• So, as you may know, the whole "Well of Knowledge" thing took off! I was wondering if I could catch you for an interview for the coming February issue. Here's the formalities:

    -If you wish to add or remove a q+a pair from what will be published, feel free, jsut please mark the change so I may look over it.

    -Please try to get it in by Feb. 10th. I'm asking the 10th of that issue's month for these as the deadline, so... yeah.


    1. How did you get into Pixel Dungeon? What brought you to PD Wiki?

    2. What's with you and your knuckleduster feti-er, preference (other than destroying the Monks)

    3. Why do I get the eerie feeling your favorite classes are Mage and Warrior...

    4. How would you react if I walked up to you with a pair of brass knuckles and punched you square in the face?

    5. Why do you seem like you're yelling on your profile? Are you trying to sound like Leroy Jenkins or something?

    That's all! HAppy New Year's Dungeoncrawling!

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    • 1. I searched up pixel rpgs and found Pixel Dungeon. After a while of playing I wondered if there was a Pixel Dungeon Wiki so I checked. The wiki didn't have much and pages were unfinished so I was like no no no this cannot happen, time to make it look nice.

      2. I think it's quite badass completing a game with the lowest tier weapon.

      3. I actually don't have a prefered class. Warrior is fun and all, but it's easy. Mage is somewhat harder as you need some luck finding that Firebolt wand. Rogue is pure skill and fun. Huntress is the challenge.

      4. I'd slap you.

      5. Everything else was in CAPS so I put my stuff in CAPS. 'I LIVE IN' 'MY OCCUPATION IS' 'I AM'

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    • Maaaaay edit somewhat to extend. I'll send you a draft, tell me if you disagree with anything.

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    • Alright, here it is.

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    • A FANDOM user
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