• Why we have not quick access to YAPD and SPS-PD pages? Inside Header/Code/Mods we can see five mods: Shattered, Sprouted, Remixed, Ripped and Unleashed.

    I understand why first three mods are here, Shattered is the most popular, Sprouted popular too, Remixed popular in Russia. But why there is Ripped and Unleashed? Unleashed page have only 56 views per week, and this mod deleted from google play, And i absolutely dont know about what Ripped pixel dungeon is (it's pages have only 30 views per week). YAPD pages have more than 180 views per week, it has more that 500'000 downloads in GP. Same situation to SPS-PD, that have 480 views (but i think the most of views made by 12345kostik12345). 

    How about changing Ripped and Unleashed links to YAPD and SPS-PD?

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    • SPS-PD is not very well known and still in development, most of its views are mine because I was editing its guide little by little until very recently and I was refreshing the page to see how the changes looked. Its popularity in the wiki visitors will be shown from March and on.

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