• Pixel Dungeon is good as it is, but, like anyone, I have some ideas for it.
    And by some, I mean LOADS.
    (My days are kinda boring, so I have lots of thinking time.)

    Let's start off with what I think almost anyone would suggest:


    The concept:
    There would be all kinds of different pet foods. Enemies can drop pet food on death. You could put the food in your hands and feed it to monsters, and they'd become your pet and fight for you, sniff out hidden doors for you, and other things.

    Enchantment Application


    Being able to put enchantments on things.
    Not just finding enchanted items.
    I'm thinking it would be an item like an arcane stylus. But I don't know.

    If Watabou reads this and adds it to the game, I wouldn't care what he'd make it into.

    New Weapons and Armor


    New weapons and armor. Rapiers, cutlasses, helmets, stuff like that. 


    And last of all, dual wielding.

    If it were restricted to some of the Mastery Classes, I would think Berserker and Assassin would be the best candidates for dual wielding if it were added.

    That's everything I have for now. I will hopefully think up some more ideas on more of my boring days, but for now, feel free to say what you think of my ideas.

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