• I will announce things for the Well of Knowledge here should I want to get it to the public before it is implemented (usually due to my update schedule).

    New Minipage (Blog post, no worries admins)

    This will hold the history and additions to the Well of Knowledge as it grows. It will include the Archives (should any sections get overcluttered), major changes (basically any change other than minor logo updates, typo fixes, and general cleanup), and maybe a release schedule. Note that each archived item will likely have its own blog (I'm sooooo sorry, blog stores!), with it being a carbon copy and listing the original source page. If I can't pull this off well, then this update will be removed. About time I took responsibility in cleaning up one of my overly-ambitious projects when it needs so!


    "Food for Thought" section

    • New icon will involve Chargrilled Steak and a Well OR Potion (labeled "Mind Vision")
    • Content will consist of the "Video Game Logic", and less obvious (and often very disturbing), details in the game (such as the fetid rat... existing...
    • As per usual, I will be the writer on this one.

    New Writer!

    TheDarkoko has agreed to help out with the writing. As of yet all the content has originated from me, I will rely on him to get the posts up on time and in the correct format. I should also note that I will now post a Credits section to the Main Page (of the project) to attribute myself, him, and any future hands.

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