• sad ghost gave me crab to kill.crab blocks all attacks unless invisible.weird.

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    • Attack it immediately after it enters a door - such attacks count as a surprise hit and always hit the target. The giant crab was added to the game for this very reason - to teach new players about surprise hits. You know the attack was a surprise hit when there is a flash of a yellow exclamation mark over the target.

      Also, if you're posting about something from the mods, and not the original game, you'd better mention it. Just a simple courtesy.

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    • attack it with a wand if you have one

      lol it has been 4 years i think it is fixed

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    • Surprise attack is better if you playing a rogue or other classes with dagger or dirk,if you a mage attack him with staff (if great crab is standing near water,zap him using wand of lightning)

      This Enemy Teaches Player How To Surprise Attack Remember (Old Version) Read Sign, In (New Version) check Adventure book page!

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    • He's mentioning the stronger, slow version from shattered pixel dungeon. (As implied from mentioning it's a quest) This is only fightable as a quest from the sad ghost.

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