• Post your end game stats!

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    • Warrior - Gladiator

      Made it to the surface

      Level 23

      20 Strength

      No weapon 

      Warrior suit of armor of flow +8 (originally chain armor)

      Ring of force +6

      Ring of might +2

      Lloyd's beacon (not equip, but saved me from a teleport trap)

      3 hp pots left 

      Psh and everyone is all like "oh weapons are so important" but i'm all like my ring of force gives me 12-72 damage.

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    • With Berserker (I've never even taken gladiator - are they worth it?)

      Level 26

      Strength 20

      Runic blade +8 (12-68)

      Warior suit of Aromor of Brimstone (Plate) +9

      Cursed Ring of Haste +3

      Unstable Spellbook (Never got to upgrade it - after it couldn't find ANY Scrolls of Teleportation or Psionic Blast) (Actually pretty itemless game - found Ring of Tenacity and Dried Rose, but that's it.

      22 HP Potions left (I understood that I've won when I got into Hell with almost 30) - I've never got out of final battle with more than 10 before.

      I've always tried to firstly upgrade my armor to plate +7 at least, usually not getting normal weapon in the end, dying in Hell because of that.

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      Too many epic victories to choose best stats :^)

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    • Huntress lvl 30

      +11 Flail

      +5 mail of Camoflage [Now a Claok]

      +3 Ring of accuracy. 

      +2 ring of accuracy

      +3 ring was gift from Imp. Who would have dreamed, with a flail, I'd be lucky enough to get a hit virtually every swing. BTW, I still had extra potion of exp. When it rains, it pours. 

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    • Gladiator lvl 30

      +10 Vampiric Greatshield

      • 6 Plate of Swiftness

      +2 Ring of Speed

      +2 Ring of Defense [PS: Yes, I keep forgetting the labels. My mind is weird]

      This was absurd fun. Demons were so easy, though I had over 20 Healing Potions, I had no need. Tank! Vamp kept re-adding what few hps I took, I enjoyed chasing down those pesky scorpions so much.

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    • A new low! Was on lvl 7. Had +4 armor, and a +1 Ring of Sharpshooting. I found in a room with many fire traps a +3 Crossbow! Now THAT is exciting, imagine all the darts. So my 1st thought was to get out of that room before a guard came along and pulled me into the fire. Luckily [sic] I was very near an exit, so I went into a 'treasure room', you know, all that gold, all those deadfall traps. Of course there WAS a guard there, who immeadiately pulled me into a deadfall trap. I started with around 1/2 hps, so that was not fatal. What WAS fatal was that he not only hit me, but he MOVED onto another trap! Never saw that before. Explain that, please. Anyway, a real hurter, that loss. I rate it one of my worst disappointments. Well, $&!# happens; onward.

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    • Played a lot of modded versions before then decided to try shattered PD. Ascended at my first attempt!

      Lv 26 Gladiator, Strength 20, Health 150, 14627 Turns


      - +4 Greataxe

      - +5 Warrior Suit of Armor of Swiftness

      - +10 Chalice of Blood (Its effect is quite amazing - 1 HP heal per turn. Transformed it from another +10 artifact that accumulates enchantment over time)

      - +3 Ring of Furor


      - +2 Fireblast

      - +2 Corruption

      - +2 Regrowth

      - +0 Lighting

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    • Lv 19 Freerunner, Strength 17

      +2 Assassin's Blade

      +1 Rogue Garb (Leather) 

      +3 Ring of Haste

      +8 Cloak of Shadows

      Dmg done using:

      +11 Wand of Lightning

      1 Blessed Ankh used. 

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    • Nivel 27 Brujo:

      1. Fuerza: 19
      1. Monstruos matados: 281
      1. Oro recolectado: 11298
      1. Comida consumida: 26


      1. Bastón de luz prismática +11 (causa ceguera y es efectiva contra demonios)
      1. Varita de relámpago +1
      1. Varita de hielo +2 (para los elementales de fuego)
      1. Túnica de mago de azufre +3 (permite caminar en lava)
      1. Anillo de velocidad +2 (para escapar de cualquier criatura)
      1. Anillo de energía +2
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