• This is, as the name implies, a warriors guide. It is mostly a boss guide, but features a bit of information on the stages to.  This guide works for berserkers or gladiators, so you can pick.

    Stage 1, the sewers

    In this stage, you will be IDing potions and scrolls especially strength and upgrade. When you complete the sad ghosts quest get the weapon. The first scroll of upgrade you get goes to the short sword, which you  later reforge to upgrade a tier 4 or 5 weapon from the sad ghost if you get it. In the sewers you will be relying mostly on luck finding good equipment.

    Boss 1, the Goo

    1. walk in the boss room, stopping at the door

    2. Take invitory

    3. By now you should have some bombs. Use them

    4. Next is those honey pots

    5. The Goo should be about half life know, so booby trap its path to you, using seeds

    6. Plant a seed of earthroot on water, making sure the Goo is on dry land. Note: do not move off of seed of earthroot.

    7. Using your  tier-4-5 weapon, beat the last few hit points out of him

    8. Grab that beacon. you'll need it later

    coming soon!


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