• This is a texture pack of Shattered pixel dungeon (vanillalooks like) It does not share the original SPD and data. It is installed as a separate application.

    Download (apk)  SPD_Version 0.2.4c

    How To Install APK Files: Sideloading on Android

    • Fully re-worked artifact.
    • Wand with a distinctive appearance.
    • Change other color, shape, such as the position many fine.
    • Noise removal of Hero of walking sound effect (snd_step.mp3)
    • Additional weapon.
    • More difficult.


    Version Notes

    Improvement of texture.

    Change of initial strength and HP hero.

    • Warrior 11
    • Rogue 10 HP-5
    • Mage 9
    • Huntress 8 HP-5

    Additional weapon

    • Club - weapon with a very slow strong damage.
    • Whip - weapon with a very fast low hit rate.
    • Rapier - weapon with a quick little low hit rate.
    • Katana - weapon with a quick high hit rate.
    v1.0 Texture has been published.

    The modified source

    The copyright of this texture, Terms and Conditions are the same as those of the pixel dungeon and Shattered pixel dungeon. I do not understand the details of it, but perhaps you can be free to use this texture. For example, you can include in your mod. Credit is not required. Contact is not required.

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    • Finally! An actual pixel artist doing work on some textures! I'll be downloading this immediately to fix some of ShatteredPD's terrible textures like the blood chalice.

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    • DragonDePlatino wrote: Finally! An actual pixel artist doing work on some textures! I'll be downloading this immediately to fix some of ShatteredPD's terrible textures like the blood chalice.

      If you have problems with the current spritework in Shattered you're always welcome to give me feedback so I can try and improve. I'm very much a newbie pixel artist, but that doesn't mean I can't keep working on making better sprites.

      As for this texture pack, I really like some of the things done here. UI improvements like shading the toolbar, adding a proper 'Shattered Pixel Dungeon' title image, and improving the app icon are all great, and I am actually already planning to do some similar stuff in the next update.

      My only concern, and it's only a problem if you care about it, is that it isn't really in the original Pixel Dungeon's art style. It has a more shiny, saturated, and metallic feel to it. That isn't bad, just different.

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    • I added the Terms of Use. Everyone to be able to use this texture freely.

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    • Wand of magic missile has been slightly enhanced. Short Sword has been changed to Tier 2. Quarterstaff is now a little quickly. Added weapon only drop. In markets and Transmutation is not can get.

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    • Huntress is unplayable now. She cannot wear cloth armor (because it makes running from rats impossible plus increases hunger), and even the pitifully weak dagger is missing not just one but TWO points of strength. The best use for these two items is to open doors from distance, which is a bit ridiculous.

      Even a single rat is a challenge and gnolls are worse than crabs to other characters. And I have yet to see a crab.

      And then, on the other end of spectrum, the warrior who has best initial stats, gets an upgrade to his starting weapon. I like the graphical work put into this mod. I really do! But please, either playtest more or don't touch the numbers :)

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    • Have you removed the download link,I can´t acess it :(.

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    • Is the author even still here?

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    • A FANDOM user
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