• I recently beat the game, and I am really, really thankful to the larvae.  Seriously; without their help, I don't think I could defeat Yog-Dzewa.  xD

    Without them, the fists could reach & kill me within a few turns, the larvae can act as a meatshield, forming a barrier to block, between me & Yog-Dzewa, against those two strong-as-hell Fists.  I would be happy to get surrounded by those little bugs, as they can get those life-threatening fists away from me.

    Additionally, those larvae don't really hurt much; I often dodge them with my Assassin, and when they do hit me, the damage is always zero.  They seldom hit me over 10; never over 15.

    So... why would the wiki suggest to "kill them before more are spawned" and "Do not let more than 7 Larvae spawn"?  In my opinion, this will make your process in damaging the real boss a lot slower, and you lose the meat barrier advantage.

    So what are your thoughts?  I would like to hear.

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    • Well in this case larva is better than earthroot.

      Majority of the games I've won, it's because of the ring of Evasion.

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    • These larvae do not do anything. As you said they rarley damage you and when they do its like 5 damage. I've never used a "meat shield" since I normally go for the fists first, so I would not know how much advantage that would give you. Oh yeah congratulations on getting the Amulet of Yendor.  ; D

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