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    I know, you don't have a Chromebook device... but some people do, and some people like this game but cant play it on ChromeOS... until now! Sure Chrome Webstore has REMIXED Pixel Dungeon, but do you see Unleashed PD or Shattered PD? No. Let's just get right to it.

    First of all, you need a Chromebook.

    Go to Chrome Webstore.

    Then download this app called twerk ("twerk" really? Yes its called twerk, it should show the Android as the icon)

    Now you need the APK of your PD mod or vanilla PD. (Google it)

    Once you get the APK then open Twerk 

    You should see a paper clip, click on it.

    Choose the APK file.

    It will pop up with a whole bunch of crap. UNCHECK "INTERNET REQUIRED" 

    Name the APK to your choosing (if you want it to be exact go to Google Play and get the name, package name, version, etc.)

    Once you did that click "build" (if you get invalid package name, then go to Google Play and get the package name.)

    You have to make a new folder after you click build. Make one.

    Once done type in chrome browser " chrome://extensions " (without quotations)

    Check in the Right corner, Developer Mode.

    Once checked click Load Unpacked Extension..

    Click inside the folder you created. You should see a folder.

    Hover over the folder making it selected (it'll look blue)

    Then click OPEN button.

    It should give you an error. Click " I give up or retry"

    Once finished open your apps in bottom left hand corner.

    Open your "Pixel Dungeons"

    TA-DA You're finished. I know this was stupid, but hopefully it helped. If you need any questions feel free to ask. Bye-Bye!

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    • Failed to load extension from: ~/Downloads/SPD/com.shatteredpixel.shatteredpixeldungeon_twerk'import' extension is not installed. Iv been trying for i bit saw this and tryed agine and thats the best iv goten so far also my other app is broken so in may just be my cromebook

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    • could you give me the link for the APK cause I cant find it

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    • or just use the play store ;-;

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