold

    Mostly what I want to know is what to use my scrolls of upgrade on, but all tips are welcome!

    Thanks for your help!

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    • I gotchu.  ; j

      1.)  Set your Lloyd's Beacon to your current depth - D-21.  Remember to always set it here after each return.  This depth is essentially your base of operations, especially if you find new items & need to sell some, to make room in your Backpack.  Plus, the Shop will have items you need (if you still have enough Gold by the time you reach that depth), like Healing potions, Magic Mapping scrolls, Teleportation scrolls, & Mind Vision potions.  ← If these items are still in the shop, buy them with this order of priority: 1.) Healing potions, 2.) Magic Mapping scrolls/Mind Vision potions, 3.) Teleportation scrolls.  (If you already have Teleportation scrolls, don't buy the ones in the Shop & save your Gold on the other stuff I listed.)

      It's ideal to have 3 Magic Mapping scrolls & 3 (or 4) Mind Vision potions for each (non-Boss) depth. (The 4th Mind Vision potion being for the boss depth)

      2.)  You'll want to split your values evenly, so use 1 Upgrade scroll on your Plate Armor, to make it +4 (Up to 30 Dmg Absorption; Scorpios will deal the most damage in this stage, with 32 Dmg, so you'll definitely want the armor for when your +4 Ring of Evasion doesn't kick in), and your other 4 Upgrade scrolls on your base-level (?) Longsword to make it +4 as well.  {Btw; how'd you make it that far using only a base-level Tier-4 weapon?  I mean, yeah your Evasion ring is +4, but still.}

      I usually try to hold off on using Upgrade scrolls 'til I've found a Tier-5 weapon, but in your case (& if you have no better weapon), I think you need that Longsword upgraded ASAP.

      Oh & super-pertinent question (if you can remember):  How many upgrade scrolls have you found in total (including ones you've already read)??

      The max amount of generated Upgrade scrolls (in a perfect run) is 13.  And by my count (& unless you upgraded your rings), you should've gotten more by now.

      [Redacted]:  If you find another Upgrade scroll in any of the next 3 depths, use it on the Longsword to make it +5.

      In any case, my upgrade suggestions & your current ring levels should suffice & help you reach Y-D.

      +4 Plate Armor & +4 Longsword

      3.)  If you can help it, I highly recommend you fill up your Dew Vial.  (It should've already been Full by D-21, but yeah.)

      4.)  I'll need to know what seeds you have & how many of each.  Cause if you have the necessary seeds, you can brew some of them to get the potions you'll need for later.  (i.e. P-Gas potion against the 2 Fists for the final boss fight; Mind Vision potion for all depths; et c.)

      I'll also need to know what your potions are & how many of each type.

      5.)  If you have a Seed of Icecap, or Potion of Frost, turn those 3 Mystery Meats into Frozen Carpaccio; always turn them to Frozen Carpaccio.  You'll see why when you go to the Frozen Carpaccio page & see the good stuff it provides you, in the table.

      6.)  If your other scrolls are Teleportation & Lullaby, you'll need them for the next 3 depths.  If you have (a) Mirror Image scroll(s), save it/them for the final boss fight.

      7.)  You have +4 Ring of Evasion & +3 Ring of Haste, so you should be fine, but to help you save Healing potions, make great use of your +2 Wand of Amok at this stage.  Make the enemies do most of the work for you.  And to help you with your wand woes, I suggest reading this useful piece of information.

      8.)  You'll want to be Level 22 before you descend to D-22; it's always best to at least match the depth you're in, or be 1 Level ahead of your current depth.  I usually find my runs to be successful if I maintained 1 Level above my current depth.

      9.)  I'd normally recommend against using the Armor Kit, but the Berserker sub-class is really the only sub-class that can effectively use it (though, you'll need a Ring of Mending to make it work to your advantage), so if you feel you have enough Healing potions, then it's up to you.  Otherwise, leave that thing at D-21.

      Hope that helps!  =)

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    • Shadow Automaton wrote:
      If you get any more Upgrade scrolls in the next 3 depths (1 per depth)

      Correction: There can be only 1 SoU in stage 5 (with a 60 % probability).

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    • Ethaniel wrote:
      Correction: There can be only 1 SoU in stage 5 (with a 60 % probability).

      (Fixed my original post.)

      I was aware of that, but I only said that cause I found his/her lack of Upgrade scrolls to be odd, and was thinking that the dungeon would compensate for it.  Which was also why I stated the sentence most previous to the one you're referring to.  (to determine what his/her situation was; once I have a better read on the situation, then I'd be able to provide more accurate advice)

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    • Thanks for the in depth help!

      I actually just made it to depth 25 before reading the comment (heh, my bad), but just used one of the scrolls of upgrade and saved a potion of mind vision, which is good, so I can still follow your instructions for the most part.

      Here is my current inventory:

      The Ring of Haste is +3 and the Ring of Evasion is +5. So now, I'm down to 4 scrolls of upgrade.

      Should I just use the armor kit on the plate armor and all of the scrolls on the longsword now?

      Thanks for your time.

      Oh, I have:

      •  3 seeds of firebloom
      •  1 seed of sorrowmoss
      •  2 seeds of earthroot
      •  1 seed of sungrass
      •  2 seeds of blindweed
      •  1 potion of mind vision
      •  1 postion of toxic gas
      •  2 potions of liquid flams
      •  4 postions of levitation
      •  1 potion of frost
      •  3 potions of invisibility
      •  4 potions of healing
      •  1 potion of strength
      •  and 1 potion of paralytic gas.

      To answer your question, I think I only found about 7, or 8, scrolls of upgrade, but most of the stuff I found already had upgrades, so I got pretty lucky there.

      Also, I was unable to fill my dew vial at those depths, as I had problems stepping on challenge traps and having to run for the exit (whoops).

      And I think there was an alchemy pot on Depth 22, but I did not set Lloyd's beacon.  Dang it.  :/

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    • Ohh, that's how you got that far with a base-level Longsword; you chose the path of upgrading your Ring of Evasion.

      Honestly, with a +5 Ring of Evasion & +3 Ring of Haste, you can upgrade whatever you want at this point.  LoL  But if it were me, I'd upgrade the Longsword, so it doesn't take forever to slay Y-D.

      Don't bother with the Armor Kit; it doesn't look like you have enough Healing potions to make the Armor Kit strategy work.

      Ohk, uhmm.. If you haven't stepped off the stairs in D-25 & started the boss fight yet, you may want to go back upstairs to D-24.  It looks like you're Starving, and converting your x3 Mystery Meat to x3 Frozen Carpaccio, via your Frost potion, should help you.  (Unless you want to double-immobilize the Burning Fist with it, after throwing the P-Gas potion.)

      Drink your Strength potion already!!  LoL

      Oh; you already have the potions you need; no need to brew your seeds.

      You'll obviously need at least 1 Earthroot seed to step on, once you start attacking the Y-D's eyeball.

      Right before you step off the stairs at D-25, drink your Mind Vision potion. (This should give you the fists & eyeball's location immediately, allowing you more time to do the following.)  Once you step off the stairs in D-25, kite the fists away from the eyeball.  Then drink your Invisibility potion to get back to the eyeball.  On your way to the eyeball, throw your P-Gas potion at them, to immobilize them; making sure both fists are caught in the cloud.  You can then throw your Liquid Flame potion at the Rotting Fist while it's paralyzed, so it can take Burning damage during its turns of being Paralyzed.  Then plant your Earthroot seed next to the eyeball, on a cell with the least amount of open spaces for a larva to attack you, then step on it & begin the attack.  (If you're standing on top of it when you plant it {rather than planting by throwing}, step off the plant, then step back on it, so you see the Herbal Armor buff below your health bar.)

      7-8 Upgrade scrolls.. Interesting.  That's the lowest amount that the dungeon ever generates.  Hmm.. Kudos on getting that far with only those few upgrade scrolls!  And getting lucky with finding already-upgraded items!

      Ahh.. I see.  You actually don't need to exit the depth after stepping on an Alarm trap; you just need to stay away from the area where that triggered Alarm trap is, because all the enemies will go there.  You should be relatively safe on the opposite side of the same depth (if you can make it there before encountering an enemy).

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    • Ok, sounds good.

      I'll use 3 scrolls to upgrade the longsword and one on the ring of evasion.  And I will do the other stuff (drink the strength potion, drop the armor kit, and convert the meat to frozen carpaccio).

      Thanks for your help; I'll let you know how it goes!

      I freaking died.  :'(  Maybe next time.

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    • Oh noes!  What happened??


      A +5 Ring of Evasion was actually enough.  What you needed was more damage.

      Next time (& if you get more than 8 Upgrade scrolls), I recommend investing your upgrade scrolls on your weapon & armor, rather than your rings.

      An ideal endgame equipment set-up would be:  a +6 Tier-5 Weapon, a +6 Plate Armor, & two +3 Rings.  Basically, evenly-split upgrades.  (Or, depending on your approach, same set-up, but instead of a +6 Plate Armor, your rings will get more upgrades.  Never a run with +6 Plate Armor & upgraded rings, but with a non-upgraded weapon.)

      Here's a couple of links that might help with your future Berserker runs:

      •  Berserker Mini-Guide (Incomplete; I'm still working on the rest of the guide, but most of what you need should be there.)
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    • Sounds good! I will read through all of this before my next runthrough!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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    • You're welcome!  =)

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    • I read through the mini guide, and re-read through your tips from the rest of this post, and just made it back to Yog!

      This time, I've got:

      •  a war hammer +3,
      •  plate armor +4,
      •  ring of accuracy +2,
      •  ring of elements +3,
      •  22 shuriken,
      •  9 javelins,
      •  7 tomahawks,
      •  6 potions of liquid flame,
      •  7 potions of healing,
      •  4 potions of levitation,
      •  3 potions of invisibility,
      •  2 potions of mind vision,
      •  3 potions of frost,
      •  1 potion of toxic gas,
      •  1 potion of purification,
      •  full dew vial,
      •  lloyd's beacon (set at depth 21),
      •  3 arcane stylus,
      •  3 seeds of firebloom,
      •  3 seeds of sungrass,
      •  1 seed of icecap,
      •  3 seeds of sorrowmoss,
      •  5 scrolls of upgrade,
      •  1 scroll of terror,
      •  2 scrolls of teleportation,
      •  1 scroll of identity,
      •  wand of disintegration +2,
      • wand of poison +1,
      •  and a wand of blink.

      Any tips on how to beat yog?

      Also, should I try for a glyph?

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    • Niiice!  Congrats!

      Similar strategy.

      But since you don't have a Potion of Paralytic Gas, you'll have to toss your Potions of Frost at the Burning Fist, so you can make your way to the eyeball.  Tossing the Potion of Toxic Gas at the fists helps a little, too.  (And remember, Liquid Flame at the Rotting Fist, as well.)  And.. hmm.. without an Earthroot seed, this boss fight is gonna be a lot tougher for you, especially with only 7 Healing potions; you'll have to step on a Sungrass plant instead.

      You'll also have to decide whether you want to tough it out & keep attacking the eyeball, or whether you want to slay the fists first (prioritizing the nearest fist), so the eyeball won't have as much health for you to beat down.  If you decide to slay the fists first & you toss your Potion of Toxic Gas, remember to drink your Potion of Purifiation.  And you'll have to make use of your missile weapons as well.

      Up to you, but I'd still stick to the same strat, only switching out Earthroot for Sungrass.  Just remember to drink your invisibility potions on the way to the eyeball.

      Leave your scrolls & wands at D-24 (except Wand of Blink; bring that with you); you won't have use for them in the boss fight.

      Use 3 of your 5 Upgrade scrolls to upgrade your +3 War Hammer to +6.  And use the remaining 2 Upgrade scrolls to upgrade your +4 Plate Armor to +6 as well.

      As for your Arcane Styli; you only have 3 of them, so I wouldn't recommend inscribing a Glyph.  But what you could do is, upgrade your +4 Plate Armor to +5, then use your Arcane Styli; and if you get either Entanglement, Viscosity, or Stench, then keep your armor at +5 'til after the fight.  If you don't get any of those glyphs, then just use your last Upgrade scroll & upgrade your Plate Armor to +6.  The Upgrade scroll should remove the glyph you inscribed.  (You'll need to get Entanglement, since you don't have an Earthroot seed.)

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    • which tactic do you think would be better? killing the fists first or going after yog?

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    • Mmm.. With only 7 Healing potions, I'd go straight for Y-D.  (Though it also depends on the positioning of the eyeball.  If it's in a corner, then you're set, but if it's in the open, you'll have a tougher time.  You'll need to build up your Larvae barrier fast.)

      It'll be difficult to separate the fists & isolate one of them, and you'd need to stand on water while fighting either fist.  It's doable, but you'd need more Healing potions to pull it off & you'd need a Seed of Earthroot per fist & eyeball.

      Just be careful with the Larvae after you kill the eyeball (they each deal 15-20 dmg); try to keep the number to 7 larvae; and try not to go over 10 larvae.

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    • ug. so close, but no cigar. he wasnt in a corner, and I couldnt stand on water when I attacked him. Oh well, maybe next time. And ill remember to keep a seed of earthrood next time. Thanks again!

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    • You don't need to be on water while striking the eyeball; you only need to be on water when fighting the fists.

      No problem!  =)

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    • while I was hitting the eyeball the fists came back up to me so I caught on fire :(

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    • Ahh; you needed to have the eyeball spawn enough larvae, to create a Larvae barrier, to protect you from the fists.

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    • I'm back again, and I was wondering if you could help me decide what to use my scrolls of upgrade for. This time I have:

      Unstable War Hammer +3,

      Plate Armor +4,

      Ring of Detection +2,

      Ring of Haste +2,

      14 shurikens,

      5 scrolls of upgrade, 

      wand of regrowth +1,

      seeds (including earthroot),

      potions (almost every type),

      full dew vial,

      4 healing potions

      so I was mainly wondering if you think its worth the risk of losing the unstable enchantment in order to upgrade the war hammer, as well as what else to upgrade. thanks!

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    • Do you have any wands?

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    • Wand of Regrowth,

      Wand of Regrowth +1,

      Wand of Disintegration+1

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    • wrote:
      I'm back again, and I was wondering if you could help me decide what to use my scrolls of upgrade for. This time I have:
      •  Unstable War Hammer +3,
      •  Plate Armor +4,
      •  Ring of Haste +2

      so I was mainly wondering if you think its worth the risk of losing the unstable enchantment in order to upgrade the war hammer, as well as what else to upgrade. thanks!

      Hey!  Welcome back!  =)

      Well; it depends on which 2 of the 3 above items you value more.  (Higher damage output {+6 War Hammer} & higher damage absorption {+6 Plate Armor}, or being faster {+6 Ring of Haste} & your Unstable enchantment {+5 Plate Armor} ??)

      •  Under usual circumstances, I'd suggest you to allocate your Upgrade scrolls between your War Hammer & Plate Armor to make both of them +6 (2 scrolls on your +4 Plate Armor to make it +6, and using 3 on your +3 Unstable War Hammer to make it +6 as well).
      •  But you also have a +2 Ring of Haste; so if you're really partial to your Ring of Haste & wanna hang on to the Unstable enchantment as well, then I'd suggest upgrading your +4 Plate Armor to +5, and your +2 Ring of Haste to +6.

      Personally, the Unstable enchantment is too inconsistent/unreliable for me to keep, over having raw damage output, but it's up to you.  You can take either path, since they're the two most optimal paths I would choose from; & both paths would yield the best success rate (just a matter of preference).

      But any other deviation from the above recommended upgrade paths, and I can't guarantee whether you'll be successful, or not.

      Hope this helps!  =)

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    • Hmm..... What I would upgrade is the Ring of Haste because it is the best ring in the game as well as the Ring of Evasion and you would get about 3 turns for every 1 the enemy gets. A Warhammer +3 = an average of 23. With 3 hits per turn the average is 69 points of damage per turn. That's more damage than you can deal with upgrading your Warhammer and with the Unstable enchantment, it does a random enchantment 100% of the time. So it has a chance to do the Grim enchantment, but it's a little too rare to rely on.

      Also with your first post at the top, I think you could of won if you upgraded the Ring of Haste. I know how powerful it is because I beat the game with very poor gear, but because I had the Ring of Haste upgraded as much I could that game (+12), I won. I believe I had a base level Longsword and either Leather, Mail, or Scale armor at base level or +1. That was awhile ago and I can't really remember it well.

      Anyway that's my suggestion and you don't have to follow it if you don't want to. I hope you win.  :)

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    • thanks for the help you guys! does the fact that I only have 4 healing potions sway your opinions?

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    • Well, it then may hurt a bit… ^^"

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    • wrote:
      Thanks for the help, you guys!  Does the fact that I only have 4 healing potions sway your opinions?

      No problem!  Glad we could be of help!  =)

      LoL  Not really.

      I mean, you did say you have 2 Wands of Regrowth, correct?  You can just keep drinking dewdrops & farming for the Seed of Sungrass, then brew them into Healing potions.

      (Though, I'd advise to also hold on to a handful of Sungrass seeds, for when you can heal without being interrupted by enemies.  Since you're low on healing supplies, you should only use Healing potions during a fight, when your health has dropped to 40% & can't get away to heal with a Sungrass seed.  I say this, cause 1 Seed of Sungrass can heal you back to full health, versus having to brew 3 seeds in order to make 1 Healing potion.  Basic supply management.)

      And in order to help you farm those Sungrass seeds, you can take advantage of:  this.

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    • Beat the game! i wasnt able to respond sooner because where I was there was no internet, but thanks! So happy!

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    • wrote:
      Beat the game! i wasnt able to respond sooner because where I was there was no internet, but thanks! So happy!

      You're welcome. I'm glad you were able to beat it. :) Now what you can do is beat the game with the other classes and get the other badges that you haven't gotten yet. I hope you're successful. :)

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    • wrote:
      Beat the game!  I wasnt able to respond sooner because, where I was, there was no internet, but thanks!  So happy!

      No problem!  Glad you were able to beat it.

      If you need assistance/advice on anything else, don't hesitate to post here again (or on my Wall).  (Though, hopefully, I'll have the Guides up by then.)


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    • How to past the stage 5

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    • A FANDOM user
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