• Instead, of griping about wanting new music, I guess I made it :P

    So, I remixed the pixel dungeon soundtrack a while ago to create a unique theme for each stage. They progressively get faster, starting with the prison. (Although the soundtrack doesn't really sound like its going faster until the cave soundtrack)

    Feel free to use these in any mods that you're creating. (I'm using for my mod) I Hope you Like it!!! :)


    Direct Downloads





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    • On one hand, the very concept of your mod (replacing the textures with Emojis) makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty, gangrenous, pus-encrusted melon baller, and the two minutes with Audacity you spent "remixing" the dungeon soundtrack didn't make a fabulous result.

      On the other, you've been a great help regarding advice on modding, you help with cleaning up vandalism, I compose music, and I've been mulling around considering making more stage themes for a while, so I'm going to go make some new songs.


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    • Ok Cool! :) About my mod though. What's wrong with the concept? Do you want to see the apk?

      As for the soundtrack, I understand I need to do better. I'll see if I can improve myself with remixing soundtracks by looking at other remix examples from the internet. I probably do need to study the type of theme that matches up for each biome in pixel dungeon. Also, if you know any good midi score editors, please tell me about them. Thanks for the constructive criticism :D

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    • (Wikia hates me so this is my third time retyping this)

      The only decent music program that comes to mind is FL Studio and its ilk, which are industry standard tools at industry standard tool prices. Basically, the Adobe creative suite of music. In between that, and most compositions taking several hours of work, it wouldn't be worth your time. However, since I've wanted to do this project for a while, I'd be happy to contribute my time and utilize my various resources to help.

      I also recommend Aseprite ALLEGRO for spriting, if you were wondering.

      As for my issue with your mod? Despite being a proud owner of five cats, emoji [pillows/water bottles/game mods/vibrators/t shirts/etc.] make me want to punt a kitten.

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    • Oh ok.

      Thanks for giving me info about good music program creators and spriting software :) Sorry about the concept, but I'm not going to change what I'm doing because I've already started to make sprites for the prison. Also, I personally would love to see new music for the game. :) It'll make the various stages seem more interesting.

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