• Hi Evan, as I have told you in a previous message, I merged the pages of Expanded and LCPD into one main page. I have removed the mods' main pages from their Categories page, so whatever you see in each Category page is to be deleted, and also the category itself.

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    • I've deleted those categories, thanks! Also seeing as you've edited the Expanded PD article to clearly state the mod isn't actually real i think it's fine to leave it as-is.

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    • You're welcome Evan. I don't know if it is a cache thing or not, but I don't see any of the articles-pages having been deleted and they should also be, I moved the content from all of them to the mods' main pages.

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    • Sorry, I skimmed your original message and mis-read it. The pages themselves have now been deleted too.

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    • Hi Evan. So, here is my harvest. I would not insist on you deleting any of these, just make your decisions on these proposals of mine.

      1) I don't uderstand the purpose of this article

      2) All the articles in this category with the exception of "Dungeon stage" without number and also the category itself

      3) All the articles in this category with the exception of "Signpost" without number and also the category itself

      4) Only the category

      5) Also for Shattered do you need both of these categories?: and

      6) I don't know what is the purpose of proposing only these specific videos and having pages and a category about them, but you decide

      7) Fun fact (not for deletion) did you know that the wiki used to have a journal?

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    • I'll go over each of these:

      1) This looks like a template page or similar, and was made/edited by the admins. It might not be in active use but it probably better to keep it.

      2 & 3) I noticed this comment in the edit history of one of these: "These pages are not supposed to contain content; it can break other pages.". I suspect these pages do have some reason to exist in their current state.

      4) yeah that looks pointless, will remove that category.

      5) looks like the lower case version is the result of a typo, will fix.

      6) Most of these videos look like various community things, the sort of stuff that users keep in their pages or post to the forums. I think keeping them is fine.

      7) I actually remember when it was started! It wasn't anything significant I think, just one user who wanted to start it but gave up fairly quickly.

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    • Ok Evan, all your comments make sense. Thanks for having a look at my proposals.

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    • Hi Evan, the Survival PD Enemies page was a stub and I have moved its content to the main page, so it should get deleted

      Also there is only one Survival PD page now, so the category should also get deleted.

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    • Both deleted, thank you.

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    • You're welcome. Also, a minor thing I have just noticed: Remixed Dungeon has been renamed for some time now but its pages and its category page retain its old name  You can rename the pages, if you think it is a bit important (I know I can do it for the pages, but I do not want us to go back and forth with edits and un-edits, so you make all the choices).

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    • I'm sort of undecided on this, as NYRDS themselves isn't consistent. I get the impression that they only made this change to appease Google (rather than arguing with them on it), and don't actually want to ditch the old name.

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    • You know what? The easiest way to answer this is to ask NYRDS, but it is very probable that you are right. I will send him a message and let you know.

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    • Hi, he answered to me and the relevant part in his answer was: "Hi! Probably it should be called Remixed Dungeon for integrity, but name change event should be mentioned somewhere." It is already mentioned in the overview btw.

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    • Hi Evan, I am sure that you will want to delete this page

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    • Deleted, thanks. For some reason wikia didn't email me about your messages after the first one about asking NYRDS. If you want you can go ahead and rename Remixed in the contents of the pages, then let me know what pages need renaming

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    • No problem, your answer came soon even without an email notice. The contents of the page were already using the name "Remixed Dungeon", I deleted only one "Pixel". Renaming is needed in the category page  and its two pages

      And another, irrelevant thing, but this is a suggestion. In the wiki's main page there are some links to the most known mods, but Pixel Dungeon ML has more than 1,000,000 downloads in play store and is not mentioned, I think that you should add it for fairness.

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    • I've renamed those pages. Unfortunately categories cannot be renamed, so I've made a new one and moved the pages to it instead.

      Regarding that list, it isn't supposed to be just by popularity, but by which mods are most complex or add the most features, and therefore would be most often searched for on the wiki. Pixel Dungeon ML has almost no new features aside from translations, and its wiki page is quite small. In general I'm trying to move away from curated lists of mods on various communities (e.g. subreddit/discord) because it's difficult to maintain and it's very easy to be exclusionary to smaller mods. For the wiki I think it might still make some sense though because people want to be able to quickly find information on certain though.

      Speaking of mod listing, now that the mod pages has such a big list, do you think it would be helpful to have better sorting features for it? I'm not sure what the most useful sort would be though, the last updated section is decent but some mods appear out of order, and it would have to be constantly maintained/updated. Google Play Downloads is a thought as that's more static, but it might be a bit exclusionary to mods not on Google Play. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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    • Hi Evan, about your second paragraph, it was just my misunderstanding, if originality of content and not popularity is the basic criterion, there is no reason for putting ML in the list.

      In your third paragraph you almost completely lost me though. By "better sorting fetures" do you mean more and finer categories, a hierarchical listing and not alphabetical listing or both? Which is the last updated section? (me and omicron have been updating and refining the list during the last month, but after a general restructuring, there was no general edit of a section). Which are the mods out of order?

      I can share a thought only on the one part that (I think) I understood: using the google play downloads as means of evaluation/sorting is unfair and also discriminatory against the chinese mods, which don't have access to the Play Store. Based on your recent decisions regarding typedscroll, I am sure you would not like a list with only the "white mods" :-) I will wait for your clarifications and then I will probably write some more thoughts.

      Edit: You have also to change Remixed's link in the main page.

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    • I agree with Evan that the Category:Mods page needs a better sorting method, and I have a few thoughts on this as follows.

      As you may or may not have noticed, I've tried to add a Table of Contents to the top of the page; however, this will require me to remove the tables completely in favor of headers or still have the table, but it will be split for each individual mod, so there can be headers since the headers don't work in the tables.

      Another thought I've had was to use references similar to the ones I've just added to the page though the only problems with that is that the current references may need to be removed and it's not ideal.

      Regarding the multiple tables, I've thought about implementing buttons as I've seen on another wiki to have it be easier to navigate, and that will shorten the page a bit as well. This idea is compatible with either of the previous ideas.

      I've had a few other thoughts, but I don't think they are as useful as these three main ones I've mentioned. If you have any thoughts on these ideas or even have your own ideas, please share them as I'm not exactly sure what should be done about that lengthy page.

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    • @12345kostis12345

      What I meant was that because the list of mods is very long, it would be nice to have a better way to organize or sort that list, so that users could find the mods they are more likely to be interested in more quickly. I agree that Google Play downloads isn't an ideal sorting method, as both of us have said it would be unfair to mods that aren't on Google Play.

      When I said that sorting by last updated isn't helpful, I mean that the ordering is alphabetical, and not by date. So for example if you sort by last updated, MinecraftPD shows up at the top because its date is "v.1 2016-06-25 (1.2a)", while the first mod with a properly formatted date (Survival PD), shows up at #10. Inevitably some mods will also be outdated because keeping up with releases manually will be quite time consuming.

      The table also currently defaults to sorting alphabetically by name, which isn't that helpful. This puts several obscure or long-abandoned mods at the top of the list.


      I think keeping things to one or more tables is probably the best idea, especially if we can add buttons or similar to make the table not quite as big.

      Perhaps sorting mods based on page size (or category size, if they have multiple pages) might work well? This would probably still require manual updating as I don't think wikia can do it automatically, but most mods probably won't have their pages edited often. This would put the mods with the most information on the wikia nearer to the top.

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    • Ok Evan, I get you now. I think that the second and third tables (asian-language-only mods and broken or clone mods) should remain as they are, at the end of the page and with alphabetical sorting, both tables are small. I would insist that they should not get merged with the first table or with each other though, incomprehensibility to non-speakers of chinese/taiwanese/korean is a totally different thing than bad quality. Btw, in a private communication MrKukurykpl has suggested to me to discard the third table alltogether to reduce the page size, but I think that the wiki should inform about mods with bad quality.

      About the first table, after reading your response to supersaiyan I am thinking of this, which is my take on your last paragraph: perhaps it would be  better to split the first table into three tables, the mods with more than one page / with a category page first, the mods with only one page second and the mods with a one-paragraph-page third. Inside the three tables the sorting can be alphabetical, the mods with more than one page are few and counting the lines for each mod with one page seems like a headache. There can be a note to the readers to sort the mods by date of update, to see which are the most recently updated.

      And one last thing, it is a page that lists more than 100 mods, it can be tidier and more user-friendly, but it can't be short.

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    • Well, I can add buttons for each of the tables and add buttons for each of the color codes listed at the top since they don't seem to be currently used unless that would be too difficult to sort properly. The mods could then be sorted within the tables from there. Otherwise, the buttons could contain "Large Mods," "Medium Mods," and "Small Mods" and can have the addition of two more buttons for the other two tables but isn't necessary.

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    • SuperSaiyan99
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      06:07, October 9, 2019
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    • The colors are used conistently in the infoboxes of each mod in their own page, I experimented a bit with using the colors for the titles in the table but they became more difficult to read, so I skipped it. You are much better than me in visual editing though, so you should definitely give it a try.

      The fandom user was me, I thought that I had signed in, but I hadn't. Edit: A somewhat irrelevant request, Fushigi No's category page should be in the mods category, but the wiki does not give me the option to add a category to it

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    • That's because the page hasn't been created.

      If I have enough time, I'll add the buttons this weekend, but time seems short. If not this weekend, I'll try to aim for next weekend or Evan can do it if he knows how and has time himself.

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    • (once again I didn't get an email, sorry for the delay. Seems like it happens in bursts of time, maybe fandom's email system was down for a bit?)

      Splitting the lists up a bit and putting in some buttons for quick-sorting sounds like a great idea to me. I definitely don't want to make the page smaller, just a bit easier to navigate.

      I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with settings up wikia pages, especially for more complex stuff. I also have a lot on my plate at the moment. I'd be happy to help but the time I can commit to it is limited at the moment. If you'd like to get started on it Sayan I can probably help do some grunt work if lists need to be generated or similar.

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    • I don't know about SuperSayian, but don't worry about your late responses to me, I can't think of any case that a message of mine here will need a respone immediately or very soon, and in this case I can also message you directly in the reddit messenger etc. During the weekend or earlier I will split the first table into 3 tables in the way I have described, as SuperSayian did not express any disagreement etiher.

      Edit: I have just realized that the first table should get spit into four tables: mods with more than one page, mods with one extensive page, mods with a short page, and mods with no page. There could be also a division between the mods with many pages and the mods with only two pages, which will seperate even more the very popular mods from the less popular, but I wil wait for your opinion on that, they are not that many and they can be easily divided at a later time.

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    • I have rearranged the tables I want to chack the mods with a detailed page and the mods with a short page, in case I made any mistakes, but the structure and the added text is finished.

      Edit: I have checked the pages and I am fine with the position of most of them, but a few of them are of medium size lol, so have also a look by yourselves to confirm their position: (classified as short) (classified as short)! (classified as short) (classified as short) (classified as short) (classified as short)

      Now that the tables are done, it will be very easy to rearrange positions, just tell me if any of these should get moved.

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    • Great work on those new tables, that's a huge improvement IMO. It might be nice to default sort by most recently updated, and to make the tables collapsible, but that's relatively minor.

      Regarding classifying pages as short or detailed, we could use page data size. You can see the size of a page by looking at edit history. It seems the smallest detailed page is Overgrown PD at ~7kb, and the second smallest is Remake PD at ~9.5k. The largest small page is Deistic at ~11kb. Perhaps we could say that a page is detailed once it reaches (or is just short of) ~10kb? That would mean moving Overgrown to short and Deistic to detailed but otherwise everything already fits.

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    • Glad you liked the result, Evan. I don't know how default sorting by recently updated and the tables becoming collapsible can be applied with the wiki editor, and my past attempts of learning visual editing in the wiki through practice had either ugly or hilarious results, so we should better leave that to SuperSaiyan or anybody else that knows from the start what he/she is doing. Swapping Deistc and Overgrown, that I know how to do it. Also, using the page data is an objective measurement, I totally agree to use it generally from now on. Edit: Swapping of Deistic and Overgrown done.

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    • I think the default sorting is based on the order that the items are placed in the table in the editor. As for collapsing, I see SuperSaiyan has added some tabs which I thisk work quite well.

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    • Yeah, the new tabs are fine. You are most probably right about the default sorting, but I don't want to mess with these complicated wiki-editor-wise new tables, there are more chances that I will make them worse than better. You can leave a message about that to SuperSaiyan though.

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