• ...but I was thinking that something could be added that made Goo slightly less difficult for lower level players?

    Mmm.. I don't know about that.
    We already have the Seed of Earthroot, the Dew Vial, Bombs, and the Honeypot/Golden Bee; all of which make fighting Goo super easy nowadays.  Veterans who like how difficult Pixel Dungeon is (or many will say "was"), won't like making the Goo Boss Fight easier, especially with Pixel Dungeon being a Roguelike.  Making it even easier will no longer make it challenging & fun.

    If you're looking for "PD Easy Mode", you're better off playing/practicing on a mod of PD & not PD itself.  PD is supposed to be hard, and the fun is in figuring out how to play better, so you can survive & finish the game.

    ...but there was a time when I trampled every single vegetation square in the whole Sewer stage and didn't even get a single Seed of Earthroot, only Dreamweed.  I threw that on Goo once and the gas filled the whole room. So I died. :(

    Sorry, but that's just the nature of a RNG-based game.
    You just need to start a new game if you can't find a Seed of Earthroot (or any other item you think you need, for that matter) in a particular game session.
    Not every game will be perfect where you'll find what you need; sometimes the dungeon won't generate anything useful for you & you just need to start a new game session.

    That's what a Roguelike game is all about (rolling the dice); and you either accept that fact & enjoy PD for the Roguelike game that it is, or just realize that games in the Roguelike genré aren't for you (& realize you're better off playing standard RPGs).

    Also, unless you're playing as a Mage, or a Sniper-Huntress (or any class with a focus on Ranged combat), never use Dreamweed on Goo.
    (Actually, you won't want to use it on Goo in general, cause you'll make Goo wander onto water tiles, which will heal it, so it's only useful when Goo's room is completely dry.)

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    • Well I guess so, OK, thanks then. I just resumed the game I was playing yesterday (loads of seeds, wand of firebolt, eldritch sword +3, flooded room) and planted a seed of earthroot outside the door, woke up Goo and planted a Seed of Sorrowmoss in the doorway. Was 2 hits away from killing Goo, then Goo pumped up and killed me. But I didn't step off the Earthroot at all...

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