• Greetings all,

    Link to source code and store page can be found in the previous thread:  Your Pixel Dungeon v0.5 - Tutorial Prototype Added.

    I have also attached a QR code that will take you to the Google store page.

    If you prefer playing on your computer, we recommend using the bluestacks app player:

    Our mod is also on the Amazon app store.

    You can download the apk here:


    Version Notes
    v1.0c Possible save fail fix (thanks to info from 00-evan).
    v1.0b Merged with 1.7.5 + fixes crashes that could occur when using old maps in the latest version. The items and enchants that were removed (such as stylus and piercing) are now fully usable (via map editor) alongside the new items.
    v0.9.9e Fixed issue with quest npcs showing up on every custom level. Items randomly generated in custom levels now also correctly get better depending on amount of strength potions created (no more cloth on custom depth 20+).
    v0.9.9d Crash fixes (please try this version if map editor crashed for you before).
    v0.9.9c Descend freeze fixed, thanks to info from 00-Evan.
    v0.9.9b Added floor copy in map editor (accessed in the same way as floor delete, long-pressing the tab in question). Currently only supports putting copy of selected floor at the end of the list of floors, rather than choose order.
    v0.9.9 The prototype file-sharing feature has now been added (requires manual drag-and-drop of files to/from phone and PC). You have to use the new export button at least once (so that the public folder YourPD is created on your phone). Feel free to post map files in this thread.
    v0.9.5 Added Key Ring, 2nd Quickslot, and changed so that last staircase in a custom map always takes you to a LastLevel with the amulet.
    v0.9.3 Added manual save button to menu; also added possible fix for auto-saving issue some players are having.
    v0.9.2 Added floor deletion by tab long-press in map editor + crash fixes. Shop room is now also selectable in map editor, but items/price will use default from the standard game.


    • You can scroll up/down in the map editor views.
    • You can have max 10 custom dungeons (with any amount of depths).  Longclick on a file in the first page of map editor to access the file delete dialog.
    • The tabs in the second page of the map editor are scrollable, you may need to scroll a bit to access and modify a certain depth.
    • Floors (and their tabs) can be deleted as long as you have at least 2 floors.  You do this by long-pressing on the tab and choosing delete.
    • You can also copy a floor by long-pressing and choosing copy instead.
    • You will automatically get a "finish" screen, when descending the last staircase in your custom dungeon.
    • If you want the player to start at a certain level with certain items, the best solution right now is to have your first depth be mob-free, then add items and experience potions as needed to depth 1, then have the "real start" be from depth 2.


    • Depths are generated based on the custom settings, but the layout of each depth will always be random (you will find everything you have specified, but it will be in a different place on the depth each time).
    • Boss type depths can only be modified with items (and always contain the "correct" boss).
    • Room types can be chosen but not modified.
    • Sign contents/placement is not currently supported.
    • Quests are currently not supported.
    • Cannot set starting level/equipment of the player character.

    //YourPD team

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