• Assumzaek,

    Can you use your powers of images to makes animated pictures for wells and such appear?

    Or perhaps, make a guide on how to do it do we don't have to bug you about it?


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    • Wells are pariculary hard to animate as the use some king of particle system to spread images of crosses/question marks, etc. So they aren'r really a frame animation. Of course this could be simulated with normal means of animation, but right now I do not have the time, sadly. Next week however I'll maybe have a few free days and I could perhaps attend this task. Thank you for bringing this up to me.

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    • Hi Assumzaek,

      Maybe could you quickly teach use how you did the GIF files (used software, command to use, etc.), at least those based on assets (particle system is another story)?

      Many thanks.

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    • I have created a tutorial in my blog. I hope it helps you.

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    • Many thanks! =)

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    • Awesomeness, gracias.

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    • A FANDOM user
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