• I saw your edit on that one picture I replaced before - don't worry, I don't mind - but I just wanted to ask if it won't be better to upload a new version of the file rather than delete it? Unless the older versions of assets are being removed occasionally as well.

    But while I'm in this topic, I wanted to ask if you could reconsider looking for a way to upload pictures in higher quality? They still appear somewhat blurry or have janky edges to me. If not via an art program, then through an online pixel art resizer, like lospec, perhaps? Then you could just cut out a 16x16 square (size for most graphics, anyway) directly from game asset files and upload it to the site. Alternatively I could help with fixing the images somewhat, but I'd have to know which ones are the most needed, with a name or visual reference because I'm not a big SPSPD player.

    Best regards.

    PS EDIT: Forgot to mention - I'm not sure if changing what a file is meant for is a good idea, like for Sling YAPD/aka Toy Gun; I think it'd indeed be better to replace it to avoid any confusion down the line.

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    • Hi, about the first question the new sprite is totally different, it is a picture of a colored bottle instead of a bullet and that sprite of the bullet is not used anymore generally in SPS-PD. It is still in the assets, but it is currently unused. I don't think it should remain just in case hmdzl changes his mind and reuses it in a future version, but I would not argue more about that, the dilemma 4,729 vs 4.730 images in the wiki is not very crucial obviously.

      About your second question, to be frank, what you see is what you get. The amount of image uploading needed just for replacing the jpegs with pngs and adding also the new images is already immense, and I am very happy with just uploading transparent pngs of medium quality without the process taking me half of my day. I know some of the available alternatives, but I ended up using the way that takes me less than 1 minute for editing each image, which I can't achieve with any of the more sophisticated alternatives. It is a production line, with a lot of products and almost all of medium quality, which is a fair exchange.

      I think that the visual part of the whole SPS-PD section will have finished the day after tomorrow the latest. Then it will be Evan's turn to do a LOT of deletions and some renamings. I used the "new sprite for old name" trick as a temporary means of reducing a bit the amount of total images pages, it is not here to stay, but I added the descriptions just in case that someone stumbles upon that image during the window period before renaming. After all the deletions and renamings, you can start picking whatever image file you don't like and you think you can improve its quality from SPS-PD's Main Page, and after you finish with all the images you don't like there, you can continue with the Classes and Subclases page and the images you don't like in that page. I don't think that there is any point in me giving to you more specific guidelines.

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    • I see, yeah. I'm probably going to be sending the pics in batches whenever I find an occasion in that case.

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