• Hi Kostis,

    It looks like you're the keeper of the (impressive) chronology. How exactly do you determine the date for that? It looks like for mine (PD Echo) you used the date of my first commit to the GitHub repo, but it seems like that is not the best metric, at least in this case, since at that point it was just a copy of Skillful with no modification at all.  Can I suggest using the first release date (12/10/2019)?

    Let me know what you think. I'm looking to do a wiki update in the next few days and it would be good to make the date issue a bit more straightforward. 


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    • Hi Kchatman, I am the misnamer of your mod, but not the actual keeper of the chronology :-) That is Omicronrg9, that you will find him in reddit with the same username, and he does the final edits to all the wiki chronologies, so talking with him about this subject will have an actual, long lasting effect (he has also a profile page here in the wiki, but I am sure that he checks his reddit's mailbox much more often, so I would suggest preferring a message in reddit over wikia). As for myself, I think that I have used as the date of first release the date of your first reddit announcement, but a handful of days have passed since and I might remember wrong what I did. Besides that as I have already explained, my criteria do not matter very much anyway, because all my chronologies are temporary and get finalized by Omicron. Just keep in mind that the mods catalogue records only the date of last update, while the mod's page by default the date of first release and might also mention additional dates (last update, very important past update etc.), and so in your mod's case these two pages should be displaying similar but not identical info. I am 100% sure about the last distinction, so if the mods' catalogue displays an older date than the most recent update's (in your case what the Play Store writes as that date, as long as the mod remains available in the Play Store), it will have to be changed.

      To be frank, after our last ineraction in reddit I have decided to update the info about your mod only with completely objective non-dubious data that can be copied and pasted, like the last Play Store update and the current version number, so update/change your page in any way that you consider suitable, including chronologies, I won't be getting involved in that at all, with the sole exception of the mods' general table date, if the Play store starts displaying a more recent date. Feel free to ask me anything more you want about the wiki though, I will be more than glad to help with general information.

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    • Okay, thanks

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