• (Stolen from blog post [I think by SuperSaiyan99], can't locate atm)

    Test conditions:

    • All listed items, as well as ID Scrolls, an Armor Kit, 30 XP Pots, 7 STR Pots, bags, and 25 HP pots were on an enemyless first floor.
    • All succesive floors made with Mob Count 15, Spawnrate Extreme, and all Vanilla enemies residing in that level having an equal spawn chance.
    • Floor order:
      • Sewers Enemyless floor with all items
      • Sewers-Halls levels as listed above
      • Goo-Yog Dzewa levels also in order.
    • One Health pot and starting ration both used up
    • All one-time consumables (the two important pots) used up before leaving D1

    So, after toiling with YourPD, I found out the capabilities of each item at high levels (+10 each). I will split this into two categories, Independent (their own merits not including other listed items) and Combo (with specified item).



    • Ring of Power: Useless without wands.
    • Ring of Satieity: Ok. Ish.
    • Ring of Haste: Actually, kinda meh. The only reason it appears SO OP in normal games is because you dumped all your upgrade scrolls into it. Idiot.
    • Ring of Thorns + Haggler: I hope you know the implications.
    • Ring of Mending: Pretty good actually.
    • Ring of Evasion: Actually deserves the praise a good deal.
    • Ring of Everything Else: Mediocre.


    (From now on assume everything is prefixed with "{Item} of")

    • Poison: Well if you like waiting 30 turns to hear something die in the distance...
    • Lightning: "Wow, this must be really powerful!" Even with the RoPower it deals like 35 damage max.
    • Avalanche: Actually bad. Decent at crowd control, but seeing as it takes up half the floor, YOU will always be part of that crowd. And wands see no difference between friend and foe.
    • Firebolt: AWWW YEAAAAHHH!
    • Disintegration: Amazing! Great for crowd control and even with only 2 or so targets comes close to the Firebolt.
    • Regrowth: Meh.
    • Telekinesis: You will never check for traps again. You will never have problems with trap rooms again. Except summoning ones. Tee hee.
    • Flock: New anon's actually have a point. A sea of shpees is a potential lifesaver, but a massive nusiance. Also, Evil Eyes just got a littke more evil.
    • Everything else: Okay.


    • Plate Armor: Okay. Damage absorption in fairly mediocre at this point; investing in a decent wand is better.
    • Warhammer VS Glaive VS Knuckleduster (All weighted for speed): As I gave myself endgame strength (+7 STR Pots), in the end due to speed and excess strength bonus damage they have about the same DPS. I recommend the Knuckleduster as it has a higher chance of proc'ing enchants (though, if durability is in play, it also conks out double speed, too)

    Dependent (Comboes)


    • Power: Now ungodly. How amazing does a +20 Firebolt sound? Or how about a +20 Wand of Disintegration?
    • Mending + Satieity: Not a bad combo.
    • The previous + Haste: Redundant when not directly conflicting.
    • Everything Else: Ok if not bad.


    • Disintegration + Flock (+Telekinesis to move the sheep outta your way): EVERYTHING WILL BE ONE-SHOT.
    • Firebolt + Regrowth: Ever hear of Ethaniel's Miss Floor Burner?
    • Everything else: Middling.


    Yeah, cause those TOTALLY combo in Pixel Dungeon.

    (To be removed after edit)
    Sorry it's a bit sloppy atm. I'm tired, it's Midnight EST, and it took me an hour for typing alone. I hate to be like this but if I don't get to it in a couple days (or if you feel nice) please clean this up a bit for me.


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