New Weapons

    • Pyro Blazefury (has chance of igniting enemy and burning them, no enchantment so will not vanish when upgrading)
    • Nunchucks (a  bit accurate and fast)
    • Club (Almost ALWAYS has an healing enchantment)

    New Enchantment - Healing (similiar to vampiric)

    Piranha changed to Redfish - Together with mystery meat, now has a chance of dropping Potions of Healing.

    Gnoll changed to Bleeding Gnoll - Slightly more HP (Just 1 :P)

    Albino rat changed to Bane Rat - (Poison)

    Crab changed to Insectic Being (Suggest a name for the creature)

    New Ghost Quest: Kill the Phoenix Rat

    New Food - Aged Meat (Goo has 80% chance of dropping, other Mobs has a chance too [find them] Chance of invisibility, chance of levitation, chance of normal half food)

    Mages now start with Nunchucks

    Visual tweaks 

    • Grass particles slightly last longer
    • Wand of Avalanche, Disintegration visual effect changed
    • Dew Vial Flare when emptying changed to bluish color
    • Recharge particles changed to purple (slower and wider)

    Introducing FINALLY A New Class: PRIEST

    • Priests start with 16 points of health
    • Priests begin with a club with healing properties (similiar to vampiric)
    • Priests start with Ring of herbalism +1
    • Potions of Healing are identified from the beginning.


    • DRUID: Able to get barksin buff from grass, Also has the ability to do combos.
    • ALCHEMIST: ALL potions are identified.

    Update Notes

    EDIT:  Update, visuals tweaked, new plant: Inertshrub, Priest icon tweaked.


    • Priest now has his own icon
    • About screen updated
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