• Thanks for your hard work in editing, kind sir. YAPD is my favorite Pixel Dungeon mod and I'm glad to see its pages being tooled and retooled to work and look better. Thanks for your work! 

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    • Thank you for your kind words, gentle sir :-) YAPD being your favorite mod, If you are a beta tester and also a native speaker of english or you just know the language well, feel free to edit my additions. I am fluent in english but not a native speaker, so I keep writing typos and making minor grammatical mistakes and ConsideredHamster is also not a native speaker, so he also misses some of them. Thanks again for the feedback!

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    • got it, will edit also, i need some clarification on the dwarf king

      does scroll of torment get reflected while he's summoning? 

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    • All non-holy damage, magical or physical is reflected. Holy damage during his ritual is either not dealt > not reflected or it disrupts the ritual (Banishment). Whenever you edit, change-delete also mentions of beta wherever you find them, the new version has been properly released and the beta has ended.


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