• just the total lack of awareness of wiki culture 

    His swarm of flies edit

    In this one he adds his name into the wiki article after some "research" he did.

    Scroll of upgrade edits

    This one's just as long and has several anecdotes and I think even an emoticon.

    Best of all is this message from the admins telling why it was taken down, then he acts all passive agressive and sad becase of his inapropriate writing was removed.

    "( ... The edits to Scroll of Upgrade were a place to start adding in information sorely needed. If people must wait until things are perfect before adding them, then people are going to miss out. Why destroy when you can improve? Anyways, that was many many hours that no one's ever going to use now... ah well, I needed to stay awake late to reset my sleep schedule anyways, so ... still, that much time wasted trying to help people is extremely discouraging ... aren't even the images the article linked to helpful? Not even the one on weapons? I would've LOVED that when I first starting trying to figure this game out :("

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    • He straight up links to imgur in the edits lol

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    • I admit that this user was a bit ignorant, but... dude. Chill. A curt reminder and temporary supervision is all you need to nip that behavior in the bud. If necessary, drop the ban hammer. But this is straight slander, and regardless of violations of wiki and forum etiquette, that's just not cool.

      You're not helping anyone with this post, just pointing and laughing at someone's mistakes that you very well could have made yourself.

      So, please, don't be a **** and kindy **** off.

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    • A FANDOM user
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